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Week 3

OK so its been just over 3 weeks now, my Internet has been down for so long now. They have been doing work on the phone lines, upgrades or something and being a small town in the middle of nowhere they do it slow *sigh*

Well for a catch up on how its been going for me here goes.

I was put on 40 Mg per day which i felt might be to low but then I'm only 65 kg.

The first 5 days or so nothing really happened, my lips got a little dry but that sometimes happens where i live so it didn't matter that much.

After day 5 all my cheeks area started to heal up IMO, and no new pimples came, which for me is wonderful. But under my chin and the top of my neck broke out real bad, luckily I'm a guy and can grow a beard to hide it. i normally only ever break out there if i use a razor instead of a shaver.

Then after about 5 days of this upper neck out brake it finally started to soften off.

Up until the 3 weeks period my out brake area has been healing and i only got 2 red spots there that are kind of hidden under my chin anyway. This whole time my cheeks being really good. :boogie:

How ever 2 days ago i was bumped up to 60 Mg per day. The first day was like the rest, but yesterday my lips went real dry and i mean my chap stick was lasting like 15 Min's at the most and if i had a drink I'd have to reply straight after :lol: . But at the end if the day i was like nup i can deal with this.

Today started out OK - fine, a little dry on the lips but nothing like yesterday, had i nice lunch at work, then afternoon break i was feeling i little ill, then 2 hours later i was so tired and flat and i didn't want anyone to talk to me at work i was just counting down the time before knock off, thinking god damn it what wrong with me, finally work ended and on my way home i was getting into a shitty mood which is very weird for me. lucky none was home when i got there so i jumped in the shower and when i got out i was like a new person :boogie: thank god!

I'm thinking that starting on 40 Mg was good and maybe the whole out break under my chin/upper neck was my IB, wondering what other people have to say about it.

Another thing is my skin use to be very oily and way shiny, but now it's only shiny for about 30 Min's after i moisturizes and through out the day only one or 2 little spots might flake off. I'm feeling really lucky about that, as i read some people by week 2 have fully dried out skin.

hoping the 60 Mg per day is not going to dry my skin fully out.

Well that's if for now, if my internet stays on, i'll try and post 2 or so times a week on whats happening.


Day 1

Well Heres day 1, not that I'm expecting anything to happen to me for the next few days. The real annoying thing is that I've had dry lips for the last few days so my lips are going to suck if they are just going to get even more dryer.

Should post a pic up i guess. I'll even try and dig up some from a few years back when it was really bad.

I say try and dig up because everyone who has acne knows that cameras suck unless your drunk. but then they end up sucking the day after anyway.

Thank for the comments, i hope things go well for yous as well.

I've tried drinking more water then i normally would. I normally take fish oil and fibre supplements. Does anyone know if it's ok to still take them?


The Start

Hey guys and girls,

Just starting a Blog of my time on Accutane. very scared I've put this off for so long now but there only so long you can live with acne until you have to break down those boundary you made in the start.

I've tried so many thing and spent way to much money on my face over the last 9 years. An for the last few years I've found that in my case it doesn't really seem to be what I'm doing to my skin but what I'm doing for my body in general.

This is why i feel Accutane will work for me, well I'm hoping so anyway. The funny thing is that in the last few months my skin has cleared a fair bit more but i still getting the random big red saw pimples and the fact that when i wake up the first thing i think about is what I'm going to look like today, which is a really horrible feeling to have.

I had some drinks last night as my send off into Accutane seems i cant drink for the next 5 or so months. so thats why I'm starting tomorrow. Not looking forward to the side effects but i think it'll be worth it in the end.

So if anyone reads my Blog, I'm doing this so i can get hints and tips on things as i go.

Cheers Luke.

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