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Claravis Day 31

Well, I've been on Prednisone for about 9 days and most of my papule acne has gone down. It hasn't healed. The spots normally take a month or so to go away, but most of them aren't raised. Prednisone is rough on my body but it really is a miracle drug when it comes to acne. It's not a long term fix and it's fairly dangerous to take for extended periods of time, but nothing helps reduce inflammation like prednisone. I've got 3 more pills left until I run out. I'm not looking forward to what happens when I'm no longer taking them. I guess I can hope that the Accutane has kicked in by that point and I won't have a major breakout, but I'm not counting on it.

I still have hyperpigmentation from the acne along my lip line as well but at least it isn't active anymore. Thank god, because it was painful and embarrassing.

I'll be going in for my first checkup to get my first refill. I don't think there will be any reason I need to stop taking it. As far as side effects go, mine have been fairly mild. The skin around my lips is dry and flaky. My lips are chapped. I've had some mild back pain that comes and goes. I've also developed a bit of eczema on the back of my hands but it goes away when I put a prescribed cream on it. I don't think any of these symptoms would warrant me being taken off the medication.

That's about it. I wish I had more to report. The acne I do have is still focused around my chin. My cheeks and forehead remain clear. I have one papule on the side of my jaw.

I haven't changed my routine much. I still wash and moisturize with CeraVe in the morning and evening. And if I know I'm going to go out in the evening for a date or something like that, I take an 45 minute Epsom salt bath and soak my face 4-5 hours before I'm going out. As I've explained in previous posts, if you do this, you should take a hand held mirror and a wash cloth in the tub with you. After soaking for a while, use the wash cloth and the mirror to wipe off dead flesh from your lips and face. It prevents you from being so flaky for the rest of the day, especially the lips.

I'll keep you all updated as I start my second month of Accutane and what happens when I stop taking prednisone.


Claravis Day 26

Well this is what I woke up to today. The acne on the top of my lip seems to be healing as does the one along my bottom lip. Unfortunately the one along my bottom lip is healing rather slowly. It doesn't seem to be forming a head. The one on my top lip didn't either the first time I got it. It only formed a head when I got a cortisone injection.

I did go to the Derm to get it injected yesterday, so hopefully it heals up soon. Every time I go in I feel like they're wondering why the hell I'm there. I guess they really view this through the lens of a medical professional and not as a human being. I have somewhat painful acne along my lip line that looks like an STD (and it isn't), you think me coming in here for an injection is inappropriate? I knew that it was likely that my acne would get worse before it got better on Accutane, however I still have to go about my daily life for the entire 20 weeks while I'm on it. Heaven forbid I come in an have you inject some of the more embarrassing and painful spots on my face. It's not like they're doing it out of charity. I do get charged every time I go in.

Sigh. Perhaps I'm just a bit on edge. I look awful, I don't feel to great, and while I did plan on secluding myself a bit while on Accutane, the lip line acne has made me hesitant to leave my house for anything except work or other obligations I can't ignore.

As you can see if you zoom in on the one on the lower lip. The core of it seems to be just below the lip line. I'm not sure if this is happening because I'm not shaving (which is hard when your chin is covered in acne) or if it is possible all the lip moisturizer I'm using is clogging pores around my lips. I think it is probably the latter. I've never had acne like this and I normally don't get chapped lips or use lip moisturizer. I've made a real effort to be much more careful putting stuff on my lips. I don't overdo it and I try to make sure I do it in front of a mirror so as not to get any on my skin.

I had mentioned that I started taking prednisone when the bottom lip line acne popped up. I've taking 30mg a day since then. Today is day 4. It does seem to be helping the acne on my chin as well. I will switch to 20 mg on Friday and continue taking those for 10 days.

I have my next appointment on Monday when I'll get my second box of pills. What a brutal first month this has been. I was about to type "I can't imagine it could get worse" but I know it will. That seems to be my luck with acne lately.

Side effects thus far:

Eczema on the back of hands

Dry chin and moustache area

Itchy eyebrows, forehead, and area around the base of neck

Mild back pain, not in the lower back but the mid-section of my back

Acne on the lip line

Obviously I'm still not really able to shave. I'm not to even going to try an electric shaver for fear that it will irritate my skin. I've had several experience in the past where I would breakout like crazy after I shaved.

