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small lumps under skin, only show in good lighting

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Mandelic Acid Serum

Ok so I don't want to jinx anything but I ordered some mandelic acid for ishtar which I received on Friday, I have used it Friday night and sat night and the results are amazing on my small bumps under skin! There are only a few left and Ihave had no peeling or dry skin. I will upload a photo so you can compare the one from my last post to this one and iit's only after 2 days! Would recommend giving it a go blogentry-373661-0-73531800-1391333533.j


Small Under Skin Bumps

I am looking for advise as everything else seems to fail, I have been to the doctors numerous times been prescribed diffrent cream and benzoyl peroxide as well as fucidin cream, I have also swapped birth control and stored it completely though none of this has made any difference?

I have small skin coloured bumps under the skin that look terrible in natural light, I have never had bad skin nor suffer from spots, I have this on the forhead and a few on my chin, I have attached a photo and this is with layers of make up to try cover them (not that it makes a diffrence) it's making me so self conscious when I go out please does anyone no what it might be or how to treat it,

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