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Week 12 Of Spiro

Hello! So sorry I have been MIA for the past month and a bit! My skin is doing really good though!

So Right now I have maybe two small pimples happening. But quite a few little bumps that I think are blackheads.

I had two really big ones for the past week and half and they are finally settling down but they stuck out really badly because the rest of my skin looks really clear.

My forehead is clear of the little bumps. I use MURAD's spot treatment on my forehead and cheeks despite there not being any acne atm and that seems to keep it at bay.

I also use GlamGlow or a Murad sulfur mask once a week to detox from the humidity and makeup!

I am still on 50mg twice a day and am seeing my gynaecologist in the next week to review whether I should stay on or not. She didn't have hope for Spiro working for my oily skin and acne but it has so Im keen to stay on it!


Week 5 Of Spiro

Hey guys so this hasn't been a good week for me! I've been under a lot of stress, have a major exam coming up in a few days and a whole lot else going on. And I feel like it is taking a toll on my skin. I've broken out quite a bit in the last week and a half.

My skin has really dried out, but I feel like its dried out too much and my body is reacting by producing oil. So it looks slightly flaky but shiny. I'm still trying to figure out how to work around this.

My forehead was clearing up those little bumps I had going on, but the last week It just broke out again. I used some salicylic acid for 2 nights and its cleared most of it up though.

These last 5 days I've been breaking out on my cheeks and along my hairline. I recently have started getting deep pimples right in front of my ear and I have 2 massive ones right now. And a few blackheads that never come out have turned into nice red bumps :/

Im hoping this is just part of the clearing process from the inside out.

I'm still on Spironolactone 100mg/Day for the next 2 months until I see my gynaecologist again. I went to my GPs yesterday and asked him about the blood tests and he was surprised I hadn't been told to get them done. So I had them done yesterday and fingers crossed all is well and I can continue on the medication!

I don't think my gynaecologist was planning on bumping me up any further than 100mg, but I have read around about how the bump from 100 to 150 or 200 made all the difference. What do you guys think? Have you been told what your max dosage is?

Oh also as an update for the side effects, I have been getting headaches frequently, and I do get some head congestion every couple days and a Tylenol easily takes care of it. I did tell my GP and he is looking into it for me. I have noticed the frequent peeing has stopped, or maybe I've just gotten used to using public bathrooms!

Good luck to you all!


So I am coming to the end of my second week of Spironolactone. I was on 25mg for the first week, and 50mg for this week. I start 75mg tomorrow for the third week.

So far I have noticed a decrease in the oil! Instead of my whole face becoming an oil slick throughout the day and needing to blot several times, I notice my nose the oiliest and I barely use up one blotting paper in the evenings. Its amazing! I was using 4 to blot my face before (one for each section of my face).

In terms of the acne, I feel like it is improving, but I can't be too sure. Its only been two weeks, and as I said in my previous post, I feel like I had a really bad breakout before I started and my skin had small bumps all over. Now my forehead still has tiny pimples/bumps but my cheeks are starting to smooth out. I had a few big cysts come out on my chin/jawline over the last week but none in the last 2 days. I feel like the decrease in oil is shrinking my pores as some blackheads have been coming out on their own on my cheek/nose area. Im hoping I don't get a breakout with the increase in dose tomorrow but we'll see!

Also, can someone let me know about checking potassium levels? I brought it up with my gynaecologist when she started me on it and I asked her about hyperkalemia and she said its not a problem to worry about. Although to my knowledge everyone should be getting their levels checked, especially in the long run as it takes a while for your potassium to rise on this medication. Please let me know about your experiences!

Until next week! Fingers crossed x


Starting Spironolactone

So I'm a 26 year old dealing with a 15 year old's skin problems. I have had bad skin for over 10 years and have always hated my skin. I have been on accutane twice in the last 4 years with excellent results. But short lived results.

I also have PCOS. Because of this I take the BCP Lo Estrin to control my hormones.

I have been off Accutane for the last year and a half and my skin was clear for about 6m and then started becoming really greasy and breaking out again. Over the last 7 months especially, I noticed a drastic change. I was overproducing oil excessively, with my hair getting greasy daily (normally I wash it every other day) and my skin was an oil slick. I also noticed my acne was gradually becoming cystic again as it was prior to accutane.

I was worried my PCOS was worsening and so I recently went to see a gynaecologist for the first time and she told me that Lo Estrin is usually sufficient in controlling androgen production. I brought up the idea of Spironolactone/ Aldactone and she was open to me trying it although she said it isn't great at oil control and acne, although I've read different on various blogs.

I have been on 25mg/d for the past week, am starting 50mg for the next week, then 75mg for the third week, and up to 100mg for 5w before I go see her again.

Obviously its hard to notice any potential changes in a span of a week, but I think that I have noticed a difference in the oil production in my skin. I had a really bad breakout a few weeks ago, and Im not sure if its that breakout clearing up, or the Spiro helping it clear up, but my skin is looking very slightly better.

I'll keep you guys posted as to how I do on 50mg for the next week. Has anyone else had success controlling oil/acne with PCOS?

Until next week..

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