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Im so rubbish at writing these now because nothing much seems to change with my skin - I have a lot to write this time though!

So, since my last post i mentioned that my periods have been really painful since starting Roaccutane, having said this, my past 2 periods have been fine and *touch wood* relatively pain free..
My skin is very much up and down, some weeks it looks beautiful and completely clear, other times I have minor breakouts of tiny red spots. They don't last long though. 
I saw my dermatologist a few weeks ago, he gave me another 2 months because I had complained to him that I was still suffering minor breakouts. Subsequently, when I had my appointment my skin was looking the best it had in a while. That night I had a breakout of 3/4 pimples, I can't remember where about on my face but 2 days prior to that appointment I had started a ketogenic diet.
For those that aren't familiar with the keto diet, its basically low carb, high fat and moderate protein - similar to the atkins diet. I think I was suffering a breakout from my drastic diet change. The 4 weeks since starting the veto diet have made SUCH an improvement on my skin, clearer, my dark circles round my eyes were lighter and the energy I had was incredible. I would jump out of bed in the morning at 6am without even thinking of touching the snooze button.
Over the weekend that we've just had It was my husband and my 1 year wedding anniversary, we went to Sushi Samba in London which was incredible. I had toyed with the idea of sticking with the ketogenic diet or to sack it off for the weekend, I decided on the latter. Massive mistake. I went crazy with the carbs from Saturday morning to Sunday lunch, literally binge ate everything beige. OMG it was good but totally not worth it, my stomach blew up like I was 8 months pregnant and my skin has gone blotchy and tiny pimples have come up round my eyes and mouth. Im not sure if this is my perioral dermatitis making a come back or my carb load from the weekend. I was back to ketoing on Monday so hopefully I'll see some improvements in my skin this week and feel less lethargic/crappy.
Although I felt ill after my carb loading weekend, Im almost glad I did it. It's made me realise how much of a difference cutting out carbs has on my body; I really can't handle them and feel 1000x better not having any, not to mention my skin looks far better on a keto diet. 

I want to keep this blog acne/accutane related but I think it's really important to find a diet that works for your acne too. I was always very against the idea that junk food/food in general has any affect on your skin but I'm not so sure now..! 

The whole reason I started the veto diet was so I could shift a couple of pounds for my impending holiday, which brings me back to accutane. I saw on instagram this morning that a girl I follow went from 60mg p/d to 20mg p/d for her holiday in an attempt to reduce any burning to the skin. I know that accutane stays in your system for 1 month after taking it so I don't know if that would really work but I'm debating doing it for my holidays in August just as extra precautions. I'm not overly bothered about tanning this year although it would be nice to get some colour as opposed to being 'pale and interesting' like my dad always says..! 




I always think it's bad luck writing these posts, because every time I seem to write one, I end up with pimples haha! After my last one I started to get a few on my nose and in-between my eyebrows and then some started to appear around my laughter lines. The weren't big ones and they didn't linger for long but still. Anyway I currently have none and my skin looks really good. I've really noticed the difference in my skin when I don't and do drink water. My water intake has been really awful the past couple of weeks and so my skin hasn't looked good. Now that I've upped my water in take my skin looks really nice and glowy. 

I have no idea if there is any correlation between period pains and Roaccutane but since taking this course, my period pains have been hellish, as in passing out, being pale as anything, sweating buckets and in a ridiculous amount of pain. I've always had awful periods but for the past 4 months the pain has been unreal! I'll be interested to see if it carries on this way after my course is finished. 

I'm still using my Nobles Zinc soap to wash my face and Eucerin skin replenishing night cream which seems to work for me! I also haven't experienced much in the way of side effects, apart from the usual dry lips. I have bouts of eczema on my arms but thats easily managed with e45 body lotion! 



Oops its been over a month since my last post, I've been really busy with work though and just haven't got round to doing this. 

Since my last post Ive been to see the dermatologist again, he agreed that I wasn't clearing as quickly as before and said that I may need to extend my course by a couple of months, especially as I don't seem to be having too many is effects. He said he wants me to have 1 month spot free before I finish the course!

Anyway, that was about 2 weeks ago, since then my skin has cleared LOADS I literally have no pimples what so ever, maybe a tiny bit of PIH but its literally nothing. I did have a 4/5 days of incredibly itchy legs and arms, to point where I would wake myself up by itching them. I was having to moisturise constantly, including getting up in the night to moisturise because it was the only thing that would subside the itching. 

