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My battle with skin problems..

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Just so you know I have never wrote a blog in my whole life, this is really difficult for me.

Well where do i start?? Right now I hate my skin, but I will give you a little background,

I always had very light sensitive skin, never had problem with acne, yes I would have oily skin and a pimple here and there but not like this.. Since last year i have had the worst break outs, it started little and got worse and worse. I would use this cream and its will almost take my acne away and them it comes back just what. I miss my soft, light skin now I’m left with this crappy red, rough, acne skin and I hate it. I haven't found something that has worked for me cause everything i try either irritates my skin or does nothing for my acne. Everybody says I should just give it time to clear up on its own but I can’t look like this anymore. Just when i started to get self confidence, my acne started. I wish I had “normal” skin not skin that is red and burns all the time. I have lost all hope for that...

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