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UpDate! Post Accutane

Checking in after a year of being off accutane (completed 6 months of accutane Oct 2014) 

I just wanted to express how happy I am that I decided to take accutane. My skin has never been better. The results are still great and I do not break out anymore. Once and awhile I have a small pimple after shaving, but other than that, my skin is smooth and breakout free.

i wish I would have tried accutane when I was younger, but happy I decided to just do it at age 28 (yikes I'm getting old) 

if you are having struggles with cystic acne, talk to your dermatologist about Accutane.


happy holidays to everyone! 



So I've been off Accutane for a little over a month and a half and my skin has continued to stay clear! I have had a couple of pimples on my back a few days after stopping, but I have not had one pimple in over a month now. This could all change, but at this moment my skin looks and feels great!! My skin continues to stay oil free. My eyes are no longer dry. My joints and back are feeling great!! I still apply lotion to my face everyday, and chap stick to my lips everyday. However, my skin is not overly dry, and the lotion and chap stick are, what I feel, people with normal skin do in the winter months anyway. Overall, I am very happy that I chose to take Isotretinoin (Accutane)! The process is not easy, but is well worth it in the end!! My pores have gotten a little bigger, but are much smaller than before I started Accutane. People comment on how nice my skin is looking and how small my pores are! If nothing else has worked for you, I'd say talk to your dermatologist about Accutane! The side effects always scared me, but I had the expected dry skin and lips, minor joint aches, dry eyes at the end, minor back pain at the begging. All of these side effects are now completely gone. My skin is more dry now, but that is what this drug does to your body. I do not secrete the same amount of oil now as I did pre Accutane. (My face was so oily that I had to use paper towels to pat my face dry throughout the day). But now, this decrease in oil secretions is the reason my skin is now clear. No more bacteria filled clogged pores!

Good luck to everyone and their acne struggles! It's a bitch, I know!

Hope to keep everyone updated in the months to come! Fingers crossed the road ahead continues to stay clear!

p.s. Happy Holidays!


All done with Accutane (Isotretinoin)! The last 6 months have been filled with ups and downs, but I'm happy to say that my complexion is great! It was a difficult decision to finally start the Accutane process, but I am glad I made this decision. Accutane is a hard core drug that can take a toll on the body. Nice skin comes at a price with this drug and I just hope that it is all worth it. I have just finished, so I am hopeful that the side effects of this drug will soon begin to fade. Overall, my side effects were not that bad, but each person is different.

Happy to be finished and very happy to have clear skin!

Anxious to see how things go in the coming months..

So, was it worth it? Right now, I say Yes!


Soon Done!

Almost done with 6 months of Accutane!! Oct 12th will be my last day! Hoping my skin continues to stay clear and some of the side effects go away. Time will tell


Accutane Month 5

Month 5 on Accutane (Isotretinoin) and my skin continues to clear up. Same results as I have posted before and continuing to improve. Only side effect that is new is dry eyes. My eyes get dry and then bloodshot, but I simply use eye drops to fix this problem. Hoping the dry eye thing gets better once I'm done (fingers crossed). Only one more month to go...thankfully!! Happy with my skin and ready to be done taking this drug. End of the road is in sight


Hey all,

So far, my results on Isotretinoin (Accutane) are great! My skin keeps getting better and better. It definitely has taken the acne on my back the longest to clear up, but this month the acne is clearing up nicely! I really hope the rest of this month and the next two months continue to be this great. Accutane has worked wonders for me. I pray my complexion stays this nice when I am no longer on Isotretinoin. Positives: Pores are smaller, decreased oil production, acne has disappeared with no new outbreaks,and skin looks younger and healthier. Negatives: dry skin and lips (but surprisingly manageable), small nose bleeds (only when picking nose with a tissue do I notice blood), skin is very very very sensitive, and skin takes much longer to heal (still have some cuts and scabs from summer activities that are healing). However, even with the negatives, I feel I made the right decision to go on Accutane.

Still taking 80mg a day and will continue until the end of September/ early October.

Blood test results have all been good.

Staying positive and counting down the days

[ Side note: the negatives listed above will all stop when the medication is stopped (or when it's completely out of the body) or at least I hope... lol ]

Hope everyone is staying strong with this never ending acne battle. Still have to enjoy life...heck you only get one!