Theres not much more to report on, if things carry on this way then I doubt my course will have to be extended! 



Im still suffering from a minor breakout. I just have a few pimples dotted around my face, the skin coloured ones that don't really come to much. I think its definitely down to the fact that my dose has double so maybe its just bringing stuff to the surface quicker than 20mg would have. My overall skin texture is good, I have PIH on my right cheek which annoys me because my left side looks completely clear but i know that will fade in time. 
I feel a little bit gutted at how long my skin is taking to clear, last time I was on roaccutane my skin was reaaaallly clear by this point. Im hoping that in the next couple of weeks the 40mg a day will really kick in and I will start to see a vast improvement. I still have like 3 months left though so there is still time! 
Theres not much more to report on, the rash on my hands seem quite stubborn and aren't disappearing as quickly as they did on 40mg. My skin doesnt seem anymore dry which is a bonus! I definitely feel more tired though, yesterday I nappy for 2 hours because i was just so exhausted! 




I've been taking 40mg a day for the past 10 days and so far so good, I am suffering a tiny breakout at the minute on my right cheek but its only small, I just know I will have PIH to deal with after...! UGH. I did have a rash come up all over my face which seems to have gone away, I don't know if this was my skins reaction to taking more accutane but it's gone now so I'm not bothered. 

My hands have come up in a rash again but I know that will go in a few days. The only other thing I have experienced is tiredness, I feel really sleepy all the time! Anyway I have 2% on my laptop rn but will do a proper update in a couple of days! Maybe on the two week mark! 



I've just re read my blog '26' and i spoke about my PD in that, in-between blog 26 and 27 my PD flared up and went down. The ACV and zinc soap did manage it to a certain extent, but the skin where it had been was not healing and stayed dry/shiny. It's only since I've cut out all SLS that my skin has completely gone back to normal, this is the first time it's looked normal in about 7 months! 



It's been nearly 2 weeks since my last post and at LONG LAST my perioral dermatitis has GONE! I have known all along that SLS is major trigger for PD and while I changed my face wash, tooth paste and moisturiser to SLS free brands I never even thought to change my shampoo and body wash!!! I had been using apple cider vinegar with ok results and although it cleared the bumps I was still dealing with the redness and dry patches where the bumps had been. I don't even know why I bought SLS free shampoo and body wash but within a day it began to clear. That was about 4 days ago now and I have no trace of PD on my face! 
I now use Nobles Zinc soap to wash my face and Cetaphils body and face moisturiser for my face. 

In terms of acne, I have absolutely no active spots at the minute with a small amount of PIH! I don't know if its worth saying that for the past 2 weeks I have been taking supplements: a multi vitamin, vitamin e 400iu, zinc and iron. I have read that vitamin e helps towards fading red marks and I have noticed that mine are fading although it might be too soon to tell. My skin is generally looking SO much better, especially now my PD has gone. 

I was also bumped up to 40mg a day as of Friday the 24th so I'm sure the side effects will be out in full force in the next couple of weeks. I'm really pleased with my progress at the moment and so happy to have my PD sorted! Never under estimate the power of SLS!!!



Quite a lot has happened since my last post. I've since come to the conclusion that the rash around my mouth is intact Perioral Dermatitis, I don't need a confirmation from a doctor, it's pretty obvious. Since discovering this I've been able to make the changes to prevent further outbreaks, like cutting out all SLS (I now use an SLS free tooth paste and face wash). I managed to clear the stubborn PD with Nobles Zinc soap and apple cider vinegar which did the job in literally 2 days. I used my Cetaphil cleanser this morning and last night and the rash is starting to come back so that confirms my suspicions! I'm going to continue using the zinc soap and see how I get on, the only down fall is that it's reality drying on my already parched skin. 

My skin is generally looking good, although i did damage it when the PD had spread to my eyes and I put pure ACV on it. OMG the burn and OMG the dry skin the next day. Today it's looking a lot less blotchy and I'm managing the dry skin with tons of moisturiser and Aquaphor! 

