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aCnE can do SO much Damage!!!

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well, hey guys! Its been like a year ever since ive been on here. 

:D If yall dont know me. My name is alina. i've been on here for around 3 years already. i found through my sister. she recommended it to me sometime. i dont really remember how. I've used The Regimen religiously for 6months, following directions precisely, 3 years ago. YES!! It did clear my acne. But because i started eating super unhealthy and my skin was so dependent on the product, i broke out again. and again. and again.  Times and times again. I knew that it was going to do it. I used the regimen, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, directly on zits. It helped, after a while though. It didnt. Which i was expecting. 
Long story short. i went back to trying everything. Somethings helped, some didnt. i didnt want to depend on a product(s). My best option was, nothing. I let my skin heal on its own. Guess what!?! it worked. 
Now, im here back again. I have started using a product just to keep my skin looking healthy and acne free. Its not the regimen. 
Its called curology. No, i am not sponsored by them. 
This product does require you to use it every night, but i prefer to use it when im not lazy to actaully put it on. Roughly, 2x a week. 
They prescribe you, for your skin type and your acne history. i would check it out!!
I still break out. I still will. But i dont worry about it. Thanks to the vegan diet and using one product 2x a week.

Anyway, im on YOUTUBE!
I've been wanting to start doing YouTube for so long and finally gotten around to do it. I would love it if you could go and support me.
My channel is called b.wms
Stands for: beautywithinmyself

i'll  see you around :D 


Hello my fellow friends! Sorry i'm a month and 1 day late.

Last month, there was nothing really to update and my skin was getting worse and worse so there wasn't anything to tell you guys about.

SO! As many of you know, i'm now vegan. Almost 3 months in( March 17,2015).

Last month, in April my skin broke out sooo bad. Like terrible. It was because partially i was eating lots of fats like olive oil in my food and vegan junk food which contains unnecessary fats and cause' my body was cleansing.(Im not sure why it decided to break out)

Anyway, whenever I use regimen my skin becomes a snake but also gets rid of red spots and discoloration.

So, i started using it again. And again, that miracle cream has proven to work AGAIN! After the second year round breaking out terribly.

Now that i mentioned the diet, the acne roller coaster was happening because of that. From very little acne, to HORRIBLE then back down to minimal and hopefully soon it will be gone.

As always, thanks for reading this blog. If you have any questions regarding veganism and diet or acne. Don't hesitate and just ask. God Bless. Have a good summer. :D


HHHHHHHHHHHeyy peopllllle! HAppy SPRING! Nice to talk to you again. A couple things have changed during the past month. As you read by the title, i changed my diet. And hopefully its FOR GOOD!

I have a feeling, its gonna be LONG TERM- Lifestyle.

So, first things first. My Indian creams still didn't come in, and they prob wont within the next 2 months so we'll have to leave that aside for now. As of using the regimen, i used it for approximately 3 weeks, and like i mention before.. living oil sucking cream! I really can't use it for too long because it irritates me. It drys me out really bad, and acne doesn't go away.

Most of u know, i REALLY LOVE chocolate, but i went vegan 8 days ago(March 17,2015)

Being vegan is really nice, because it really cleanses the body inside out which can heal long term. I ate crap for the past 6 months and reason being, i broke out on my face pretty badly.

If you struggle with breakouts or acne, look over your diet. I learned that FAT causes acne. Fat, such as; meats, dairy, processed oils. I've been vegetarian for over a year, but eating dairy still made a HUGE impact on my skin. I ate A LOT of chocolate, and chocolate has A LOT OF fat, saturated fat, etc. Now,i'm doing a No oil- Low Fat high Carb vegan diet. If you want to hear more about it , please let me know so i will write it in my next blog.

My face still breakouts for now, because it's in the cleansing stages so i guess it's supposed to.

I prob have like 4-5 pimples active, but other than that, it's just red acne scars.

