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The Regimen - Week 4

Ok so its the end of week 4 and here is my update:

  • Skin is incredibly dry, I do not think I have ever experienced such dryness in my life. It is unbearable. I have been applying tons of moisturizer and I also add 5-6 drops of jojoba oil each night but this does not seem to help, my skin is still peeling. It is also very difficult for me to apply any kind of foundation, as it just looks awful but unfortunately I cannot skip it at this stage. I just hope my skin will get back to normal soon.
  • In terms of breakouts, I had 3 white heads at the beginning of the week, I popped them and they seemed to heal. The post acne marks are still there though.
  • About 2 days ago I noticed two pimples on the right of my chin, right next to each other. I had a similar breakout a few weeks ago so its a bit strange. I can see that these pimples have sort of white heads now but I am not going to pop them until it becomes absolutely necessary. I am trying not to touch my face as much as possible as I think this is what also contributes to the overall acne problem.
  • This morning (Sunday 23rd March) when I woke up I noticed 2 under the skin pimples in between my eyebrows, again they are next to each other. Let me clarify, these have been present for a few weeks now but I think they have finally decided to form.
  • Also one thing I wanted to mention is that the moisturizer is definitely making me look tanned. At first I thought maybe I am just imagining it, but I have been monitoring it and I can say that this is 100% the case. I do not really mind it as I put foundation over it and it kinda hides the colour, but when I stay at home with no make up you can see that my face is a lot darker than my neck.

Thank you for taking the time to read my update, I will write again next week and hopefully by then my dryness would have subsided.


Week 3

As mentioned in my previous entry, week 1 and 2 were absolutely terrible. Week 3 on the other hand started off really well. I still got some breakouts but there were small and did not bother me. My skin was still quite dry, but overall looking much better.

At the end of the week, I got 3 new pimples and I will admit I picked on 2 of them and now I have a lot of redness which looks really bad. I even declined an invitation to meet up with friends today because I was feeling so depressed about how I look.

It is really frustrating that as soon as I got hope and started to feel like my skin was improving, I was quickly let down again:(

I will continue with the Regimen and will post updates at the end of every week and hopefully one day I will achieve clear skin. I so desperately want it.


Hi All,

I am creating this blog so that I can share my experience on the regimen with everybody as well as keeping track on the progress myself.

Lets start with a little background to my skin. I have very oily, acne prone, sensitive and large pored skin. I have been battling with my acne for nearly a decade now, I have just turned 23 and I am desperate to clear my skin up. My problem areas are my cheeks and my jaw line mostly. The blemishes I get on my cheeks are the worst, they are large and under the skin. They never come to a head and are sore and painful. I cannot cover them with any type of foundation and if I apply bronzer or blush over the affected area, it looks absolutely horrible.

I have tried everything out there, from Proactive to Clean and Clear to Clinique, to various birth controls. The regimen is really my last resolution, and after having heard the amazing success stories I really hope this will work for me too. Lets start with the weekly progress:

Week 1

  • Started with small amount of BP and applied it only at night
  • Not too much drying
  • The first 2/3 days were not bad at all
  • Towards the end of the first week, at least 5 big pimples formed, the cystic type but came to a head so I popped them.
  • Also towards the end of the first week face started to feel quite dry around my chin and very itchy.
  • I do not like the jojoba oil, it does not help with dry skin and feels incredibly oily and greasy. It only sits on top of the skin and does not seem to get absorbed.

    Week 2

    • ​Skin now feels quite dry, but I apply 2 pumps of the moisturizer. First I use one pump, glide it on the skin and wait for it to absorb before I start with the second application.
    • More big pimples are forming, some of them come to a head
    • Skin is looking dry and applying foundation with a brush is difficult and I am now using the beauty blender which gives me more hydration when I apply the foundation. Coverage is not as high but skin feels better.
    • Black heads from my nose are nearly gone, I never experienced this before.
    • Slight redness down the bridge of my nose
    • Now using just under half a finger worth of BP in the morning and in the evening.

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