MY break outs are still happening. When I say breakouts I literally mean 2 spots and although that isn't much the PIH lingers for weeks so even though I'm acne free I still have a lot of red marks which is annoying. The spots I'm getting are really painful deep ones that come out over a few days and linger for a while. 
I was given the option to bump up to 40mg at my last derm appointment which I'm definitely going to take him up on. My skin is good but not amazing and I feel like that extra 20mg will be the boost I need. 

The thing I'm really struggling with is how parched my skin is, particularly around my mouth where I had the PD, it's just really red and you can see fine lines where its just lacking any kind of moisture. SO annoying. 

Apart from that I'm doing fine, my achy joints have gone and eczema has replaced it which I'm not bothered about. I'll update in a week when I'll hopefully have made the call to my derm to bump unto 40mg! 



I actually wrote this blog on my phone on the 8th February but just totally forgot to post.

My skin isn't changing too much at the minute. I was going to write a post on the weekend to say the rash around my mouth has cleared but it's come back up again, I think a lot of it has to do with lack of moisturise and so my skin gets irritated and a bit itchy. My face is pretty much clear apart from PIH and literally in the last day I've developed a big red spot on my cheek bone, it's been brewing for a while but it's now really red - not sore though! 


I was thinking this morning that I'm 2 weeks off being half way through my accutane course, I can't believe how quickly it's going. I'm a bit scared to come off and for my skin go back to how it was! I've been on accutane twice before and both times my skin has relapsed, not as bad as it originally was but the perfection that accutane gives you is not attainable. I need to just remember to not experiment too much with skin care and to just stick with what works for me. That is my down fall, my husband calls my beauty cabinet a pharmacy because there's so many skin products in it LOL! 



I think tomorrow marks the 2 month mark for me! My skin hasn't changed much from last time I wrote, the spot that I pot around my mouth has healed and I just have pigmentation now. The one under my eye didn't really amount to anything but I still have a red mark. I was bad and popped a spot again, around my mouth, which was sitting there for ages. I picked at it and this massive seed came out - i know people will relate to how SATISFYING THAT IS!!! So that is a bit red but I've plastered Aquaphor on it in the hopes that it will heal the skin faster. Apart form that my skin looks good! The rash around my mouth rears its ugly head every so often but I think thats going to be a daily battle and possibly just down to dry/irritated skin! The only thing thats annoying me is that I'm dealing with a bit of PIH, I know red marks are more prominent on Accutane but its soon annoying. 

I think I will probably bump up to 40mg in a few weeks just to speed this process up a bit more, I'm also not dealing with that many side effects so I'm not bothered about that getting worse. 

The side effects I am experiencing are dry nose/bleeding and aching joints! I've really noticed that it takes a lot longer for things to heal, I didn't realise how often I cut my legs shaving so Im currently enjoying several small cuts on my legs at the minute which seem to take weeks to heal...! 

Looking forward to this next week and hopefully clearer skin! 



So since my last blog not much has changed. Another spot has developed, again around my mouth and again, really bloody painful. I actually did exactly what I said I wouldn't do and popped it, I managed to not damage the skin and oh my god the relief, no more pain. So thats healing nicely, my lovely niece scratched me and so have a red mark on my chin from that. The only other spot I have is one right under my eye but its literally a red mark. 
The rash I spoke about around my mouth has cleared... i don't want to jinx that because its literally lingered for such a long time but I've been using Nobles Zinc soap on it and left it on whilst I shave my legs etc and thats seeming to help!

I saw my derm today for a follow up app, although it hasn't been exactly 2 months I wasn't able to see him any later! He didn't really comment on my skin and just asked how I felt things were going. I said things were fine but I didn't think things were progressing as fast as they were with my previous course. He basically said he will keep me on 20mg a day but if after the first month I wanted to bump it up to 40mg then to just give him a call and he would send a prescription for an extra dose. He didn't really say anything apart from that, ,I did mention the rash around my mouth but he couldn't see it, I think because the Zinc soap was helping. He did say that zinc was an anti bacterial so maybe thats why, I personally think its perioral dermatitis. 

In about 12 days will be my 2 month mark and he said that is the month that makes the difference, and according to my posts from my previous course that is when I was clear by...


I've just looked back at old blog posts and I've just realised that it was at week 8 that my skin looked amazing and not 6. Apparently it was at week 6 that I developed a rash around my mouth when Iw as last on accutane, how funny that the same is happening again this time around! Hopefully in 2 weeks everything will be perfectly clear! 