Oh and if it looks like my lips are a little orange it is because I had an orange Gatorade before going to bed. One of the downsides of dry lips is that the dry skin absorbs whatever color drink you happen to have last. Keep that in mind if you're on Accutane.

I can't think of a positive spin to put on this other than the fact I'm almost 4 weeks into a 20 week treatment. A lot of people say they see progress by month three. Well, I'm one month closer to month three. That's really the only positive spin I can look at this. This is a serious drug. It will affect your life. If you are going to start it I suggest you try to do it at a time in your life when you don't have obligations outside of work (a girlfriend/boyfriend, etc). Obviously it works perfectly at the outset for some people, but having read all the message boards here and having my personal experience thus far, I would just suggest you don't count on everything being sunshine and roses in the first two months.

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to comment on my posts and I'll gladly respond. Feedback is always welcome. Its trying to take a medicine like this and not really have anyone to talk to about it. It's not that there aren't people I *could* talk to about it, it's just that I don't want to because it really is disgusting and not fit for polite conversation.


Claravis Day 22

Yay, the lip acne is back! The bright white one reformed where a previous one had been. The one on the bottom of the lip was a tiny little bump yesterday and is now quite noticable. It doesn't have a head. The one that reformed didn't have a head the first time either. I had to get it injected with cortizone before it formed a white head. I hope the one on the bottom lips goes away quickly. I can't go back for a forth cortisone injection in the first three freaking weeks of using Accutane. Both of these formed in about a day's time. I felt two tiny bumps on my lip while working out yesterday and woke up to this. The picture was taken immediately upon waking up.

Dear lord is it painful too. It's amazing how quickly acne can form on accutane, what's slightly disappointing is how the harder papules don't go away with the same spead in which they form.

I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting them. I'd never had them before using accutane. I'm starting to wonder if I'm getting them because I'm using so much lip mosturizer. Is it possible that some of the vaseline I'm putting on my lips is clogging the pores on my skin surrounding my lips? I'm going to bring that up with my derm. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what I can really do if that's the case. I guess I can be a little more careful when I apply it, but when you have to apply lip mosturizer every 30 minutes, it's tough to be as careful as you'd like.

I had about ten 20mg prednisone pills laying around from before I started the accutane treatment. I began taking them this morning and will take them until they run out. I don't know what else to do. This isn't about looks at this point, it's about pain. Imagine a pin sticking in your lip all the time. That's what this feels like and god forbid I accidently put any pressure on it! If that happens the pain becomes much more intense and lingers for a while.

On a side note, the small bump in my mouth I was worried about yesterday disappeared. I think it was just an allergic reaction I had to something I ate for lunch.

I'm trying to stay poistive but it really is tough to do so. As I mentioned a while ago when this problem first came up, it's one thing to deal with the disgusting way acne looks on your skin, it is another thing entirely to endure constant pain on your face. It's hard to talk, eat, drink, or apply any type of mosturizer to my lips.

Hopefully the predinsone clears this up. I broke a pill in half and took 30mg this morning. I will do the same tomorrow and then taper off with the 20mg pills I have left. I hate taking prednisone. It's so rough on my body but I don't really have an option at this point.

I really hope that I look back on this period in a couple of weeks or months and say to myself, "Well, that was freaking awful, but the results were worth it." That really is the only thing keeping me going at this point. It's really screwing up my personal life and will likely cost me a relationship before all is said and done. How many times can you lie to someone before they want nothing to do with you? "I'm sick." "I have other plans." "I'll be out of town." Man I hate lying to this person. She knows I'm on the drug and she seems to be fine with being with me while I have some acne, but I can't possibly look her in the face with this crap on my lips. Worse yet, even if I could bring myself to do so, the constant pain eminating from it would make me the most unpleasant person to be with.


Side effects thus far:

Dry lips

Dry skin on the chin and area above my lips

Dry skin on eyebrows and earlobes(seriously)

Mild lower back pain

Itchy forehead

Eczema on back of hands


None yet. It's still early though. From reading hundreds of logs here it seems most people are the worst in the first 1-12 weeks. Well I'm three in.


Claravis Day 21

Forgot to send a picture to myself so I could post it, so you'll have to settle for a description.

