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I Hate Oranges

OK so i started taking vitamin c tablets and i got a cystic pimpe then some sort of rash which look likecystic acne. I did further reearch and it turns out hives are caused by the reease of histamine

i have a really big cystic pimple and then the hives rash which looks like severe acne.- around 15 lumps

Citrus release histamine - i only had one orange - there are no other oral allergy signs however like burning lips throat. But I noticed I felt really wheezy - i have asthma- intrestinglycitrus are also one of the common food allergy



So I believe the cocoa powder and the 20 grapes are the cause for the itching cysts on my face due to the histamine

I am cutting out grapes, cherries, berries, avocadoes, tomatoes , spinach, kale for a two months then I am ging to slowly reintroduce them into my diet..

Today I have new spots but I think that is because of the biscuits. I am so cutting out wheat and gluten from now n

My face is a mess I dug my nail deep into one of the cysts and now there is a nail ident it looks seriously bad.

I need help for hyperpigmentation marks as well. I started the apple cider vinegar on a 1: 3 ratio i will boost it up later to a 1: 2. I am going to leave it on the whole day at school tommorrow as well. Then I am going to apply aloe vera straight from the plant. I used the tumeric but my skin is still yellow from it. I applied baking soda after to try and take away the yelllowness but that my skin so much worse prbably because of the alkaline nature of the baking soda

I have school tommorrow, my skin is just getting worse. I know that tommorrow i will have a deep pustule because my mum decide to mix milk with my oats. I lhad just poured them int a bowl and left them t g upstairs. I ate it but then afterwards she told me that she put the milk it, she thinks its a myth that milk cause acne. So so frustrated I wish my parents would be more understanding. My sister can eat junk crap and processed and still have mild acne. Why does everyone in my famiy have perfect skin apart from me.

I am going to buy some vitamin c soon


Ok I started a new blog abut histamine intolerance

All tthe high histamine foods seem to make my acne worse(spinach , kiwi, frozen, citrus). I was also looking at symptoms which I do hae fr example shortness f breath, abdominal pain and food allergies. Also yesterday I decided to have cocoa powder which gave me a realyy bad cystic acne. I was so frustrated I decided to squeeze it nthing came out because it was so deep and now it just looks really horrific. Its in an obvious place right under my eye near my nose

I just feel so upset but I the journey to clear skin means you keep learning. I am ging t be cutting out all histame high foods that i eat already for three months and slowly introduce


Cocoa powder

egg plant


I am ging to see if i can buy some vitamin c t help with this


Final Diet

Hello I ' ve learnt a lot of what causes my acne.

This is my final diet plan and I am posting it here because i keep cheatin with junk and then breaking out.

Morning- coarse oats with water 40g of oats. Low gi/ low carb

Snack- apple-l low gi not highly acidic food

Lunch: Brown long grain rice 65g , any veg except high iodine veg like spinach/cabbage/broccoli- in moderation. Meat only chicken- in moderation and no spice. Fish - only salmon- plentiful amounts. Higly alkaline veg: nightshade, any other veg lying around.

Afternoon: 1 rich tea biscuit- and pear or other low gi fruits.

Snacks: seeds - pumpkin not all the time cuz of lack of money available.

Beverages: Water - 8 glasses a day

I might actually not eat the one rich tea biscuit because then i get a sugar rush and end up eating ten

I cheated quite a lot this week which is why I am psoting this here . I ate a whole lot of white bread, instant oatmeal, 15 biscuits and am breaking out bad. Yeah I know I am an idiot.

For some people nightshade veg triggers acne so this might not work out for eeryone also citrus breaks some people out. But I do think a carb resticted diet for acne suffers is essentil

Foods I dont eat:


High GI/ high carb- Chick peas/ legumes- limited , sugary food, junk, white rice, white potatoes, carrots in moderation- they are good but in moderation due to high sugar. white bread or bread in general

Gluten- limited

Fried- gavecysts

Spicy- pustules for some reason. Look into Chinese/ Ayurvedic treatment of acne.

