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21 yr old female moderate acne

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You guys haven't seen my acne yet, but i, personally can tell that my cysts have gone away. Usually I'll have about 3 major cysts at a time. Now I have none, Just a bunch of little annoying ones! So here is pictures of my cheeks, back and arms, I wasn't really able to get under my chin to well.

As for girls, I have pretty much mastered the art of covering up my zits with make up. I will be posting more about that soon.

As for now, here is my acne with no make up on it. My biggest insecurity, well, here we go.

Hopefully Accutane can help me!


So lets start this blog with a little info about me; I'm 21, female, caucasian, I work, I school, I play (don't want to bore you with the details). My acne fluctuates in intensity but I am NEVER clear. I have acne on my face, arms, back, neck and chest It's usually moderate and sometimes severe cysts (not attractive!!!).

My brother and all my cousins have taken accutane and it helped them soooo much so I'm pretty excited to finally have this extremely annoying acne taken care of. It would be fantastic to stop hearing the ignorant and classic "do you even wash your face?!?!" comment that is made so frequently by the "others" with their naturally perfect skin. My response usually being a snarky remark such as "I know right? you could grease a pan with this face!!" leaving them in shock.

Normally I wash my face 2 times a day, with added toner and topical creams. I notice that if i go a weekend and eat a ton of junk food and drink a pretty solid amount of booze it shows on my face that following Monday. So trying to hide my crazy weekend with not only a horrible hang over but also cysts all over my face and neck (i know cute, right?) it tends to be on the more OBVIOUS side. I tried cutting back on junk food, and working out but nothing seemed to work. My acne did clear a little while doing this; but not a desirable amount. I do enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, usually more so on the weekends. I know I can't be drinking on accutane and concerta, so we'll see how this goes also.

So thats it for today, I just picked up my prescription for accutane an hour ago. My first day will be tomorrow with 40 mgs. I am also on 54 mgs of concerta so this should be fun, hopefully I don't go insane (fingers crossed!).

So, as i previously stated; my brother and cousins also got down with the "tane". I thought lil ol' me would give it a try.

I'll keep you guys updated on the treatment i.e. side effects/pictures.

Thanks for following my blog!



(PS. I'll take my first acne pic tomorrow, I have barely any pictures of myself but I attached the one that I have. )