July Update!

Moving on to MONTH 4 of Accutane. Results are good and keep getting better. The acne on my chest and back is getting much much better! Pretty much just scars and red marks at this point. I might have a small pimple here and there once in a great while, but nothing too crazy. I can not complain at this point! The biggest side effect I am having while on Accutane is red/flushed skin. Lips and skin get dry, but still easily taken care of. See the derm tomorrow. Will spend 5 minutes in the office and be told to keep on truckin! (usually how it goes) lol.

So glad to see the good results! Kinda ready to be done with this though...And just hoping my skin will stay this nice once the treatment is over...


Started Isotretinoin (Accutane) in April and it is now June already! I have had maybe two small pimples of my face in the last month, but the acne on my face has cleared up so nicely! I still have a long way to go (acne on my back and some on chest).

Side note: I took some pea protein powder to help build muscle after lifting weights, and I feel as though this pea protein causes me to break out on my back. I've taken whey protein powder in the past and saw the same breakouts. I've read numerous articles on protein powders and IGF-1 leading to increased acne. So I do believe there is a correlation, but I was hoping the pea protein would be different than the whey. But I guess any form of protein affects hormones/acne production in acne prone skin.. Oh well. Anyone know any more about this topic?? Stopping the protein powders regardless.

Overall, very happy with Isotretinoin. Doctors are very happy with the results as well. Bump in the road with this protein, but the acne on my back and chest is getting better.

Will be continuing 80mg a day and staying on 80mg a day for the duration


Hey ALL!! Month THREE is approaching! The skin on my face has cleared up very nicely! I have had a couple of pimples on my face in the last few weeks, but they seem to dry up and fade pretty quickly. I am now breaking out on my back, chest, and shoulders. This however appears to be almost like an initial breakout, but just in a different area. Even though I am breaking out on my chest, shoulders, and back, I am happy because this proves the Isotretinoin is working in other areas, and not just my face. Overall, my skin feels soo much smoother and looks healthier. The quality of the skin on my chest, back, and shoulders is starting to catch up to my face!! I feel like I still have a ways to go, but I'm also very happy with how my skin is responding to this drug.

I am still using the same products to hydrate my skin and keep it moisturized. Surprisingly, the dryness is very manageable thus far.

Using Mederma on scars...seems to be helping

As another blogger said, my face becomes flushed very easily. You know when you are embarrassed and your face becomes red? Well mine becomes red/flushed and hot even if I'm just laughing or smiling. When I'm embarrassed it becomes crazy flushed! lol oh well.

It's summer so I'm outside a lot. Still using a lot of SPF when outside. Anyone ever do any of the Savage races? Warrior dashes? Those type of obstacle races? I have done a bunch and have one coming up in June. I'm outside running and exercising preparing for mine. Definitely have to use SPF. Hoping I don't get banged up too bad while running the Savage this time...I do not want any more scars! (since Isotretinoin slows the healing process)

Still on 80mg a day. Derm visit coming up next week. Blood tests as well.

Hope everyone on this same crazy journey is staying strong and positive! Definitely hard at times, but I believe it is worth it. There is more to life than the quality of our skin, but it is amazing how skin directly affects our moods and outlook on life.


Quick Update!

About 2.5 months on Isotretinoin (Accutane) and I'm seeing very nice results at this stage. My face has cleared up very nicely and my skins looks smoother and my pores look much smaller. Right now I am very happy with the results! The acne on my back and shoulders hasn't completely cleared up, but the dermatologist say that typically takes longer before results are noticed (compared to the face). I do still have some big red acne marks (scars), but I believe that the redness will fade over time. I still have a ways to go, but I am so happy to see results at this stage in the game. I do realize that things could change at any moment, but right now I'm happy with the results.

