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So a bit of background... I have had acne since I was about 12 and typically throughout school products didnt really work for me until I tried Proactiv. But over time, obviously this product isnt very cost effective and it was ruining all my towels!

I always wanted skin that was beautiful and clear and easy to manage! So I tried every natural way of trying to get rid of it. I dont have overly oily skin or really dry skin, but I get all those little bumps on my forehead, big red pimples on my cheeks and chin and the occassional blind pimple around my nose, yuck!

Then I found my cure!!

It does not contain benzol peroxide however.. Im not really a fan.


1. QV Wash.

Made by Ego farm with all natural soap free products and super gentle on the skin, which is what you need to treat acne best i found.

For a regular Face Wash size you will pick this up from most chemists for AU$10.00.

2. Goat Moisturising Cream.

Made entirely of natural products including Goats milk, Vitamin E and Protein this stuff is amazing on your skin. It will make it so soft and smooth and it actually doesnt make your skin oily. It made my acne go away.

Found mostly in Chemists for around AU$7.00

The only thing missing is SPF but you could always put one on after the Goats Cream (after its dried).

It doesnt sound like much.. but I have really tricky skin and this regimen made it flawless within a few weeks. I do this twice daily, morning and night. You do have to be patient, and if you wear makeup dont expect huge changes quickly if you are wearing something heavy like MAC or Napoleon foundation. Try changing to a BB cream with Medium Coverage, some also contain sacilyic acid, bonus!

Before washing your face also try wiping your makeup off with natural face wipes or Baby Wipes. This will allow the cleanser to actually cleanse your skin, rather than just take your makeup off.

NOTE: This method completely cleared my acne & blackheads, tightened my pores and made it so smooth. And to prove its not just for women, it has also completely cleared my husbands skin and blackheads.

Using Goat Milk shower wash/soap completely cleared the acne & sweat pimples on my chest, shoulders and back.

Sometimes its more effective to get back to the basics that actually work!

EDIT: Using a Goats Milk Wash is just as effective as QV Wash, it is actually more moisturising and soothing on the skin.

Depending on your skin, you may find Goats Milk wash more effective than QV Wash, or visa versa!

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