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Starting Accutane

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Week 31 Update

My son is on the last month of Acutane and then he has to take 3 months off before he can start a second round. Still getting better...slowly.

What is wrong with this site? I haven't been able to load normal pictures for months.






Week 29 Update

I got tired of doing this every week with no change. Finally, I think we have some change. He started high school last week and I had hoped this would be all gone by now, but we are at least on the right track!

How come whenever I post pictures now they are sideways, squashed, or upside down? I can't figure it out.



Week 25 Update

Sorry we missed a few weeks. My son was away at camp. Here we are three weeks later. The face is sometimes better, sometimes not. His back is getting better, but the scarring is starting to show that it will be bad. His chest is a nightmare. He has an enormous cyst right in the center. He has now been on the Accutane since March although he has only been on 80mg for around 2 months. Will this ever end for him? I was really hoping he would be clear when he starts high school in September but that doesn't look like it will happen.


Week 25 Update

Sorry we missed a few weeks. My son was away at camp. Here we are three weeks later. The face is sometimes better, sometimes not. His back is getting better, but the scarring is starting to show that it will be bad. His chest is a nightmare. He has an enormous cyst right in the center. He has now been on the Accutane since March although he has only been on 80mg for around 2 months. Will this ever end for him? I was really hoping he would be clear when he starts high school in September but that doesn't look like it will happen.

I have no idea why the thumbnails are upside down. If you click on the image, it's right side up. Go figure.


Week 18 - Hooray

I do admit it's getting better, a little better all the time!

I don't know what is going on with the pictures. They used to not be so big. I'm trying to put the photos in the gallery and link to them instead.


I didn't bother posting last week because there just wasn't anything new to say. This week I can finally say that it is starting to look better. The doctor upped his dosage to 80mg, even though he initially said he wouldn't take him up that high. It was getting obvious that he really needed it. I will have his blood drawn this week to make sure everything is still okay. His skin is finally starting to clear up. It's still bad and his back is horrendous, but it is improving.



Week 15 - More Meds

Here are the week 15 pictures with no progress.

Doctor is upping his dosage to 80 mg even though he originally told us he wouldn't have him go higher than 60. He also increased the strength of the tretinoin cream. Will this nightmare ever end? It just keeps getting worse.



Week 14

I think it's starting to get better, but it's hard to tell in the photos. He is usually better in the morning, but these pictures are always taken early evening.blogentry-380773-0-29289400-1402357430.jblogentry-380773-0-74297500-1402357429.jblogentry-380773-0-77611300-1402357428.jblogentry-380773-0-00302000-1402357428.j


The doctor started him on Tretinoin cream along with salicylic acid. His skin is getting SO DRY!!! He is also now taking zinc and vitamin D3 supplements. His doctor said that my son's acne is amongst the worst he's ever treated. Poor kid. I do think his face is improving somewhat, but it's hard to tell with all the flakes.

The doctor also said that even though we are on week 13, the first month he was only on 20mg, so we can't really even count it. He is not even half way through the treatment and he thinks he will need two rounds. This is absolutely brutal.






Week 12 - Really?

Nothing. This has been a rough week. Missed school on Thursday because he was in so much pain. He said his back felt like he was being sewn. Poor kid. He went to the dermatologist on Friday. He is now on isotretinoin cream, zinc, and D-3 in addition to the accutane and cephalexin. Oh yeah, and the probiotic. Turns out we've been taking the probiotic wrong. He was taking it at the same time he took the cephalexin in the evening.

Doctor messaged me on Saturday asking him to come back Tuesday morning for a steroid shot in the back. I am seeing NO IMPROVEMENT yet. We are on day 84. I'm getting worried.




I have been saying for days that his face is looking better, but when I took pictures tonight and compared it to the past few weeks it doesn't look better at all! I guess I'm too close to it. We do bloodwork on Wednesday and back to the dermatologist on Friday.

For what it's worth, here are this week's pictures:



It's been pretty weird this week. He'll wake up and his face will look more clear, then in the afternoon it will look worse. Same thing on his back. How can that happen in the course of a day? I take my photos at night, so here you go...Week 10.



Yes, it still looks pretty bad, but there is definite improvement from last week. I am very happy the tides appear to be turning.

So this past week a kid at school got suspended for making fun of my son. He has been relentless about it and the guidance counselor and asst. principal got involved. Hopefully the example was set and my son won't be bullied anymore. Jackass. He actually told my son that he has Satan's c*m on his face! This coming from a 7th grader. Unreal. So the kid gets in school suspension and shows up the following day with brand new sneakers and was showing them off to everyone. I'll tell you if my son was suspended for bullying, you can bet he'd be going to school for the rest of his life wearing nothing but Salvation Army clothes.

Great parenting.



Somehow my weeks have gotten all funky. Today is actually day 56. He just got back from the dermatologist and is going to start 60mg tonight. Because of his weight, he won't be able to increase the dosage, so this is it. He will be on 60 for the duration of his treatment.