Skin CARE?!

well, i try to wash my face twice a day, but sometimes i'm lazy so its usually in the morning. My face is really dry so i use Aveeno exfoliater pads. Still using Nivea moist. Not using any treatments at the moment. Letting my body heal with the diet.

ALSOOOO>> I've been working on my own SELF-COMPOSED piano music, so if u would like to check it out please follow this link:

You can follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube all at BeautyWithInMyself. The links are in my Bio.

I think that's it for now! Please stay safe. Enjoy the SPRING weather CUZ I LOVE SPRING! Until next time. God Bless :D


Im Back! :) Feb,25,2015

Long time no talk~ Everyone.

Well, nothing really changed with my face, still breaks out whenever i eat chocolate(just finished eating some M&M's[#mybad]). Oh! I've been working on my diet, like getting rid of sweets and all that jazz that causes my acne. Um, also i switched to Nivea Moisturizer. My face still gets Really REALLY dry if i dont wear moisturizer. Still kinda using the regimen(On terrible breakouts).

Soon i'm getting new acne treatments( not the regimen) but like other stuff from India to help.. So im excited to try it out. Hopefully it works. :)

Next time i see u guys, i will show yallz mah' face~ not this time. Lazy to upload one.

Until then, God Bless :)


"We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Happy Birthday, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".

My sister and I went caroling yesterday(Christmas Eve) with our church youth and we made that song up!

I want to WISH EVERYONE a MERRY CHRISTMAS~ DOn't forget the real reason we celebrate this day! Jesus Christ was born to die for us and to save us! He sacrificed his life for us~ so we could have eternal life. I dearly wish everyone from the bottom of my heart to celebrate this day because Jesus was BORN.

SOoo, Now to my skin.

As many of you know///\\\\\ it's the HOLIDAYS. And you should prob know what that means....

It means.. you eat WHATEVER~~ including chocolate..ㅠㅠ

Well, my acne isn't like~whoa, Bomb exploded on my face.. it just got a little more aggressive than it was 2 months ago.

I would say it's about the same level as it was from last month, but maybe a little worse.

So, thing is... Im using Regimen like a spot treatment to the "bad" pimples, and at night i use this cream that i recently bought( well actually my mom) and it's called Egyptian Magic Cream from Sams Club or Costco( not sure) for $40. It's like oil, so i only use it at night, It actually helps! Surprisingly, it helps my acne. It's so oily so you need to use the actual amount you need because it will drip from your face when it melts, and my PJ's and bed sheets need a wash once a week, but it works.

I'll just show you a picture so you can see.. the results from a crappy diet.

But anyway, that's how it is for now.. I'm not gonna promise anything, but a month from now I EXPECT MY FACE TO HEAL!

~Amen ~

Also, It's almost 2015!

I honestly think this Year flew by so fast. So, for the New Year's Resolution.. I really need to fix my diet. I think that's it for now


Ahh~~ Korean Song.

Here's one i think is really nice.

I wanted to ask you guys.. How many of you like this Idea? Like this Korean song thingy majiger.. I'm just wondering if i should keep doing it. If you are interested. Just comment below, let me know. Okay??

~ Deal!

Stay Safe everyone! Merry Christmas, Happy Early New Year. I love you guys~ From the bottom of my heart sending you Blessings~

May all kings fall down before him, all nations serve Him!

Psalms 72:11


Woah~ woah~!

Slow down, take a deep breath!!!

Why does time fly by so fast?? It's been a month since last time i wrote my blog, so many things happened, and time went by so fast!!

First of all, let me 'inform' you that this month has been a blessing! I honestly learned so much:)

Well, as we all gather here( on this website) to read about acne and learn more about... U gotta learn about me first! lol

I am... well, my acne came back! ㅠㅠ

But good news.. it's not too bad! Haha (yet!)

Hopefully it won't progress even more, cuz that would be just.... sad!

Anyway, back to the topic.