Skin is dry but very manageable with moisturizer. (CeraVe at night and Cetaphil with spf in the am)

Lips are dry but not too bad with help. Chap stick has been a great friend (Aquaphor at night with chap stick)

Scalp is not itchy or dry anymore (I found that head and shoulders 2in1 itchy scalp care works best for me)

Still on 80mg a day

Derm visit and blood work early June

Staying positive. Hang in there to those of your on the Accutane journey! Not easy, but worth it in the end


Month #2

Alrighty..So I saw the dermatologist on Monday! According to my dermatologist, my skin is responding very well to Isotretinoin (Accutane). I am now doubling my dose from one 40mg capsule once a day to one 40mg capsule twice a day (80mg a day). Same sort of results from the last update...some of the big outbreaks are still recovering, and a few tiny/new outbreaks/pimples. Oh well, nothing too crazy. My back and chest is starting to get pretty dry now, which is good though. It's neat to see how this drug works. Everything is being purged from my pores and is coming to the surface (gross but still kinda cool!). Glands are shrinking I suppose! Staying positive.

White water rafting this weekend! Excited! But, bringing lots of sunscreen!! Hoping I don't dry out too much in the sun! LOL Hoping everyone is not worrying too much about skin and is going to have a great spring/summer season! Acne sucks, but we still have to have a good time!


Day 25

Day 25 on Isotretinoin. So far, the white heads around my chin and lips have pretty much cleared up. Currently, I am experiencing a pretty bad breakout on the sensitive skin under my left eye/beside my nose. This breakout makes me nervous that I will have a scar due to the severity of the breakout (fingers crossed that I won't). Basically, I have a big cyst with two smaller cysts around it. It has been a rough week because this breakout is so very noticeable.. But, the other areas of my face seem to be clearing up pretty nicely. Still have a few cysts around my ears/neck area. These cysts however are getting smaller...little by little. I have a few small pimples on my forehead but they are drying up pretty quickly. My skin seems to have adjusted to the dryness. I keep applying lots of moisturizer and chap stick quite often. My dry/itchy scalp is much better and does not bother me now. Still on 40mg once a day. I will see the dermatologist next week, and will post if my dosage changes. Side effects: dry face and lips (not bad enough to complain), a little fatigue, and increased sore/achy muscles, especially after working out. Thanks to everyone for the comments and feedback! It helps to hear from others going through the same process! Keep moving forward!


Day 16

Well, finally getting over the initial breakout! Orrr at least I hope that I am! The breakouts around my lips and chin are pretty much clearing up! I have some big ones on my forehead and near my eyebrows but they are getting better. I can tell that the Isotretinoin is in my system and starting to work. As a result, I'm getting very dry skin and very dry lips. Also, my scalp itches like crazy, and I'm starting to get flakey scalp. Anyone able to give any good advice on shampoo/conditioner?? Still have a long road to travel, but for now things seem to be getting better...BUT I know that can change at any moment! Staying positive! Happy Monday


Day 9

So, I don't know if it is my initial breakout or if it is because I haven't been on my antibiotic for a couple of weeks now, but my skin is crazy broken out! shrug.gif Everyday I have sooo many whiteheads all over my chin and above my upper lip! Crazy! (and quite stressful) BUT I guess this is what happens before things get better. Only time will tell! How's everyone else out there doing on there Accutane journey?!



QUESTION: Question for the guys out there. I know you aren't supposed to pop/pick whiteheads while on Accutane (because of scaring). But, what do you do when shaving? I have to keep a clean shaven face for work. Of course when I shave, the white heads break open...pretty gross, I know! LOL Just wondering if anyone has advice for shaving the face while on Accutane..??

PS. this Accutane journey kinda sucks..haha but hey I guess it will all be worth it! (better be!)

staying positive


Day 6

So today is day 6 of my Accutane journey. So far I've been breaking out more than usual, so I guess that is part of the initial break out, or at least I hope so. I'm experiencing a lot of little whiteheads around my lips and chin...annoying because they stand out so much, but hopefully that will improve! Did a lot of you guys stay on antibiotics while starting Accutane? I haven't experienced really dry skin or dry lips yet. I however did get a red face from being outside. The weather has been great where I am at, and the other day I was outside working for only 15 minutes or so. Within that 15 minutes, my face burned. So at work today, I received a lot of comments about the red face. ..angry.png

Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Today was my first day using Isotretinoin (40mg once a day). I have struggled with acne from about age 15, and I am now 28 years old. I decided to go on Isotretinoin to finally kick this acne in the butt. For more than 10 years I had been using various antibiotics and topical medications...which helped to keep the acne under control but did not completely resolve the issue. I'm hoping to document my experience with Isotretinoin on this site and to also read other blogs to help me through this new process.

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