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Acne! Blemishes! BE GONE!!!!

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 HELLO Beautiful people. I recently uploaded a video about my 5 month experience using the 3 step regimen from (Attached is a link to that video) I discussed in great details my thoughts on the products, the side effects I endured, and much more. PLEASE check out my video and Subscribe to my channel for future updates. Feel free to explore my channel to watch other videos regarding my acne journey.  SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE.

Stay Postive, Stay Determined, Stay Beautiful
"It's Not your skin, what matters is what's within" 
                   -Chaz Marie 

Embrace your flaws...

It's time to stop beating yourself up over your imperfections, over your flaws, your insecurities.

It's time to learn to love & appreciate yourself. It's time to look in the mirror & believe that "you are beautiful" that you are unstoppable & fearless! Stop feeding your fears with the opinions of others. So often we hold ourselves back because of what someone else thinks of us. Don't let people make you feel uncomfortable about being comfortable in your own skin.

Be secure in your flaws, accept & understand your flaws, that way no one can use them against you! Stop being something that you're not, you're only honest with others when you're honest with yourself! The public you should be the same exact you behind closed doors.

Stop allowing this world to think you're not good enough, YOU ARE! Stop living up to the standards society creates, you're a unique individual. Learn to love you, so you can be happy! It's time to free yourself, it's time to rise above all the negative opinions. Fix your mind on "I'm beautiful" so no person can make you feel insecure.

Trust me, I'm know the battle. I know the struggle you all are facing. However From this day forward I'm making a promise to myself. It's time to live mylife & stopping allowing "acne" my flaws to hold me back! I'm taking control of what's mine. It's time to smile again, it's time to embrace myself with no limits!

It's my dying wish for all of you to do the same. Speak positivity, be positive! Stop crying over things you can change. Get up & make a change! & most importantly embrace your flaws, when you change your attitude regrading a problem you open up so many opportunities for growth. Its time to grow, & learn to love your self. 

Stay beautiful.



Hello beautiful people, as always thanks for reading! I'll try to keep this one short & straight to it! Key word "I'll try"

Ok, so basically to get to it, I'm feeling GOOOD! Like Im just happy. I feel more confident.... More understanding... Refreshed... Rejuvenated.. know ALL that Good stuff.

In my last post I gave you all an update on my skin, I talked about things I stopped doing & some things I started doing! Within the last month, I learned soooooo much about skincare. With that knowledge I've been able to see a difference in my skin! (Wish I can show more than 1 picture) most of the pimples that were lingering on my face have dried up, scars are fading & new pimple are less than ever. At this moment I have 1 active pimple on my face. "1" pimple. can we all say "1" *laughs out loud*

This here is 1 of many reasons why I just feel good! My life these last 2 years has been challenging. I finally feel like I'm getting close to ending this chapter is my book. Trust & believe so many lessons have been learned through this struggle with acne. I've learned how strong I am, how beautiful I am.. So much!

Acne has been a energy drainer, a confident drainer, it's drained so much of how I am! However now, i feel like I'm falling back into that girl that I once loved, the girl who made everyone laugh, & smile. The girl who want let anything stop her EVER, the girl who believes in herself, & the girl who knows she's beautiful despite her flaws! This girl is FABULOUS!

Stay beautiful.



Like many of you, I have struggled with acne my entire life. However the last year and a half my struggle has become Severe. During the year of 2012 I suffered from a really bad breakout, & there forward the breakouts continued. I'm sure it got worse over time from using a countless number of products, unhealthy dieting, etc. However I remained confident, my acne wasn't a major difficultly in my life at the time.

During the year of 2013, I begin the break down. Acne started to surface all over my face, mainly my jawline & cheeks. I was desperate for recovery & clear skin, therefore I tried products after products. I used these products hoping for a change,however that time never came. There were times when I thought I saw improvements in my skin, but really I was only damaging it more. I fell into this depressed stage, I didn't want to work, I was missing college courses, and being social was no longer who I was. I lost complete sight of who I was, & where I was heading!

Late 2013, my skin is only getting worse. Blemishes cover my jawline & my cheeks. New pimples form  daily.  I've reached the point in my life where' I just cry, I look in the mirror and break down. I'm no longer confident in my self. Acne had robbed me of every piece of confidence inside of me. My self esteem is at an all time low. So where do I go from here?

The year 2014 approaches! Im still stick with these deep insecurities, shattered inside with no one to talk to. What do I do? Well the feeling of being "confused" "unhappy" "insecure" "uncomfortable" etc has lost it's course. I went to the library looking for some material that would help uplift my spirits, I found an amazing book. I begin reading daily devotionals, mediating, and most importantly I begin to self reflect. I was so focused on finding what made me happy again.

Today, February 18th 2014, I wrote this entry as a new person. Acne has taken so much from me. I've lost sight of what my life consisted of, & the love I have for myself. As of today, I still struggle with acne. The only difference now is, I realized this is my testimony. What I've been going through, is a story to help someone else stay strong, someone else believe that they're beautiful. Today, I stand much stronger than I did in the year 2012. There's times when I have my daily battles, however this battle is almost over. My positive attitude & ambition to Help others makes this journey a lot easier.

I'm so thankful for everyone in my life, who supports my movement "Beauty&Blemishes" who has encouraged me to stay strong during hard  times. I'm most thankful for all of you, who are brave enough, to share your stories, and the struggles you face with complete strangers. We all are in this together, I support & commend all of you! It's important to surround yourself with people who see "beauty" in you, especially when you don't see It yourself. I see the beauty in each of you! 

Stay positive! Stay strong! The battle doesn't have you, you have the battle! Thanks for reading!

Comments are loved! -Stay beautiful! 

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