So, my acne was like, 15 pimples and takes like 2 weeks to go away.. Like seriously?? U gonna do this to me again. (This is all because of my bad diet.. like i said previously.. CHOCOLATE!!!)

well, well... Last time I ate chocolate was.....



Nov.16! LEGIT! I'm not lying( Chasing my will power lol)

So, i stopped eating chocolate, now carbs are next! ㅋㅋㅋ I've been eating too much bread and rice lately( how could you not? So good!!)

Oh my! Too many good(bad) foods in this world. But to tell you the truth!

I don't like bread! Only one type!

Guess what that is?!

Since i'm too healthy to like bad food, I'll just spill it!

My fav bread is whole wheat. I don't know why, but that's just like the best bread in the world.( at least for me! haha)

sooo anyway, My acne got pretty bad,i tried doing my honey-method thingy.. yeah, didn't really work( ran out of band-aids).. and the pimples were like HUGE!




It was soo painful!

so i started using the regimen again.. On Nov.12-19

If i use regimen, it's only a week because i can't take the dry skin!! I just......................CAN'T! and won't!

so, my acne got better..( not really) but now im back and still in my usual skin care routine, but with the cleanser from i ran out of my original Aveeno face wash)

I only use the treatment, on the pimples that i know won't go away, or the ones that are wayy too painful... i spot treatment them. And that helps a bit.

BUT, don't miss out on the fun part!!!!!!

Im back to my diet!(water fasting) for about 7 days, and then after that back to my raw vegan/vegan diet!! Currently, im in day 2. Tomorrow is day 3 and i can't wait! ( Time-go by faster)

If you want to know more about water fasting, visit this page>><<

So, yeah. That's how it is. Sso far, not bad~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Since, maybe most of you know i'm learning Korean(Judging from the views i got from the last blog, most of you know)

I was thinking, maybe i should do a Korean Song of the month. That way it'll be funner to get to know me. haha

SO here is one! I've been liking this one for the this past month~~

That's all for this month! If you have questions~ you know the drill^^

God Bless all of you~ stay warm(winter season, totally hate it!)

Oh, almost forgot!!!

HAPPY early THANKSGIVING!!^^( since i don't eat meat, i won't enjoy turkey this year, but make sure you enjoy it for me!)

Also, quick update on my progress!

I've been vegetarian for almost 1 year! (Dec.2.2014 is my annivarsary)

I can't believe it's been a year already~~ Goodness, like i said.



When you go through deep waters, I will be WITH you!

Isaiah 43:2~


THAT's Mehhh!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Well, today was a REALLY tiring day, and it still didn't end.(1:20pm)

It all started from not sleeping the whole entire last night!!! Yup, i stayed up and now i'm supppper tired!!!!

lol. That's not the point of this blog though. So let's get to it!

Sooooo, How has everyone's month went from the last time we spoke??

<mine has been pretty weird>>

Well, still keeping up with my usual skin care routine.. you know,wash the face 2x a day and moisturize!! Yeah, that jazz..

But guess what?

I still get pimples!!


because i'm still eating chocolate! NOOO~ my power of will ran away from me. I LOVE Chocolate!! Haha.. maybe not anymore because i had so much of it the last couple of days, but chocolate is still chocolate, and i love it!!

Whatever! the most i got was prob like 11. It takes like 3 days for them to go away though, which is surprising....

And, when i pop them i put manuka honey on them and cover with band-aid. The band-aid helps the honey soak in, and the honey helps the redness go down. Btw, it's a spot treatment. Sometimes i do the whole face but only when i feel like i have toooo many pimples..

So, two days ago i had like 4 pimples in a row

(Literally;lined up) on my forhead, and i did that process^^ and the redness went down and they're almost gone!!! SO, YAYA!