I've been on roaccutane 6 weeks today! I remember the 6 week mark last time things were looking pretty perfect! This time around it feels like things have slowed down, I'm not sure if it's because I'm no longer taking the accutane that I bought online as well as the accutane prescribed my derm and so only on 20mg a day as opposed to 40mg. Saying that, my skin is looking really good at the moment and in no way looks terrible, I even had a client ask me what I do for my skin because it looked so clear! Oe of the spots that I spoke about in a previous post is STILL lingering, although it's just a red mark now! I don't really have any acne at the moment, although I've found my laughter lines and the area around my mouth has been quite itchy and I've developed small red lumps around the area. The only thing I can put this down to is the fact that I have started swimming in the mornings again this week and the chlorine is very drying, and I don't moisturise my face until I get home so my skin gets quite dry in the time between swimming, showering and driving home. I have a derm app on Tuesday so I will mention it then and see what he says, but its really minor. 
I've developed a rash on my right hand which I remember from last time so I'm not too bothered about that, its not itchy or anything, just some red dots. My husband freaked me out the other day because while I was getting ready he said to me 'is your hair thinning, because I know that can be a side affect?' and I was just like omg take a picture!!!! We decided it wasn't though and was just because my roots hadn't been done in a while and so appeared lighter at my scalp looking sparse. Apart form that I can't say too much has changed! I'm already thinking about after accutane and what I can do to prevent acne coming back and what I can do for brown spots etc.



Not much has changed since my last post! The two spots that I had in my last post are going, one is just a red mark and the other is still a hard lump but its definitely going down and it isn't painful now which is nice. My skin texture isn't as rough as it has been and the rash I was talking about before seems to be going. I think it was possibly a result of using a cleanser that contained Salicylic Acid (the La Rosche Posay Effacer foaming face wash), I've since swapped to the Hada Labo hyaluronic acid foaming facial wash which seems to be doing the trick. Although saying that, my skin still looks quite patched and almost has shiny patches where the skin is just really dry. I haven't seem much change in the past week which is disappointing but hopefully things will pick up again soon. My last course of accutane started to really kick in around week 6 so I'm aiming for that! Weirdly, I've recently noticed I'm getting a few pimples on my chest and back which I never normally get but I guess this is all part of the purging process, It doesnt bother me as this is all easily covered and it's winter at the minute so I'm not exactly walking around with my ta ta's out! 

In terms of side effects, I'm noticing my ankles are getting quite painful, especially when I haven't stood up for long periods of time i.e. when I wake up in the morning. I remember getting this last time I was on accutane so I'm not too worried! I've also been experiencing the dreaded dry nose and nose bleeds. OMG its vile. Every morning I can literally peel a big scab (I'm going to pretend its a scab and not a bogie because I don't want to publicly admit to picking my nose) off the inside of my nose, sounds gross but omg the relief after! I spend the majority of the day applying Aquaphor to the inside of my nose! 

Apart form that there's nothing more to report!

I just told my husband that I'm writing a 'skin blog' and he goes 'I hope you've told everyone what you did'. He means, I hope you told everyone that you bought OTC tretinoin in Greece and thats why you're back on accutane. He then followed it up with 'and that your husband told you not to do it' LOL, ok Brad. 



Sorry I haven't posted in so long! The lead up to Christmas got the best of me and I was flat out at work! My skin has been really good, the red marks from the HFM have completely faded now and my skin tone is looking really good. I have a really slight rash all over my cheeks but you don't notice unless you really feel my skin. I'm not worried about the rash because I remember getting something similar with the last course. In the past couple of days I have had two pimples come up but being on roaccutane they disappear really fast.

I'm really starting to notice the dryness in my nose at the minute and it's really annoying and uncomfortable, I'm getting some bleeding but it's more just the feeling of the inside being dry! Ugh! 

Theres not much else to say at this point, I think in the next couple weeks I will start to see some proper changes in terms of the texture of my skin ie the rash, part from that everything is looking perfect!



Since my last blog post my skin had cleared up TONS, the red marks left by the hand foot and mouth are slowly fading. My acne, if you can call it that, is better. My forehead is virtually clear bar one pimple that came up over night. I also have a couple skin colour pimples around my mouth and one that I can feel brewing on my cheek. Pimples tend to dry up and clear quicker now I'm on Accutane so I'm hoping these will disappear in a couple of days. My skin in general is looking a lot more even and healthy/dewy.