High iodine- cystic acne in places- some people say iodine results in a skin purge but no thank you. a purge that leaves me with cystic acne on my back, chest and face and cause pain at the slightest touch in those places is not for me.

DIARY- all of it eggs, chocolate , milk- worst acne ever: cysts deeep pustules/ so much pain. Added hormone/ lactose intolerance cause acne.

No caffeine- tea coffee- increases insulin reistance - cause blood sugar levels to rice- therefore increases likelihood of breaking out from carbs

Fruit and veg: iodine rich sources, high gi fruits e.g cantoloupe , melon, orange, also kiwi- trigger allergy of some kind in me.

Anyway wish me luck. I start tommorrow and i will update in 2 weeks.

Topicals: ura ursi, liquorice extract, lemon juice for facial hyperpigmentation. Leave on overnight, After two months switch to apple cider vinegar or aloe vera plant gel. Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil every day overnight for hyperpigmentation on back and chest as well as existing acne. Sea salt wash twice a week. Lemon juice on back once a week for scars.

Shampoo: Baking soda and water . And then apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil conditioner.

Soap - pure perfume colour free soap.twice a day.


i have been following a low gi, alkalising diet however i started eating a large amount of raw spinach and spinach as well as brocollit. The next day I woke up with cystic acne on my chest, face and back. I have had back acne on my face but not before on my chest. I then stupidly decided to squeeze the living sh*t out of it and have numerous wounds on my chest.

I did some research- high iodine contributes to acne raw spinanch has an higher amount of iodine than the cooked one . Spinanch is good for you so I will be taking this in a small amount, eating around 200g of spinach wasn't a clever thing to do.

Other changes include introducing herbs and spices such as dill, caraway seeds and cayenne pepper powder.

Cayenne- inflammatory

Dill- increase progesterone

Caraway seeds- just felt like it

Meal Plan

Morning: 1. Bread with tomato 2 OR Fruit.

Snacks: Pumpkin seeds

Drinks: Kettle water

Afternoon any of the following veg: Chopped peppers, brown rice 40g, tomato, carrots- one and a half, lentils, beetroot, cabbage, bell peppers, small amounts of sea vegetables eg spinach kale, aubergine, all beans - butter beans are good, salmon or chicken. Cayenne pepper powder cooked with meat

Caraway seeds -30g for general health

Evening:Any 2 of the following fruits: apples , plums cherries, berries- blackberries and raspberries, grapes and avocado

5g of dill at night


So recently In my other blog I talked about how i was going to eat low gi foods as well avoiding caffeine, dairy, processed and oily foods.

I started eating low gi foods such as rye for breakfast and then barley for lunch as well as blueberries and chicken.

However my acne did not get better i was still getting more and more acne. After surfing this site,I found success stories on a link suggested by alternavista- might be the wrong the speelling. Alternavista- is such an amazing woman and her story is incredibly inspirational so if you feel really depressed from acne check out her story.

One of the success stories was by a man who went on alkaline diet. Acne can be caused by high acidic foods, suprisingly things like citrus fruits are recommends as they alkalise in the blood. However when it comes to SOME acne sufferers , citrus and nightshades should be avoided as they can spark inflammation in some- so if you' ve noticed getting acne after eating these then just dont eat them

Alkaline diet cuts out all grains and legumes. Foods such as rye, barley, wheat, rice, blueberries , meat are acidic in nature therefore consuming them causing acidic blood- acne. which explains why. This is explains why on the paleo diet some people cure their acne as the paleo cuts out all these. However I will be eating meat and fish which are only chicken and salmon for protein.

I will also be cutting out nightshades as this appears to be a trigger for me nightshade are eggplant/aubergine, tomato, peppers and potatoes - Not SWEET POTATOES. The purple skinned sweet potato known as the japanese sweet potato has a muc low gi than the normal sweet potato but they are difficult to find

Alkaline diet - Fruits should be eaten in moderation best ones to eat are : figs, avocadoes kiwi, limes, lemons, grapefruit. Try drinkin a lemon with water

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