After i started breaking out, i was like thinking, maybe i should start using the regimen again... but then again i don't want to look like a snake, so i just quit eating chocolate for a couple days, did the honey process and the pimples went away. So, hopefully this time i can finally go back to raw vegan, or atleast vegan, which means NO CHOCOLATE...

i'll miss my babies!! ;( But, it's worth it in the end because i'll have my perfectly clear skin!!

Anyway, so that's it for todays blog. Today is a really tiring day i must say! Like no joke! Have u ever stayed up? Why?

Well, you're prob wondering why i stayed up...

i stayed up because i was talking to koreans online...( Cuz i'm learning korean, so i have to practice) and the only way to talk to them is to stay up because of the different time zones... so, yeah. That was the second day of this week i did that... Anyway, if u have questions, ask away... and i will SEE you.........................................

LATERRRRRRR! BYe. God Bless. Have a good day!(unlike me lol )



It's been 8 months with and i'm impressed.

For this past month i've been washing and moisturizing my face. That's it.

That's how you manage to keep up with clear skin.

So, for these past few weeks, i've been getting 2-3 pimples. It all started from eating JUNK!!!

I'm still vegetarian, but not vegan. Non vegan means expect breakouts. I started eating cheese again, and chocolate. And a bunch of bad food.

I really have a reaction from eating dairy. It's an obvious one. I breakout. Not major but it's still a couple pimples.

Tomorrow, (14.9.26) i'm RESTARTING MY DIET, which means fruits and vegetables. Brown rice 2x a month.

Really guys, if you think i'm joking about diet effecting the skin, then you're wrong. Because i'm 100% sure that diet is 80% of your skin care results.

Don't just think that using a product will clear your face. Trust me. I've been through this.

I've been eating chocolate for 3 days in-a-row now and it's bad... haha, no MORE CHOCOLATE!

So, my skin care routine is, Aveeno skin brightening daily face wash and Aveeno Moisturizer.

The face wash i use brightens your skin, that people think i'm pale. (which i am because...).

This face wash is seriously amazing because it brightens the face and has little micro beads that really wash out the pores. It's amazing for keeping the clear face.

So, I haven't used the regimen for more than a month now and just using my skin care routine. I'm still very skeptical of using foundations or tinted moisturizers, or stuff to cover my scars because it feels very heavy on my face and i feel like it will cause me to break out. So, i don't use makeup.

So!! In conclusion. Who wants to see my beautiful face??

lol :) here it is! :)(Me eating my last bite of chocolate) lol :)

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this boring post; or if i helped any of you. Please comment, ask questions. Feel free to do whatever. I'll see you LATER! bye! GOD BLESS! :)


Month 7 And Updates

Well, hello everyone.

I thought that 14.7.25 is the last day using the regimen but unfortunately it wasn't.

So, what happened is that i went to Minnesota for 4 days (, and at that time i wasn't using regimen for about 2 weeks).

Since i DON'T live in Minnesota my skin started reacting to it's climate. So i started getting these bump-like pimples on my forehead and cheeks.

When i got back, I used the Regimen again and my face reacted to it the next morning; Its was red like a tomato.

I used this korean mask(cucumber) and the next day the redness was gone.

I used the regimen for like 1 week and my face started peeling again, like back to flakiness and dryness so i stopped and i will continue NOT to use it.

I hate how it drys everything out... I really hate it.

Anyway, that's all i can update for now. Have a great day! :) God Bles.


HElllllooo everyone!! It's nice to finally reveal the results after waiting patiently for 6 months. I can't believe it's been 6 months already. Time flew by really fast. I was looking at my 'before and after' pictures the other day, and i can't tell you enough, i can't believe my skin WAS like that. It's just amazing!! I can't explain it in words, see for your self!!