Unfortunately I did go back to my derm for a third round of cortisone shots. I felt bad going there. I don't know what they think of me. The acne on my face didn't look as bad as the first two times I went it, but part of the reason I went in is because I had 3-4 spots that were going to be actives. I'm not sure how acne is for everyone else, but I feel a stinging sensation before a spot becomes hard, red and painful. So I know a day or so in advance what's going to be big, unsightly and hurt. I had him inject those areas yesterday.

I woke up this morning to a fairly large new active whitehead that wasn't there at all when I went to sleep. One of the amazing things about acne while on Accutane is how fast something can form. It wasn't there 8 hours before I went to bed and it was big as life the next morning.

Now around 3pm it's gotten even whiter. Normally a while head takes a couple of days but these things seem to be a fast forwarded version of while heads.

Other issues coming up. Two new things happened to me today. One. I was working and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror while washing my hands. I notice my entire chin was peeling. Not just flaky, but peeling as though I were sunburned. It's the dead of winter here and I haven't been out in the sun much. What's even weirder is that I had looked in the mirror not more than 2-3 hours ago. So this all happened in a matter of a few hours. Also, since lunch an tiny clear bubble had appeared on the inside of my mouth. I'm talking the size of a pin head. It is clear. I don't have any STDs or other oral diseases. However, I have noticed my gums are sensitive since I started taking Accutane. It's possible that it's a mild allergic reaction to something I ate for lunch, or it is possible Accutane is mildly affecting my mucus glands or pores inside of my mouth(we do have pores there right?). This is also something that apparently just popped up since I ate lunch a couple of hours ago.

I was thinking about a side effect of taking Accutane that isn't really discussed. There are hundreds of listed side effects for it. Most of which you won't get. However, something that isn't mentioned is the psychological aspect. You begin to look for things on your body and wonder if they're connected to the Accutane. If your ankle is sore, you wonder if it was caused by the drug. Or in my case, I have this tiny bubble on the inside of my mouth. If I wasn't on Accutane I might not have even noticed it or I would have immediately disregarded it as a mild allergic reaction or some other type of canker sore(or minor oral irritant), but because I'm on Accutane I view everything through the lens of "Is Accutane causing this?". It's almost as though there is a bit of an Accutane paranoia. Not that it's a side effect of the drug. I'm 99% sure it's just a self induced psychological thing. I know that's I've probably googled 10-15 different things in the past 21 days. All the searches looked like this "Accutane + ______" or "Accutane causes ____", because I was trying to find out if this new issue or ailment was caused by Accutane. It's something to prepare yourself for should you start taking the drug.

Bright spots? Hmm. I guess my energy level hasn't been affected by the Accutane yet. I've cut back on the gym because the physical exertion causes me to break out, but I'm not tired or sore. I can still physically do anything I did before I started taking Accutane.

No drug induced mental issues. I'm not depressed or suicidal. I'm definitely a bit sadden by the fact my face looks awful. I'm not really going out at all. So it is affected my mood to an extent, but not in some drug induced depressive way.

Unfortunately that's about it. My complexion is still a bit red. So help me god if I go outside on a cold and windy day. My face turns bright red. My acne is still worse than it normally is. My forehead is itchy. The skin around my mouth is terribly dry no matter how much(or little) moisturizer I put on it. My pores keep getting bigger. I'm starting to get some body acne which I don't normally get. Nothing major but noticeable to me.


Claravis Day 19

Sigh. I guess the IB isn't entirely over. I'm getting some new acne on my neck and a couple new ones on my chin. I never get acne on my neck and I'm surprised any more acne could fit in such a small freaking area on my chin. This is a stupid complaint, but I'm almost envious of people whose acne is spread out. I get like 10 papules all within 2 inches of each other. Not only does it look freaking awful, but it is painful. It's painful to eat, yawn or talk.

Also, I've cut back drastically on the gym. Normally I go 6 days a week and do cardio and lift for an hour and a half. I've essentially given up on cardio, I lift light weights for about 40 minutes, and I only go every other day. I don't think I can keep that up. Going to the gym is a real release for me and I need it in my life, but I almost always seem to get acne as a result. I've been cutting back because I had a couple engagements this week I didn't want to look completely awful for. I don't have any next week or the week after, so I'll probably pick up my routine this weekend.

