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So I read a forum about a girl who put Hemp Oil on her face. She saw the shiny/oiliness that any natural oil would leave behind. She went to go grab her make up bag and when she looked into the mirror 3 minutes later, her whole face was MATTE. She then applied her make up (which went on so perfectly) and throughout the whole day, she had perfect skin!

I am willing to try this and see where it goes! She said it absorbs like a dream!

Is there anyone else who has tried this product? She is the only girl who has written an oily skin review on it that I've found.


Hi everyone! I am currently 18 years old.

I've never made an account like this JUST to get some advice about my oily skin. Many people claim to have oily skin, when, I guess they do... But then they don't. I feel like I am the only person on this world who has GENETICALLY oily skin, it is HEREDITARY. My mother and her two sisters have it, my grandmother, and I'm pretty sure my ancestors had it as well. We all also have gigantic enlarged pores! You can see our pores from 5 feet away! NO. JOKE.

I have tried EVERYTHING. From the strongest of salicylic acids (please don't recommend, it doesn't work for me) to the most natural products (from vitamins, natural clay masks, scrubs, essential oils, etc.)

I'm not asking for matte perfect skin, I have accepted the fact that will never happen... I'm just asking for something that can decrease my overactive sebum.

Yes, I have been back and forth to the dermatologist for 6+ years. They have done nothing for me. Most of them just want to shove chemicals down your throat and harsh topicals that damage your skin. I'm not for that.

My final question: Is there anyone else in this world who has genetically/hereditary oily skin? Who can look at their parents, aunts/uncles, or grandparents, and know it's just in our skin permanently?

So please comment, I would love to hear your experience and advice, I will log in everyday to reply!

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