Ok. I'll dedicate this blog all to those>> NEW<< " customers". Anyway, so.. as many of you know i'm a teenager. I am 14 years old.( I know i look older) So, when i was about 13 1/2, my first ever horrible pimple decided to appear on my right cheek. It was aweful. it took 2 weeks for it to go down and finally i just popped it cuz doesn't everyone? lol

Around begining of November 2013, my acne became worse, and worse until the point i broke down. At that time, i couldn't do anything about my face. Like seriously! My older sister was like, " okay, we'll order the regimen!" and i was asking questions like " how much?" , "where?" you know, the basics. So my mom bought ukrainian medicine and that worked only for 1 day. It's crazy that im saying this right now, but it worked for 1 day. I tried again the next day but it was useless. So, thats where my research came in.

I went on Youtube, and this girl was talking about how horrible her acne was and how she cured it. She showed some pictures, and those pictures amused me! No joke! So then, she's like " the regimen" Blah Blah, so i went on and there it was.


So, once we were driving, and i asked my mom if we could ORDER online this acne stuff. To my surprise she said yes. My family doesnt order online so it was kinda shocking.

Anyway, this was January 17,2014 when i ordered the regimen. Exactly 8 days later, Jan 25, 2014 it came! I started at night.

For the first week, i didnt see any difference. the next week, my face started peeling. Like badly. After about 1 month, my forehead started healing. About 3 months in, i started gaining confidence about my face and my body! I started losing weight because i cut out carbs, sugar,meat, and dairy! I ate fruits and vegetables. Eating no meat and chocolate really effected my skin. Dairy is a trouble maker. I never liked milk so that was easy to cut out.

Let me tell you, this journey was hard. You think it was easy to say NO to meat? I loved meat! I never thought I wouldn't eat it for 8 months. It was hard not to eat it when it tempted you so badly. Especially when you rarely go to restaurants and you suddenly go and there is CHINESE. But, i know what i wanted so it was the only way. I don't regret my decision.

After about 4 months, my right cheek became worse because i started eating dairy and carbs like rice. It got bad but it went back to healing. Now, my face is fully healed.

Yes, I do have scars. My right cheek is still visible but they're fading. The scars start fading when acne starts healing. So, trust this because IT works.


Wash your face everyday( 2x a day) I know it gets annoying but you have to work for it.

Drink alot of water. When you drink water, it helps flush the bacteria your body collects when it's system becomes to intoxicated with the junk food you eat and it helps release bacteria from your face, and helps with weight too! Stay hydrated!!

Try to keep hair and hands off your face!! Hair has it's natural oils that get into your pores that can cause a pimple or even a cyst, and hands have a BUNCH of bacteria that you want to avoid getting on your face.



Never leave makeup on for more than 24 hours.

Have patience and be thankful!! http:////


To get rid of flaky dry skin, use the Aveeno Daily exfoliating pads. This step is very important!

It Helps ALOT! You won't be as miserable as i was!

Use less Treatment when you are expreiencing major flakyness and when your close to done with your 6 month treatment.

Never skip moisturizing your face! EVER!

After your treatment with The regimen, keep washing your face and moisturizing it!

What Am i going to do Next?

Well, today at night is my last time using the Regimen.

And i'll still be washing my face everyday but with Aveeno face wash and moisturizing. That's about it for now. If anyone ever has questions. Feel free to ask.

God Bless everyone! I hope healing of your face! Keep your head high and be patient!

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.


Well, well. Who do we have here?

It's been EXACTLY one month since my last blog. Thank God i survived this previous month.

I am happy to say that my acne has stopped. These past couple of days, i haven't been able to use the treatment, or the regimen in general, but i've been washing my face and applying moisturizer, and it proves to me that my acne has stopped. With every day, i see results that my face is clear. It's been a hard journey, but its worth it!!

Last friday, i went camping( like in a tent; no bathroom) and i expected this and it wasn't so hard.

SO! I had to get a tub of water(perhaps a couple liters; 2-3) and wash my face in that water, but i changed it every use. Thank goodness, i didn't break out! So, its possible.

Also, i have only 1 month left or maybe 2 because i still have a full 16 oz. of treatment left so we'll see. But i just wanted to say that this WORKS. It's worth the wait and finance!

