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17 year old male, Discussing personal progress on the Regimen

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Hello everyone.

This is my first blog post here and here's pretty much a rundown of what i'm going to be posting.

What's going to be posted about here

  • My personal progress using the Acne.Org Regimen
  • Advice on products
  • Mistakes I've made
  • The odd random post not associated with any of the above

    Here's a little bit about me and why you might want to start either following my blog or maybe consider giving some of my future posts a read

    I'm a teenager, 17 years old, I've been struggling with acne since about 14 i think. Reasons probably hormonal of course. That doesn't really matter because moral of the story is nobody deserves acne and we all want to get rid of it.

    The type of acne i suffer from personally
    The type of acne i suffer from is T zone red spots that turn into whiteheads (most of the time) but i also get a lot of acne on the front/side of my neck. This is personally what i feel is the WORST place to get acne. Hyper-pigmentation lasts forever and it just looks really ugly... and it makes me feel like shit (as we all know)

    So i know that it's annoying somebody writing things and not exactly being sure what they're talking about, So i'm going to post photos of my progress once a week. Starting tomorrow (as tomorrow is my 1 week mark of starting regimen products)

    I would love any of you to provide me with as much feedback as possible. When i post something that you think is stupid (ie make my acne worse,shouldn't be done etc) please tell me. If i help you in any way please tell me too, I'd like to know litrally everything from everyone about what exactly you got out of my posts!

    Here's what my posting routine will be strictly I'm sticking to this schedule, no exceptions so don't be skeptical about following my blog for that reason ! I plan to post a few different things during my week

    • My overall Regimen & acne Progress - will be posted about every single monday with photographs
    • General Advice on do's and don'ts - Will be posted about every single Wednesday
    • Random posts, Whether about diet, my exercise w/ acne etc - will be posted hopefully once a week but probably once every 2 weeks

    Tomorrow will be my first Regimen Progress post and i'll also be doing a review on one of's products. Happy St. Patrick's day !

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