I've attached a picture I took this morning when I woke up. I know I'm still early into the treatment, but I will admit this is pretty depressing. My acne is worse than it's been in a while and while I tried to pick a month with minimal obligations, things keep creeping up on me forcing me to go out into the world. Ideally I wanted to stay at home (aside from work) for the entire first month. I'd read stories of people who didn't get the IB, but I knew that would never happen for me. I didn't start getting acne until about four years ago and it's been getting progressively worse. I'm lucky in some areas of life, but chin acne isn't one of them. I knew the IB would be rough and it looks like I was right. I've already gone in twice for cortisone injections, I can't bring myself to go in a third time before my 1 month derm appointment which isn't until the end of the month.

You can see the remnants of the acne I had on my upper lips. I mentioned it in previous blog entries. It was extremely painful. I've never had acne there my entire life. I went in to get them injected. The Derm said it was likely a mix of the Claravis and lip balm. I guess that means I have to be careful applying the lip balm because if I get too much on my skin it will clog pores. Anyway, they have all "healed" but the flesh is still a bit discolored.

[Edit] I know the acne doesn't look too awful in this picture, but believe me it is much worse when you look at it in person. On the left side there are a bunch of smaller red actives. There are probably 5-6 all within a half inch of each other. Clustering seems to be a thing on Accutane, whereas that was never really an issue for me. Also, the other ones don't look as bad, but consider than I had them injected with cortisone last week. That's what they look like 7-8 days after an injection, you can imagine what they looked like when I had them injected. I know everyone on this site tends to think their acne is the worst and I do understand that there are a lot of people out there who have it far, far worse than I do, but relatively speaking I can only compare my acne now to my previous experience with my own acne. I can safely say I'm still going through the worst breakout I've ever had.


Claravis Days 15-18

I think the IB is starting to subside. I don't have too many large papules/pustules/nodules coming up. I still have the acne on my chin that's slowly starting to heal. Some of them a papules that appear to be forming white heads which is odd for me. Normally my papules would just remains red and inflamed for a few days(week) and then begin to subside. One or two of them are still a bit painful. I'm not sure what the pain is indicative of. Does it mean it's still growing or inflamed? Normally when they begin to heal they stop hurting, but these two still hurt a bit. I wonder if that means they're going to "re-form" a few more times before they go away.

I'm getting a few zits/pimples on my jaw line and feel a couple coming on my neck.

I've got a bit of eczema on the back of my hands. Hardly noticeable. The Derm wrote me a prescription for Topicort cream. I started putting it on yesterday and it's already starting to work.

Sorry to be graphic here, but I want to detail all the aspects of Claravis and what to expect for those of you about to go on it. I've noticed that my stool is a much lighter color (almost orange) since I started taking Claravis. Also, my intestines gurgle a bit more often. They don't hurt, but they make noise. It's not a constant thing, but I have noticed it.

I've maintained my regimen of CeraVe cleanser in the morning and evening followed by CeraVe moisturizer in the evening. I also have been putting Eucren cream on the rest of my body. My body hasn't begun to dry out yet, but from the logs I've read it appears Accutane works its way from your face first and then to the rest of your body. So I figure I should just pre-empt it by moisturizing everywhere now.

I have noticed that the correlation between me working out and acne forming is still there. If a take a few days off from the gym the amount of new acne seems to decrease. However, when I do go the acne I have seems to get more inflamed or newer ones begin to develop. This sucks as going to the gym is something I really enjoy and can't imagine giving up. I may cut back a little bit to see if it helps in the IB stages.

Another problem I'm running into is shaving. Like many of you with chin acne, I can't really use a razor. When I do I break out. So I normally use an electric razor. Not the type that have rotating heads, but the kind your barber(stylist) uses to trim your sideburns. Normally when I do that it doesn't bother my skin too much. The downside is that I never have a "close" shave. However, the last time I did it, I had the big outbreak. I'm not sure if that was just the IB or if it was partially induced by the irritation caused by shaving. Either way, I haven't shaved since. I'm going to need to figure something out soon as I have to shave for work.

On a personal level, these first two and a half weeks have been rough. The IB is tough to deal with. I would suggest you pick a month to start Accutane when you don't have a lot of obligations. It's tough to go outside or plan events with people when you have no idea what you'll look like the next day. I'm sure if you're acne prone that you're already familiar with this feeling, but it's even more pronounced during the IB. Acne on Accutane is different. It comes much quicker(for me anyway). Normally I would feel a pin prick on my chin and the next day or two a papule would come up. Now, I can feel the pin prick and have one a few hours later. You quite literally may have more acne by the end of the day than when you started with when you woke up in the morning.

