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So far my skin care regimen since I've been on accutane is doing pretty well. My skin is normal, not dry or oily and I got clear very quickly. My biggest problem now is all the PIH and unevenness.

Old regimen


Cleansers -

Aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser on most days

Dove pink bar in days when my skin looks a little dryer

Moisturiser -

Neutrogena oil free moisture - sensitive skin on my face neck and chest

Some kind of lotion that smells nice on the rest of my body

I have a sunscreen but i hardly use it to be honest. I use the moisturiser a lot more but not every morning since I sweat a lot.


Cleanser -

aveeno clear complexion foaming cleanser (I really don't think this is clearing my complexion but it doesn't irritate my skin)


Neutrogena oil free all over my face

Ponds dry skin cream around my eyes, corners of my mouth and nose, neck and chest (drier areas)

On the rest of my body I use Some kind of jergens, Vaseline, Victoria's Secret, avon or bath and body works lotion depending in what I feel like smelling like (I have 12 different bottles of lotion)

Lately I've been using Vaseline men's

Proposed regimen

I'm thinking of changing my moisturizers

For day time I want the aveeno positively radiant with SPF (since I'm very non compliant with sunscreen)

For night time I've bought the ponds clarant b3 for normal to dry skin to hopefully fade my marks.

The aveeno is proving very difficult to find.

Tonight will be my first night using the ponds b3

And before I forget

Makeup removal

Clearasil clear skin wipes

Ponds cold cream

Paper towel or another wipe

Aveeno cleanser

Then my neutrogena moisturiser

Ponds moisturiser everywhere on my face since I've pretty much dried it out.

I hardly wear makeup so this happens maybe once every 2 weeks or so.


This is just me venting about my own insecurities.

My fiancé's family has the nicest skin. I've only ever seen pimples on two of his family members and they were never anything much. If they broke out with one zit it was a lot. His mom has nicer skin than I do. well... Not with any pimples or dark marks.. Very clear and even looking.

He also has the clearest skin. In our five years together I've seen 2-4 zits pop up on his face. In 5 bleeping years! So not fair. He also feels nice and soft and smooth and I'm very jealous because he has less hair on his legs than I do (if I don't shave that is). I just hope my kids are like that. I hope my kids don't have to come out like me and spend years drinking poison in hopes of getting rid of acne.

So his family invited me to go for some nature walk thing where they walk through a trail with some birds and monkeys up to a lake and spend the rest of the day sipping cocktails and swimming. If he was here I'd go with him, but I feel so uncomfortable in front of people when I wear a bathing suit because of all the spots on my back. Plus I'll have to stay out of the sun because of the accutane.

Anyway, these people are now upset with me because I keep canceling on them and not going to see them and what not, as if I didn't have enough stress in my life already. I'm tired... That's why I don't go to see them and I don't want to be out in the sun where I'm the only one burning and the only one covered in marks.


Is That Aids?

Not long ago I was out shopping with my mom. Department stores where it live are filled with young girls who just follow you around. I went into one and the girl that chose to follow us called me aside and asked me what she should use on her acne. Now she had really small inflammatory lesions on her face, no marks or scars. She said "I started getting these things on my face lately. You know what causes it? Is it AIDS?

The first thing I thought was that there must be other people walking around looking at me thinking what's making me break out is AIDS before I even though "wow, this girl's so stupid."

So now not only is my skin bad because I eat too much sugar/salt/oil/soda/fries and never wash my face but it's also bad because I have AIDS. **** ** **** **** ****

I know people will generally look at someone in my society who has bad skin and assume their unhealthy but this was new to me. Now I have another reason to be ashamed of how I look.


I never tell anyone in my real life how badly I feel about my skin. I really wanted the tretinoin to work because after 12 years of drying out my skin I'm really worried I'll start to wrinkle in another two years. I know it might sound nuts but I think all the years of BP and other drying ingredients I didn't even know what my skin was like until recently.

My skin is now combination... Not oily. Who knew. I'm always thinking I need to moisturize more and exfoliate more because my skin does not look like the skin of a 23 year old. I look old.

Anyway I started spironolactone 50mg on Friday and while I'm waiting for that to kick in I'm planning to exfoliate the crap out of it. I'm planning on using some kind of gentle glycolic peel once a week and I salicylic acid toner during the week. Along with my non drying soap and lots of moisturizer. I'll probably look for one with some kind of retinol but I'm worried it will end up bad like tretinoin.


Resting My Skin

So my skin is looking a feeling just a little better. A lot of the irritation is gone. My chin, the corners of my mouth and nose, and tiny patches near my eyes are dry and peeling and flaking but all the bumps I had are flattening out. I did get two pimples since I stopped using anything topical but they're actually not that big.

My forehead and nose are a little shiny right now. So I think after all these years I may have developed combination skin... Or maybe my chin and those patches just take a longer time to get rid of irritation.

My chin looks horrible now btw from the nasty breakouts. It's covered in bumps and purple marks...apart from the peeling :( from a distance it looks like I had a beard.. Shaved it.. And it's starting to grow back.

I got spironolactone 50mg from my gynae. They were free. I'm gonna start them on Friday since i have a long weekend and I don't need any possible side effects now during the week they'll be better over the few days when I'm locked in my house.

I'm not gonna take anymore antibiotics. It's clear they no longer work for me. Gonna eat yoghurt for the rest of the week and see if my tummy feels any healthier. The last time I used antibiotics it was awful on my stomach too... But it was working on my skin so I just accepted it.


A Week Of Rest

Everyday since I was 11 or 12 I've used some topical treatment for my acne. I've had about 6 months of clear skin. I've had years of irritation and tears and many 'initial breakouts.'

For the next week or two I will just use topical things to get rid of the irritation I have right now. I'm using dove pink bar, neutrogena oil free moisturizer for oily skin and neutrogena clear face sunscreen. I didn't chose those for any particular reason other than I already have them and my skin feels like it's over sun burnt so I'll be giving it lots of moisture.

I'm still not eating sugar or dairy. I'm taking my vitamins my birth control AND my extra nauseating antibiotics.

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