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Needing advice about acne situation

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Okay, those of you who are reading this entry please bare with me, this will be kind of long..

I've had acne since I was about 11, it started as little pustules all over ( face, chest, back ). I then went on birth control (yaz) around the age of 15 to control extensive and painful periods, which helped relieve so much, including my acne. My acne improved TONS i mean, i had one or two pimples maybe, ever. the only problem I continued to have was maybe some on my back, but nothing extreme. I didn't have to worry about my diet, my makeup, or anything else.. I wound up changing birth controls to beyaz and then to another which i can't recall the name but it was one where you would take three straight months and then get your period after the third month. WELL, after taking this, it seems that my hormones had changed or something because i began gradually breaking out more and more. ( at this time I was 18). I began taking a form of yaz birth control once again, which didn't seem to change the circumstances. I eventually went to the dermatologist, and considering i had ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE of what i was in for, he prescribed me an antibiotic of the name doxycycline which i took for 3 months, and then another antibiotic of the name bactrim for the next 5 months. I woundup getting extremely horrific side effects from the bactrim 4 months in and had to stop taking it immediately. After that, my skin literally exploded in a way I have never EVER seen before. 8+ cysts on my face, pustules, black heads, EVERYTHING, and EVERYWHERE. I can't even describe the amount of pain i was in emotionally from dealing with this. I researched from then on very extensively and after 8 months of that type of acne this is what i've tried.

1) I began Dan's regime, which i still use to keep my acne at bay but it's definitely beginning to lose its luster

2) I have been taking multi vitamins and probiotics religiously for 3 months now.

3) I have been on microgestin ( a birth control pill) for 6 months now, which helped at first but now doesn't seem to be doing much of anything.

4) I have tried excersicing every damn day, not extensively but 1.5 miles of running, biking, squats, you know.. basics.

5) eating healthy, nixing diary ( for the most part)

6) changing pillow cases, towels. eveything

Pretty much, I have gone through quite an extensive array of things to help stop my acne, although nothing has prevailed.

I have acne on my face, chin, neck, chest, arms, and back. all of which i cannot for the life of me help.

I'm just confused as to why its as bad as it is now, when once it was completely (except a few) gone?

Does ANYONE have advice for me? I do not want to go to another derm, i am a nurse as it is and i fully understand that most doctors are too busy and careless to look into a case to find a cure, they simply do not care.

ANY advice will help, whether its product use, or supplements or ANYTHING.

i have extremely oily skin EVERYWHERE and extremely sensitive skin.

Thank you all so much for reading, i look forward to any and all responses.

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