Also the acne takes a lot longer to heal. So while your IB may end in the first month, you'll likely have remnants of that acne well into the second month or longer.

It sucks, in many ways you may have to put your life on hold for a few months if you commit to Accutane. Unless of course you're one of those happy-go-lucky people who isn't all that bothered by your acne. In which case, more power to you. Unfortunately I'm not that type.

On a positive note, I think I found a way to help calm things down for a day. I had written in one of my previous journal entries about Epsom salt baths. Seriously, if you aren't on Accutane, please give them a try. Epsom salt is like 2-4 bucks for a 4 pound bag. Draw a hot bath, put a cup full of Epson salt in the bath, and just lay in the tub with your face in the water for 30-60 minutes. Anyway, I'd stopped doing them because hot water and Accutane don't mix well. It tends to dry out your skin(the salt doesn't help either).

However, I was planning to go out this past Saturday and I wasn't looking great and desperate to try something. So I ran a hot bath at around noon, but I let it sit in the tub for about a half hour until it cooled down. So by the time I got in it was probably just above luke-warm. I soaked for about 45 minutes. I used a wash cloth and slowly and gently ran it across my chin. I brought a hand held mirror into the tub to help me see what I was doing. I was trying to scrape away all the dry skin. When I got out of the bath and dried off, I noticed I didn't have any flaky white skin on my chin and also all the flaky skin on my lips were gone. I moisturized my face and put Vaseline(which seems to work the best) on my lips. I looked pretty good for the rest of the day. Obviously the acne was still there(it's not a miracle cure) but it was less red and more importantly the visible side effects of Accutane weren't there, in this case the flaky white skin around my mouth and on my lips. I'm not sure if it'll work for you guys but it might be worth a try.

Obviously this isn't something you can do on a daily basis while on Accutane. It will dry you out, but it's something you can use every once in a while should you have to go out to some social event.


Claravis Day 1-14

I got my prescription for 60mg of Claravis and began taking it January 25th.

My derm told me to take both 30mg capsules with dinner every night.

Day 1-3: Nothing noticeable happened. I probably had 2-3 actives on my chin and not much else on my face. It's the clearest I had been for a while.

Days 3-6: I begin drying out. My lips are extremely dry. I apply aquaphor to my lips every half hour or so. My face begins to feel itchy. I start to feel a breakout coming on my chin. (As I said in my last post, I'm not certain about terminology, but what normally happens is a feel a pinching sensation in an area and then the next day there is a small, painful bright red lump there). I do notice that two of the spots that break out are white heads and they come faster than any I'd ever had before. What is normally the 2-4 day lifespan of a whitehead happens in 12-16 hours. From tiny bump with white spot to huge bulging puss filled white spot.

Days 7-10: Pretty big breakout. I'll probably post some pictures when I get the chance. I have more acne on my chin now than I've had in a long time. I probably have 10 or so painful nodules on my chin. Even worse, I get three actives on my top lip line. Those really hurt. I call my derm and he says to come over for cortisone injections. He injects them and they settle down a bit, however there is a decent amount of discoloration on my lip and skin. Also, I begin to notice some eczema on the back of my right hand. The skin on my chin and above my lips is dry and flaking. It doesn't matter how much or little moisturizer I use. If I rub my finger across those areas, flakes of dry skin come up. Not really a problem anywhere else on my face at the moment.

Days 10-14: Break out continues. Some of the area my derm injected go down, some don't. One on the lip gets a bit worse so I go back to him for another injection. Also, when I say on the lip, I mean on my upper lip below my nose and half on the lip, half on the flesh. FTR, it is in fact acne and not anything else You may think it's over kill, but trust me, acne on the lip line is extremely painful and embarrassing. Also, I notice that I've been getting night sweats for the past week or so. I will wake up in the middle of the night covered in sweat. I've never had that happen before. I plan on mentioning to my Derm next time I see him (for the prescription refill) if it continues. I've also noticed that my skin seems more oily or more shiny. I'm not sure how to define it. I normally have fairly dry skin, so this is definitely different for me. Also, my pores are huge. They've always been fairly large on the area around my nose, but it looks like they're opening up everywhere else (except my cheeks so far).