Let me tell you that im a teenager!! and there's nothing to worry about. The products I only encountered were Clinique and a couple moinsterizers and walmart brands(clean and clear, neutrogena) and none of them worked!

Also one more thing, eating healthy makes a GREAT inpact on your skin. I stopped eating meat on Dec 2,2013, and it's been 6 months now, soon to be 7, and more fuits and vegetables. If you can, incorporate a RAW VEGAN lifestyle! (it will help)

These things will only work after your 6-month treatment with the regimen. It will only help keep you face clear, but it won't help it clear.. Does that make sense?? I hope it does.

Well, I think that's about for now. As always, questions are always welcome!

Thanks for the support and the time for reading my blogs! Stay Safe, God Bless!

<P.S>.There is a picture i posted above, that i just took today, in case you want to see my progress! Your welcome to!


Wow, time flies by so fast. I remember me writing "Month 3 on the Regimen" and it seems like its been a couple days.. Wow, i can't believe it!!(14.5.25)

Anyway, My face has been getting better day by day, week by week, month by month and soon to BE clear!! I'm serious guys! You haven't seen my face for a long time(because i deleted my photos and didn't post new ones), so I decided to attach before and After Pictures!

I definitely feel more happy and confidant in my own skin!

Seriously, time has flew by soooo fast! I just can't believe it's already month FOUR!! 2 more months to go and hopefully my face is clear!! I'm thankful to God that he has carried me in his arms through these tough times! Without his leading hand, i would've collapsed.Always trust in him because he knows your ways, he will never forsake you, because he IS GOD! He is the living King!

Also, I found a new way to get rid of dry skin. Its exfoliator! I used the Aveeno one and it helps a lot. Use it ONCE a week. Make sure you scrub gently enough to take off the dead skin. I've used it two weeks in a row( once a week) and i didn't do "my" method for those whole two weeks.. trust me, it works!

Summer is ALMOST here! In 5 days!! PLEASE comment down below what your plans are for the SUMMER, I really want to know! Thanks!

By the way, I bought the Regimen 3 times, and paid almost $235. It does not last 6 months!! Maybe for one person, but because me and my sister are using it, we have to purchase the product every other month. For example; I bought it on Jan 17 and reordered it on March 14, and then 2 months later which was May 18, is the 3rd time I bought it! ( Well, my mom lol)

I think this is the last update i'll do, and then i'll update you guys in Late Summer, somewhere in August! If you have any questions you would like to ask me, feel free to do so, because I feel a little lonely on here!

Stay safe, have a great SUMMER and i wish you all a clear face. God Bless!

Photos are down below!


Hello everybody! I'm back!!! Did you miss me?

Lol, i'm just kidding! Long time no talk, and there's a lot to update, so let's just get to it!

Okay, first of all is the UPDATE!!

My skin has been doing great so far!! Like the regimen has been doing GREAT stuff i should say. Instead of using the regimen's moisturizer, I replaced it with Cetaphile because of the color which makes me look tan. Lol. The regimen "treatment" really does dry out all the living oils in the face which drives me insane. I really hate it when i feel peeling and it just looks like a snake. Goodness, so to get rid of the flakiness and dryness ( ness blah blah blah) i use a three-step method every 3 days. This method only works for 3 days and then flakiness comes back. So, first i mix jojoba oil and coconut oil and steam my face. After that, I use the Ukrainian-medicine thingy jigger(череда). I boil hot water & pour into a huge bowl( plastic salad bowl), then I add the herbal leaves of this Ukrainian medicine. BUT, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS, HERE'S ANOTHER METHOD THAT WORKS JUST THE SAME!!

Instead of the Ukrainian medicine, put green-tea, and chamomile tea together, let it sit for 3-5 minutes and do this method. TRUST ME, it works. I tried it.

Next, is the Q&A i've been promising you guys to do in a video but I won't be making a YouTube and i'll talk about that later. So here it is!!