I haven't noticed much in the way of side effects, my skin is much less greasy compared to what it was and I have seen a flake of dry skin as I have been using Euchring replenishing night cream with 5% urea so I think that is keeping it at bay!

I almost want to have more side effects so I know the Accutane is fully working, even though I know it is! I'm just hoping that my skin will be looking good in 10 days which will be Christmas Day and nearly the 4 week mark!  



It's funny how much changes in a few days. The rash around my mouth developed and became really blistered and sore by late on Friday night my hands and feet started to realllllly itch and on Saturday I woke up to a weeping mouth and rash all over my hands and feet. By the end of Saturday I literally couldn't walk, it felt like I was walking on gravel bare foot, thats the only way I can describe it! It turns out this was nothing to do with Accutane and everything to do with hand foot and mouth disease. I'm so relived to know I'm not reacting badly to Accutane but I'm annoyed because I have scabs all round my mouth which of course will leave red marks. I've read online that Vitamin E oil is good for healing scabs and lightening red marks but I'm not sure if there's any truth in that..

Over looking the mess around my mouth, my skin hasn't really changed much. I have a few red spots but I'm pretty sure thats the hand foot and mouth. It's quite hard to tell because the whole of the bottom of my face is covered in red scabs so I don't know what my skin texture and tone is like!




So a lot has changed since yesterday! I developed a really nasty looking rash over night and I must have itched it in my sleep so i woke up to raw skin where spots must have been... The rash has developed over today and gotten really sore, especially in the corners of my mouth where its now getting blisters :( I don't really know what to do because I never experienced anything like this with the two previous courses of accutane that I've been on. 

I don't mind if this is something that will eventually go but because I've never experienced this before it's making me worried.. 




So I took my 8th pill tonight with dinner tonight, I probably should have mentioned that I've been taking my Accutane with a cod liver oil capsule. I don't really know why or if it has any effects but thats just what I'm doing ha! 

I always find my skin looks much worse in the evening compared to when I wake up in the morning, maybe because my skin has had a chance to repair and renew over night? That being said, it is starting to look better over all! I've definitely found in the past couple days that my lips have gotten really dry, not un manageable but I can rub dead skin off them and have to reapply Aquaphor every hour or so, I did this pre Accutane any way so it's not a big deal for me. My face isn't feeling anymore dry than normal at the minute, definitely a lot less greasy! I looked back on old blog posts from when I was previously on Accutane and I apparently loved the Eucerin replenishing night cream with 5% urea so I've been applying that in the day and night now which is keeping dry skin at bay! 

In terms of acne, I'm still getting new spots around my chin and on my temples but nothing major. My forehead was pretty covered in closed comedones prior to accutane, it was my main reason for going back on Accutane. The closed comedones on my forehead seem to be drying up and flaking away but I've only noticed it happening today so it's not enough to make a difference to the texture of my forehead at this stage but it's nice to see something positive happening.

Hoping that things will start to change in this second week because I'm hoping to be clear by Christmas and thats just 2 weeks away - come on Accutane! 



Day 5! It's hard to say which day I actually started taking accutane as I actually bought accutane online and it arrive on Tuesday the 29th so I took one of those then, but officially took the accutane my derm provided on Wednesday the 30th. I've also been trying to use up the online accutane up so I've been taking one of those in the morning and then my actual accutane prescription in the evening. So I guess I'm double dosing and taking 40mg, but the reviews of the online accutane say its quite under dosed so idk. 

In regards to my skin, I haven't seen many/if any side effects. My skin is less oily, especially down my nose and chin, although my forehead is still quite oily - where the bulk of my acne is. I'm yet to get dry skin and lips and theres been no real reduction in terms of acne. The spot I had next to my mouth is subsiding, I've been slathering it in Aquaphor which has helped heal the skin under the scab that formed, and its helped to soften the scab which rolled away this morning LOL I love when that happens. 

The one thing I am noticing at the minute is when I when I get out the shower my face stays red for a good hour afterwards and feels really hot! I remember having this from the last two times I was on accutane, I used to also get really bad hot flushed!