I don't have much to add to this week, just more of the same. What a bloody mess. Poor kid.



It's hard being patient when your child is suffering. Actually, I think he's doing a remarkable job but it really is rough. He was off of school last week and I think we left the house twice and then only because we forced him. Around the cysts his skin looks good, but those cysts are huge. His back seems a bit better, but the scarring is severe. I do hope it simmers down and hopefully before summer.

As you can see, his skin is really starting to dry out. I keep telling him that's a good thing.

Off for bloodwork in the morning. His next appointment is on Monday when he should be moving up to 60mg.

He is going to Gettysburg with his scout troop this weekend. I'm a bit nervous about that, but his Dad will be with him to make sure he uses sunblock and takes his medicine.



His skin is getting really bad. He says that his face is on fire and he can feel the cysts squishing around when he walks. He is having a lot of joint and muscle pain. I got him a get out of gym free card from his doctor for the rest of the school year. That will make him happy.

We were out in the sun the other day working on a project for scouts. That was a bad idea. His face and arms started to burn quickly and we took him home. His doctor said to use Neutrogena SPF 50 for babies and a hat. That will be the plan going forward, although I don't see him going outside much until his skin is clear.

We are off this week for spring break. I hope this clears up some before he goes back to school.



Week 5 - Aarrgghh

This has been a hell week. The cyst explosion, joint pain,'s been rough. Five weeks on Accutane and it's getting worse. Please tell me this is going to get better soon. It's an awful lot for a 13 year old to go through.



Ruptured Cyst

So the other day we had that one cyst that inflated and we had the cortisone shot the next day. The cyst went down, but it was still raised and angry. Today my son was reading in class and was leaning on his hand. The cyst ruptured and there was black blood all over the place. He said his entire hand was cupped holding all the blood so it wouldn't spill everywhere.

It was scary and it hurt, but it actually looks better now. It is slightly discolored, sort of a greenish bruise color, but it isn't purple. Here is a photo of the cyst after the rupture and earlier in the week when it inflated.



What a week from hell. Two days ago we upped the dosage from 20mg to 40mg. First I should start by saying that my son isn't feeling well. I had to pick him up early on Thursday and he stayed home on Friday. If you read the entry before this one, you know all about the flare up. Basically upon vomiting, one of the cysts on his face instantly filled with fluid and he wound up with a marble under his skin. It was quite scary. We saw the doctor this morning and he gave him some cortisone to settle it down.

Today he stayed home from school. He took his first bleach bath to try per his doctor's instructions. He also started a probiotic.

The worst is that he is in so much pain. He also has a huge flareup on his shoulder and he has been in tears tonight. I simply can't keep him home from school any more. He is falling behind.

Today is day 28. I fell like we just started treatment and it is already so bad. I am very afraid as to how much worse it's going to get before it is better. His skin and lips are very dry. He is clearly upset and I am worried about him.



Horrible Flare Up

My son hasn't been feeling well the past few days. Yesterday we upped the Accutane to 40mg.

Tonight after dinner he threw up. The pressure of vomiting caused one of his cysts to inflate! It was terrifying. He was in a lot of pain and very scared.

I called his doctor and he said to use warm compresses and he will see him in the morning. He told us to keep him home from school tomorrow. He doesn't want him getting really sick.



When comparing his acne from day 1, his back is looking better. His face is looking different. Some of it is better, some worse so it's hard to tell.

What I know for sure though is that he is getting teased in school and I'm very upset about that. Some kid came up to him today and said "What's on your face?" and proceeded to poke his cyst which as you know is quite painful. Jackass. My son should have told him it's highly contagious!

We went this morning to have his blood drawn so we can get more Accutane for next month. His follow up appointment is on Friday.

I had to pick him up early from school today because of a headache and nausea. He is feeling much better now.



Second Week

Not much change. His acne is a little worse, but you can only tell that by comparing to pictures from two weeks ago.

He went to the dermatologist for another cortisone shot the other day. Those cysts are really bothering him.

His skin is starting to get dry. He is using CereVe at night and in the morning. He is supposed to be using it all day, but I can't monitor what he does at school. Ah school. Some kids aren't very nice to him and make fun of his acne. He has good friends though that don't give him a hard time.




My son had to come home early from school today with a pounding headache. He's no stranger to headaches and suffered from migraines for a few years before we got those under control. It's been a long time since he has had one like this. Hopefully he won't be getting too many.


First Week

My son has been on Accutane for a full week now. So far, no real difference in his acne. His back is a mess. Poor thing bled through his sweatshirt the other day. Luckily, he was home and not in school. The cyst on his face has shrunk quite a bit, but he had gotten that injected just before starting on the Accutane.

No side effects. He hasn't started drying out yet. I'm trying to get him to use the moisturizer and lip balm several times a day, but it's hard getting a 13 year old boy to do that!


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