1)How do I cope with flakiness?

- Well, I do the three-step method but before that, I was just walking around looking like a snake!

2) Am I going to incorporate AHA+ eventually?

- ha, No! I already answered that question to Michelle Reece. Here it is:

It say's in the directions to only use it 3x a week. If i do it every day, i can probably burn my skin because AHA+ increases skin sensibility to the sun and it's spring! Running season!! So, 2-3 times a week is PERFECT!!

I think those are all the questions for now! So, let's continue.


I will not be making a YouTube because there are a lot of reasons. All of them are personal so I won't explain myself. BUT, I do have an instagram but it's only a fitness one. Not an actual one, you know what i mean, Jelly bean?

Find me on instagram : fitness_food_quotes. Please follow me! I need support on insta.

For anyone who's first time hearing about South Korea, here is all the information.

So, technically on April 16,2014 300 HIGH SCHOOL students were going on a trip to the Korean Hawaii 'Jeju island'. 11 miles off shore, the ship made a sharp turn, and sank in 2 hours. Out of the 475 passengers on this ship, 174 passengers survived. As of today (14.4.25) 180 passengers died. 120 passengers remain missing!This is heartbreaking news to the parents and the rest of the world. They are still investigating how and why the ship sank so fast and still looking for survivors even though its been 9 days. I ask each and every one of you to pray for South Korea. I've been praying for a least one survivor ever since and I believe it's going to happen.

Please support this video :

As always, thanks for the support everyone. Please keep anticipating for new updates that i will post ONCE A MONTH, on the 25 day of the month like today! Anyway, thanks for reading and I wish you guys a clear face with no scars. Make it happen guys. Wishing you the best! Stay safe, God Bless


Hey Yo' lovely faces! How is everyone? I am doing GRRRREAT so far. Can you believe it's been 44 days already!?!? 44? Yeah, 44. Exactly 1 month and 13 days. The regimen is doing pretty great stuff i should say. Ok, where should i start?!? lol

So, many of you know that i break out on my forehead A LOT, and my chin most of the time. Yeah? - Mhm.

Now, i don't! well at least on the forehead. My chin is still stubborn to let it go, but my forehead FINALLY stopped breaking out. It has scars, but it doesn't have active pimples. I'm sooo happy.

My scars WILL fade!! You know how? >>> Salt water<< At the oceann, during the summer!!

Anyway, my forehead feels smooth and soft. I finally stopped the flakiness. How? By steaming my face with this Ukrainian medicine(череды трава) and a mask. I do this method whenever i feel like it( if i'm not lazy), or when my face feels really really dry. Most likely once a week.

I'm still breaking out but that's a result of eating dairy and honey, plus chocolate. Haha, i can't have any of those, but i let myself off the hook for a couple of days. But starting today, none of that.

No make-up! except eye-liner, and mascara(that doesn't really count as make-up though) I use it once a week. Like cereal.

it's my way of saying "seriously")

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot to tell you!!! I've incorporated the alpha Hydroxy acid(AHA+) on the 26 of Feb. and it's been KINDA, slightly helping with the flakiness as well. I use it like 2wice a week at night. I'm too lazy to put it on sometimes, and sometimes i can't. while I wait for the BP to dry, it's like 11:42 pm, then i lay down on my bed and fall asleep. And this happens every time. Whatever! twice a week is fine too!

Um, about the YouTube thing. I can't promise because i might not be able to do the video's like to told everyone i would. I still MIGHT do the video, but because i'm busy with school and all it might take like 1 week. So, if you're still waiting for that video. Then sorry to disappoint you, but it's not going to be up by like next week. Or this week. I don't know.