Will update again in a couple of days, hopefully I'll start to see more side effects soon. Looking at my blog from the last time I was on accutane, the majority of side effects came in the second week, only 9 days away! 



Day 3! The beastly spot is starting to scab over - I'm piling Aquaphor on which seems to help, still looks vile though ha!
I feel like I'm having an IB at the minute, not a crazy one but my skin is definitely worse than normal and in places I wasn't breaking out before. It's weird because the 2 previous times that I've used Roaccutane I never had an IB this quick/one at all! I guess the sooner it comes the sooner it goes away. I'd love to be totally clear by Christmas which is in 23 days... fingers crossed! 
As far as side affects go, I'm not experiencing anything at the moment, I thought I was starting to get dry skin around my nose but I think thats a result of overly blowing my nose the past 2 days. I imagine they will start either tomorrow or the next day. 

Im going to London today with my husband to Duck and Waffle, I'm not going to wear make up because I sometimes thing that covering acne makes it appear worse, so I'm embracing the natural look. 

And I'm just going to leave this here as a reminder to my future self: Don't pick your face!!!!


Number 13

Day two of Roaccutane! No side affects or anything yet BUT I stupidly picked a huge spot next to my mouth. I'm so annoyed at myself, it's been there for days and I've just left it but today I was talking to someone and they kept looking at and so i went home and picked the LIFE out of it. It's pulled all the skin off and looks like a graze hahah ew. If I don't laugh I'll cry, I just need to remember that this will all be over in a few weeks!


Number 12

Well today was my derm appointment! I had to walk there as my dad had the car,  it took around 30 mins but it was nice to get out. 
I got to mcindoe half an hour early so I had a coffee and started to get so anxious and sweaty hands ugh!
The appointment went really well, he said my skin wasn't awful but with my job as a beautician he could see that it wasn't ideal, as my job requires me to 'look good'! 

He he didn't even ask me and just said 'I'm putting you back on roaccutane as you reacted so well wrote'! So I'm picking it up tonorrrow from Waitrose and that will be me for 2 months! I have to see him at the 2 month mark for a check up and then he will give me the remaining 4 months. I'm weirdly excited to be back on it hah!

I will try to keep this updated as much as possible, mainly for my benefit, should I need to go for a 4th under further down the line! 


Number 11

My dermatologist appointment is tomorrow! I'm so excited but really apprehensive too! 
There was a point last week when i considered cancelling the appointment - my skin was looking quite clear, but thank god I didn't because today it's looking pretty bad! It's probably a good thing that it looks bad because then there's more chance of him putting me on Roaccutane again. 
I also bought a bottle of Accutane pills online last week (save the preaching!) because I was just in despair about what to do. I have a feeling I won't need to use them if tomorrow goes well...

I hate that my skin rules me like this, its really affecting my mood and I don't feel like socialising which is a shame because it's nearly Christmas and theres lots of fun stuff to do this time of year. I'm finding that I look really pale too and my under eye circles are really dark, I don't know if this is all a result of being stressed about my skin? UGH so annoying, I just want to look and feel normal again! 

Anyway, I will update tomorrow after my dermatologist appointment!


Number 10

I called the dermatologist this morning and have booked an appointed for next Tuesday, it's over a week away but I'm just pleased to have got an appointment, I now have something to work towards! I feel quite apprehensive about the appointment though, ideally he would just allow me to go on accutane with no questions asked... I suppose you never know unless you ask! And I just KNOW I'll be having a 'good' day when I see him and my skin wont look that bad! I've tried most things available over the years and accutane is the only thing that has cleared me so I think that works in my favour, also the fact that I've been on Tretinoin for the past 4 months with no improvement. 

It's funny because I never even used Tretinoin for acne initially, my skin was really good! I was primarily using it for anti agin purposes, and now look at me - breaking out daily and paying £150 for dermatologist appointments! 

I think one of the most frustrating things about all this though is being unable to talk to other people about how I'm feeling. People don't understand that I don't want to try and cover my acne with make up, that I don't want to plan to go out incase I have a bad breakout, that I don't want to go out fullstop! It's difficult to understand when you haven't previously had acne before, people think you're being 'dramatic' and that it's 'not even that bad'. It can feel very isolating.
Thats why I find writing these blogs so helpful, it's an outlet and a place to talk to people going through similar things!