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finding makeup/skin products/regimes that work for oily&acne ridden skin x

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My skin this week has broken out severely,

pretty much in the space of a few days my cheeks are covered in spots and my face is sore to touch.

I have been using aloe vera to soothe the inflammations ect. And this seems to be working as I feel and see a difference in my skin compared to yesterday.

I dont think retin a, among the several other products ive been piling on, is working for me. And I have seen some people say it takes a few months of bad skin hen clear skin will emerge but I feel as though I should be seeing some signs of progress. My skin is getting worse and I am feeling worse about it so I am calling it quits.

I think because my skin has been exposed to so much over the years, its sort of developed its own sensitivity. Because a lot of products, even if they are medicated, irritate my skin. So far the only things that havent are cetaphil face wash and aloe vera gel (it seems).

I have just purchased the cetaphil moisturiser which I am going to be using on my face at night time only. And the garnier exfoliator once a week, for now. Also, going to implement vitamin c serum and egg white masks into my routine -slowly. Has anyone used any of these? What was the results?

I'm trying to take a more simplistic approach to my skin, and hoping that the less chemicals ect I put on it, the better. Also, going to keep an eye on my diet as I did have eggs/cheese through the past weeks so starting to think the link between dairy and acne may be applicable to me.

Exams are done so hopefully this means less stress and therefore less hormonal acne? And maybe I will have the time to cook healthier food options. I heard berries are really good antioxidants for the skin so I will try to drink a smoothie as often as possible (i hate fruit).

Cant take any pics of my face as it looks tragic, worse than the previous pics (which i feel like deleting) and my face is very sore and red so I dont even want to look in the mirror lol.

Will see how this goes, hopefully skin clears up soon as I really want to start wearing my makeup but I dont want to put foundation ect over my skin in this state.

Feel like its 1 step forwards and ten steps back with this clear skin journey.

Anyone experience similiar? Any tips? just anything? comment or message me. thai xo



I have way less acne than I did a few years ago. I definitely know my skin has improved since then but I still feel the same shitty self conscious disgusting about my face because of hyper pigmentation.

I am gettin quite a few spots again probably because I'm so stressed with Uni and then stressed that my skin still isn't clear after all these years.

It's annoying you put so much effort into getting spots to go then ur still left with something else to cover.

I have just read that it's best to use retin A as a thin layer over the whole

Face. And this helps with fading dark marks so I'm going to start using it this way and hopefully see a difference.

Also will be getting the vitamin C next week; I've heard this on the face is great for hyperpigmentation. Anyone tried this?

I want to start using sunscreen but the ones I've tried have caused me to breakout more so I'm just relying on my foundation with SPF. Don't know if this is enough mind you I don't feel we get any sun here anyway, so I doubt this will be a negative factor.

Included some pics of what my skin is now at this present time.

If anyone has any suggestions PLLEEASEE comment or message me!! I'd really appreciate it. http:////

Thai xo


Summary incase you dont want to read a whole load:

  • I have hyperpigmentation not acne scars
  • Acne seems to be getting worse, may be due to stress, still using retin a
  • Not sure about la mer brightening lotion
  • New produts- garnier anti-spot exfoliator, vitamin c, quinoderm

Missed my 4 week update/check in and alot (sort of) has gone down in these past weeks so I'm just going to do general updates (not timed) from now on.

Firstly, I need to correct myself as I've used the wrong terms in my previous posts: I had been saying I had acne scarring when really I should have been saying hyper-pigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation refers to the red or dark marks that are left behind after a pimple heals

So yes, just to clarify, I have a lot of hyperpigmentation. Along with what I would now call mild acne. Although, im forseeing severe acne coming back which i literally cannot even fathom right now i'd actually die if it came back. I'm getting more and more big spots that hurt and then little spots packed together :-(

Still using retin a but its not really improving anything but not making worse i guess, thinking to stop and start using quinoderm, has anyone used this and got good results?

Also, i got a travel size bottle of the la mer brightening lotion for the hyperpigmentation/dark marks but the full bottle is almost £100 and i couldnt risk paying that much incase it didnt work.

The travel size was so small though it only lasted just over a week which prob isnt long enough to see results so I guess thats out of the window. If anyone has used it please let me know.

Trying a bit more of a manual approach to the hyperpig. I have implemented exfoliating into my routine. I use the garnier anti-spot exfoliator and then I still use my cetaphil cleanser. Going to see if I notice any difference as time goes on.Also, going to try the vitamin c mix/serum as I have heard thats good for dark marks ect so I will update on that in due course.

thai xo


Retin A Week 1/2

So my acne started to come back, and after a failed antibiotics and over the counter cream (will review those soon) I ordered Retin A as ive heard quite a lot of good feedback about it.

I think its actually discontinued (in London at least) so I ordered from an Ebay seller :

I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and so far all I'm experiencing is flakey/peely skin and more spots...

I hear this is normal for the first few weeks so I am trying to continue the usage and hopefully see some results soon

It's a good thing I'm off uni and work so I can stay in all day basically but its still depressing to see my skin getting worse and worse.

But that's pretty much all I'm getting so far from this so will update again in 2 weeks. *fingers crossed*

Application: as instructed, wash face and leave to dry for 20-30 minds before applying to affected areas only

Has anyone used this for longer and getting good results? Is the increase in spots normal?

Oh and I'm using 0.1% i believe

thai xo


I'm going to try to keep this short because when I read acne stories (or anything really!) I like when it gets straight to the nitty gritty. (but if you have any specific questions then feel free to ask)

So, I've had acne since I was about 11/12. (I'm 20 now) so I basically haven't seen my skin clear for almost 10 years!! >.<

Although, since around end of 2013/start of 2014, my skin had started to clear up. I think this was a result of drinking more water, cleansing efficiently/regularly (cetaphil cleanser is legit the holy-grail product for this) and cutting down on face products; I got caught in the hype of all the skin products that promise to reudce oil/blackheads/scars/spots ect (as we do) and had no luck, if anything just got worse (as they do -_-)

One thing I've always had a problem with is the scars left from when I've popped spots so I've been trying to find products for that and been unlucky so far.

Especially unlucky as my acne has started to come back. This may also be stress/hormonal induced but its still depressing nonetheless. I literally haven't left my house for like 3 weeks now...My forehead and cheeks are beginning to be covered in spots again I look almost as I did in secondary school *sigh*

But I'm on a mission to get my skin back on track -clear the acne AND (once and for all) my dark marks too

So I'll be documenting along what works, and what doesn't.

Also, reviewing products I'm trying now and shitty ones from before just to warn anyone lol

OH AND, this also includes makeup that I've found good/bad for oily/acne prone skin

AND FINALLY, I haven't included pictures in this post. firstly because I have no pictures of my bare face from when my skin was tragic lol. And I hate my skin atmhttp://// so I don't want to take any photos. But I may force myself to take a photo just so when I have cleared up I can do a before and after...


-retin a weekly updates

-antibiotics for acne review

-bitoin weekly updates

-acne routine

-makeup routin for acne

-foundation for acne/oily skin review

-sunscreen use for acne/oily skin review

-la mer brightening intense lotion for dark spots review

-boscia luminzing face mask for blackheads review

Any questions/tips as i go along, please comment or message me xx

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