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My Journey on Accutane

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Day 4

I feel like I've spent all day in the sun! My face is still red, and now the area around my nose is tender & noticeably drier. I used a banana, honey & yogurt mask to soothe my skin & it felt wonderful.

I can definitely handle the skin side effects, it's the internal stuff I'm worried about. I love reading all the posts about hanging in there through the harder times because it will be worth it. Long road to go but there is a lot of support & I'm grateful!


Day 3

I skipped Days 1 & 2 because I didn't notice a difference since starting Accutane, now I can tell it's having an effect. So far my symptoms are facial redness & burning like I have a sunburn, it's pretty mild right now but if it gets worse I'm going to try some aloe Vera gel. My eyes are also a bit dry & irritated so I bought some drops yesterday. I am currently using an emu/neem soap which I can hopefully continue with because I really like it, as well as emu oil as a moisturizer & skin repairer. I expect I'll have to find something a bit richer for when the dryness really kicks in.

So far so good!


About Me

Hey everyone, I've decided (like most people) to document my journey on Accutane.

First things first, a bit about me. i am 36 years old and have struggled with acne for 20+ years. When I was a teenager I was severely depressed and hated the way I looked, mainly due to the condition of my skin. Like everyone else here, I have tried everything when it comes to trying to clear up my skin. I even remember I was so desperate I used to put nail polish remover on my face to try to help it.

After I had my children I decided to try Proactiv. BIG MISTAKE. I had also been to a dermatologist who prescribed antibiotics and they did nothing except make me really dizzy. Proactiv seemed to be the answer for a while, and I was on it for about 5 years.

It was last year that I noticed the acne coming back, and it was very different from anything I'd ever experienced. I discovered it was nodular cystic acne, and it was on my neck and mostly around my jawline. I felt so disgusting I didn't even want to leave my house. My face hurt so much sleeping was even painful.

I decided I'd had enough and after a long period of waiting being shuffled from referral to referral, I finally received my prescription for Accutane. I could have skipped out of the office I was so excited. I have an upcoming endocrinologist appointment because my derm thinks it is related to some of my hormones being elevated, so I'm hopeful once I get that under control I will finally have clear skin.

Sometimes I feel so alone because out of all the people I see on a daily basis, their skin is the first thing I notice and no one has skin like me. I am almost 40 and it's so frustrating because I thought for sure it would be gone by now.

I'm grateful I have a place to come to because I realize now I'm not alone.

Thanks for listening!

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