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Journey through Accutane

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End Of Month 1!

Just got back from the derm- I'm so happy with how Accutane is going! I had a minor nosebleed a couple days ago, but the normal side effects are completely tolerable. I think I'm going to have to start wearing my glasses more, though.

I wanted to post each week so I'd have something to look back on and be able to see progress, but I really don't have much to post about :) I guess if anything comes up I can always edit :D


End Of Week 3!

I have my monthly check in at the derm next week! So far Accutane has been going a lot better than I thought it would. This week the dryness really kicked in- nose, corners of my mouth, cheeks- but I barely noticed until I yawned and my mouth felt like it cracked. Still, not a biggie. I have extremely thick hair that would get oily the day after showering, but now I can easily get away with washing it only twice a week! The only downside is dry scalp which = dandruff, but I found a good dandruff shampoo that smells like apples. Yum!

If any other teens are reading this, here's a simple list of things I've done so I barely notice Accutane side effects:

-overnight coconut oil mask once a week

-3 liters of water every day

-Carmex or Rosebud Salve for dry lips

-Cetaphil SPF moisturizer in the morning and Egyptian Magic at night

-lots of stretching before and after exercise to avoid joint pain

And that's it!



End Of Week 2

This week has been dry lips and a monster zit...but I welcome it all with open arms. I'm excited that it's been almost a month and that the process has really, really started. Sun sensitivity, a minor rash on my hand...it's nothing compared to what it could be and especially nothing when I think about having clear skin. Yesterday was the last birthday I'll spend with acne. Yay!


I can't decide if I'm happy or disappointed with Accutane so far. On the plus side, I haven't had any side effects. On the down side, it makes me feel like Accutane isn't working. I keep having to remind myself it's only been a week!

My face has become a bit oily so far and my cheeks are slightly red. I've had a couple break outs underneath my chin, but not much more on my face! I just hate the scars and redness- they make my skin look 10x worse!

Lips aren't dry at all (I have Carmex on at all times), my contacts feel normal, I've been able to continue exercising with no joint pain, and my hair is no drier than usual.

Here's hoping this next week will be more eventful.


Accutane Day 1!

I finally had a follow up derm appointment and picked up my Accutane (I got Myorisan). He's starting me at 40 mg once a day. Obviously, so far no side effects. I usually drink 3 litres of water daily as well as about 6 cups of various decaffeinated teas, but I'm stepping my water game up even more while on this medication! :)

I'm currently using Cetaphil face wash, CeraVe cream in the morning and Egyptian Magic at night, Carmex and Aquaphor for my lips, and straight coconut oil for my hair and body. I have a big old list of products Accutane patients have recommended on here, but I think I'm going to wait a little while before I go and spend $100 at Target :D

A little about me- I'm currently 16 (17 in two weeks), have tried everything from drugstore face washes to Proactiv to countless prescriptions, and this is my first round of Accutane. Fingers crossed! blogentry-381345-0-09831500-1394161661.jblogentry-381345-0-22970200-1394161679.jblogentry-381345-0-15682200-1394161694.jblogentry-381345-0-38088500-1394161733.j