Anyway, i will be updating still so anticipate on my future blogs and i wish everyone a clear face! No acne, no scars!! Make it happen guys! I wish you the best Stay safe and God Bless


Hey beautiful gorgeous pretty ladies, I just want to wish you guys a happy 8th of March. It's an international Women's day. To the young women or young girls who want to get married, I wish you your destined husband who will LOVE for who you are, even with acne. For those girls out there who are struggling to find who they are inside, I wish you to find it in advance. And to all the beautiful women to cure their ACNE!! Happy 8th of March!!!!! :)


Day 25 On The Regimen

Hello everyone, this is an update on the regimen. It's been 25 days already!! Yay, right? but anyway. Uh, my face or my overall acne has improved. Not majorly, but it's getting there. Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks for my "new" pimples to go away, with the help of the Regimen it takes about 2-3 days. Pretty fast hu? lol.I visited my Grandma today and she said my face has gotten better, so that's good news. I'm becoming locked inside myself and not wanting to see anyone and go anywhere. I feel very self-conscious when people look at me. It's hard, but I put all my faith in God because he's my healer!!

Anyway, i hope to see improvements in the future and wish the same for everyone also. Please anticipate my future blog updates on my journey through this healing process. Thanks for reading and supporting me!


Hello EVERBODY(i mean everyone who has acne),

i know that struggle with acne. I don't know much about it, but i know how it feels like. Absolute 100% I know. First off, let me tell you

everything you should know about me.

I am a teenager, and i started getting acne when i was like 12 1/2. It started with little zits on my chin. My chin is small and the zits were small and invisible. They were bothering me, so i started to pick at them. Then when i was 13,about 10 months after my birthday i got the worst cystic pimple on my right cheek.

It was the first worst one. Man, it took Ssoo long for it to go away. I got told not to pop it,so i didn't. But, it was like 2 weeks after it came up and it was still there, so i decided to pop it. I poped it and it left a scar.

That was during the summer 2013. Then, i got a couple more little pimples around that huge cyst. But it didn't matter because it wasn't that bad. My family and I went to Florida on vacation in August 2013 and that salt water of the ocean cleared 2 scars i had on my right cheek. That was great. Then in september, my pimples kept coming back. Yes, of course they were small but i had a clear face and that bothered me.

I didn't pop any of my pimples until October maybe. I don't know, i lost track. But anyway, my acne became even worse , it became the worst out of the worst for me in november. December was a night mare to live through.

Every time i went to church, i always had the feeling everyone would stop and stare at my bare face( i DO NOT Wear coverup, Nuh uh, no way) Christmas was a pretty big deal to go through because i poped my pimple in the middle of my face between my eye brows and blood came out , so while i was on stage i had a dark back spot on my forehead and it felt horrible, but then again, i had all these other pimples on my chin, and huge amount on my forehead and little but on both of my cheeks.

My mom's side( she has 7 siblings) and none of them have acne, you know occasional pimple here and there, but my dad had horrible acne, and he still has enlarged pores and scars on his face. I have an older brother who got the worst acne from my family including me but now it looks like it's going away, my sisters don't have acne, a pimple here and there, so it's me and my brother. when my mom always looks at me, i try to start a subject before she says anything about my face because she never had acne and she tells me to do this and that and she just doesn't know what it feels like. It feels like she judges me every time she looks at me.

It's hard to deal with this kind of stuff, especially in teenage years where you just want to enjoy your life the way it was when you where a pre-teen.

I don't get depressed, i try to stay strong even though i do break down sometimes in my room and cry! Whenever i feel like someone is criticizing me, i always tell them to thank God that they don't have acne like i do. I attached a collage of how my face is from the beginning stages of my acne to now so you guys can see.

I always try to be active and energetic to deceive people of my true feelings on how i feel about my face and my overall acne. For now, that is my method.

Currently i'm using's The Regimen. Every time i put it on, i always pray to God that he heals and blesses me through this product. Everyone, Stay strong. I know what it feels like.

I hope someone reads this and compares to themselves. I'm sorry for such a long blog. GOD BLESS EVERYONE! Stay strong and aCnE Free!!!Thanks for taking the time to read this. smile.png

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