Products I'm using and my routine:

CeraVe Cleanser in the morning and evening.

CeraVE Mosturizer in the morning and evening.

Eucrein(sp?)- to mostuirize my body (all of my body)

Aquaphor- for my lips during the day

Vaseline - for my lips during the night.

It's still winter here, the temperatures are cold, so it's making the dryness that much more pronounced. However, one of the reasons I started Claravis in the winter is because come spring and summer, I am outside all the time in my free time. I enjoy outdoor activities, gardening, etc. I didn't want to be stuck inside for the entire summer because Claravis made my skin extremely sensitive to the sun. So I decided to start my treatment during the winter months. I'll be a little over 2 months into treatment by the time spring rolls around. Hopefully I won't still be breaking out at that point.

I will try to update weekly or bi-weekly. To be honest, I probably need the catharsis offered by this journal more than anyone reading it needs the information contained herein.

Oh well. Feel free to ask my any questions about my Claravis treatment. I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.


First, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts here. It's one of the only places I can go to get answers to questions from people who have first hand experience with acne.

My back story: I didn't start getting acne until I was around 26. I had clear skin in my teens and early twenties. Then sometime around the age of 26 I started to get occasional acne on my chin. I'm still not 100% certain about the terminology. It wasn't cystic, but it would be a small to medium sized red bump that would hurt. I would always have one somewhere on my chin. I didn't really have acne anywhere else. To be specific, when I say chin I don't mean jawline, I literally mean the area directly below my mouth.

Over the past four years it has gotten progressively worse. I began going to the dermatologist when the acne first came about. I've been on and tried many different topical and oral medications.









And there are probably a few others that I can't remember. I won't even bother listing the OTC stuff as it's a waste of time. It always made things worse.

The Clyndamyacin was probably the most effective product. It worked fairly well for several months and just stopped worked one day. I tried to start it again a year later, but I think my face acclimated to it.

No matter what prescription drug I took, I would always get acne on my chin. It was forever a losing battle. I would have one or two painful red bumps(nodules) that would take a week to go down and then a month or so for the hyperpigmentation to disappear. As soon as they went down(the skin flattened), quite literally the same day, a couple new ones would pop up. It quite literally was a game of whack-a-mole. Whenever I finally saw some progress in one area of my chin, another area would become aggravated.

Over the past few years I've made dramatic changes in my diet. I only eat chicken, turkey, beef, rice, fruits, vegetables and a few other healthy items. I go to the gym daily. I've gone from 165lbs to 150lbs in 2 years. (I'm 5'7'') While 15lbs doesn't look like much, I've probably lost 30 pounds of fat and replaced it all with muscle. I've given up milk, soda, most sugars, and have drastically cut back on wheat. None of this helped.

I wash my face in the morning and evening with CeraVE. My skin is closer to dry than oily. I'm extremely clean(actually some OCD issues result in me cleaning my house frequently).

On my last visit to the dermatologist, they were going to prescribe me some more topicals. I had reached my tipping point. How many more times was I going to be prescribed something that I had to use daily for 3-4 months before potentially seeing any results? I just couldn't handle it anymore. The last few things they gave me didn't do anything. Also, time adds up. 3-4 on this product and 3-4 months on that product. It ends up being several years of your life w/o any progress.

So I inquired about Accutane. They were more than happy to prescribe it to me as it was clear my acne wasn't responding to all the topical treatments. It was a tough decision for me. Accutane is a serious drug and a major commitment (20 weeks). But I feel I was at the end of my rope. I couldn't take the Sisyphean battle on my chin anymore. Every time I was close to being clear there would be another set back.

I will start cataloguing my journey on Accutane. I'll try to be as detailed as possible so anyone following this can get answers to questions they might have in the same way I have from other people's journals.

Added: Side note, I'd thought I'd pass this along. Prior to taking accutane, I noticed the best way to get my acne somewhat under control was to stop going to the gym, use 2.5% BP, and take hour long Epsom Salt baths every night before bed. I made sure most of my chin was under water while in the bath. I feel that this helped bring the acne to a head and dry out active acne on my face. Unfortnately, I can't give up going to the gym, so that's one of the reasons I decided to move forward with accutane. I guess this advice is best for someone who doesn't work out. Despite that my derm said there was no correlation, I did notice that the less I went to the gym, the less acne I had.

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