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How to clear problem skin with a more holistic and natural approach.

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My Regimen

Hey all,

I am one of those people who has had acne since I was like 12, and now at 18 it is old news and I am ready for it to go. I have tried Proactiv, straight salicylic acid, straight benzoyl peroxide, masks, apple cider vinegar, and much much more including natural and harsh treatments.

My acne was not terrible but it was bad enough that I felt totally self-conscious like someone was always staring at my imperfections. It made me very shy and unable to put myself out there. There are some (totally hideous) before pictures in the embedded gallery if you want to take a gander.

So I never had horrible acne but it was chronic and all over my skin especially my cheeks and my forehead. I was one of those people who tried everything and got no results. My skin was very oily when I was younger so I used a lot of dying products and that made the acne even worse so I eventually came to the conclusion that I needed to oil up my skin.

After having a particularly bad breakout, I decided that enough was enough so I did some research. After a couple of weeks of researching I came to the supplements and skin care products found in the attached gallery. Also, in the description of the pictures are how I use each item daily.

The lavender oil really seems to be the trick to getting rid of redness and minimizing pores. I have been using all the skin care products and supplements for about 3-4 weeks the lavender oil however I started using about a week ago and it seems to work wonders for acne prone skin.

My skin is not totally clear but it looks better than it has in years, in the album are a bunch of (mostly hideous) before and after pictures of my treatment so far. [Note: I wear no make up.]

Comment if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. Thanks and Cheers! I hope you find what works for you!