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My first attempt at battling acne.

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The Purge

Well, the purging stage is AWFUL. I feel disgusting, and I want to cry. This is a roller coaster of emotions, and this is only my third day on this treatment.


Let's see I guess i'll start off by giving you a little idea of who I am. I'm a twenty something year old who works with dogs in sunny Southern California. I enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. My favorite things to do are hiking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking You name it!

I've always struggled with hormonal acne, but not until a couple years ago I started breaking out with tiny little nodules under my skin, and soon they spread ALL over my cheeks, and chin. Thanks to adulthood I successfully achieved a full blown case of adult acne. I've tried EVERY home remedy you can think of (honey&lemon, rose water, tea tree, caster oil etc) and I've spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter products but what I've struggled with most is my self-esteem. I've never felt more uncomfortable in my skin than I do right now.

Three days ago I finally walked into my first dermatologist office. I felt nervous, but excited that I was potentially on my way to clear skin. She walked in, and had me sit under a bright light, and quickly glanced over my face. She explained to me that I had a moderate case of cystic acne, and there were different options we could take. She asked what products i've been using. (cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, arithmetic acne control complex, Murad Oil Control mattifier, and rose water) I was doing everything right, but for someone with "normal" skin.

We went over how Accutane works, and how it could be an option. I didn't like hearing all the side effects, but it was music to my ears when she said "It could go away for good. We both decided that it was best for me to try some other medications before taking the plunge into the crazy wold of Accutane.

So My journey begins with an antibiotic called Doxycyline Hyclate 100mg, and a gel called Differin 0.1%.

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