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Hi all,

For anyone who has taken accutane, where did you get your bloodwork done?

I am trying to pick health coverage for my job but I am confused on which plan to pick. I am trying to buger how much this will all cost me.

Has anyone gone to labcorp or places like that and paid for the bloodwork out of pocket? Trying to gage a worst case scenario.


Chinese Medicine

I feel very confused. It seems whatever I choose is wrong. My recent visit with my naturopath left me feeling more frustrated than ever. She explained that I am eating way to much raw food. I drink smoothies for breakfast with mostly veggies not fruit. She said that according to Chinese medicine, it is very hard for the body to break down raw food. Well I started eating more cooked food and I feel that my acne has gotten way worse. I have had about 10 cysts mostly on my chin since my visit with her about a month ago. When I usually get 3-4. I just don't know. I feel like I have spent so much money seeing her and paying for meds.

I started tracking when I get cysts so maybe see if it has anything to do with my cycle. At this point I definitely added accutane on my list of possibilities but I am worried as I do not want to go on birth control again. I feel that I may try Spiro first and see where that takes me.

I tried to last a year without birth control. It will be a year this December but I don't know if I will make till then.

I feel defeated. I wish I could not care. Last night I went to Best Buy for a movie and found myself staring at the cashier's face. I was so amazed at how clear and pore-less her skin was. I find myself doing that more often. Other's peoples skin amazes me. Sometimes I wonder why I have to keep dealing with this. It has held me back from so much in life. I barely have friends bc I feel judged when I go out. I pretty much stay to myself.

Sorry for the ramble, I just don't know what to do anymore.


Hi all,

I recently started breaking out bad. I am thinking it is because of coming off the birth control this would be my 6th month. My naturopath seems to think all symptoms should have been present on my 2nd or 3rd month. I am getting really depressed. Summer is here and I'm afraid to leave my house. I have one cyst on chin and one huge one right by my nose. Not to mention scarring as wll. I will have to schedule an injection. I trying really hard to go this route but it is so difficult. My derm might suggest accutane which is not even an option as I can not afford it.

I don't know. I am seeing my naturopath on Weds. I am beginning to lose hope.


I am still on the same regimen as before (grapeseed extract, tannalbit, probiotics and added canditrol). Other vitamins include ginger, turmeric, vitamin d3, and zinc.

I cleanse with sea salt water. I tone with witch hazel. I use tea tree oil on pesky spots. I also use Mario Badescu drying lotion.I use jojoba oil to moisturize.

I stopped Yaz in December. As of now it is not too bad. I'm starting to get smaller pesky whiteheads and pimples. I have not gotten as many cysts as before which was my biggest problem. I am really hoping that it continues. My periods are still regular. I heard many people have the most issues in the 4th month, so fingers crossed.

In 8 weeks my regimen will change completely according to my naturopath. We shall see....


Well I have my naturopath appointment is today. I will also be receiving my stool sample results. She apparently believes that my acne is from chronic inflammation and an imbalanced gut flora. As a teenager I did not have to much cystic acne. As a child I was put on antibiotics a couple of times for an extended period. Then around the age of 18 I was put on doxycycline then minocycline. Well didn't work.

So from my previous post. The large cyst on my chin had gone down. Today is a bit bigger and now turned a dark color (which is impossible to coverup btw). I have small zits on my right cheek, almost like a rash. I scheduled a dermatologist appointment for an injection. It's been about two weeks and it has not gone away. I usually would leave it alone but my husband is working out of the country right now. Me and my son are visiting him in the middle of February. The last time he saw me my skin was clear. So I want to make sure I don't have any bumps. I hate needles geez thats why I also tend to stay away from injections.

Anyways I will update tonight after my appointment.



Today has really hit me hard. I am 25 yrs old. I have had acne since I was 13. I have tried everything except accutane. I remember being 15 and think when I'm 25 I won't have to deal with this anymore. I stopped getting small pimples now I have deep cystic acne that worsened after I had my son who is now 4. I was placed on Yaz birth control. I was clear in 4 months. It got worse before it got better. Well I have decided that I want another child. It seems silly to choose clear skin or a baby but really that is what it comes down to.

I literally cried all day today. I stopped my birth control 2 weeks ago. It has come back worse than ever. I have a huge boil like cyst on my chin. I don't even want to go to work tomorrow. My acne has robbed me of so many things in my life; friends, family, social situations, job opportunities. Why can't I just be normal?

My plan is to update everyone on my experience and hope it can help someone else in my situation. I have seen a naturopath. I have lab work coming back to decide if I have a gut issue. All of this I am paying out of pocket since I have no insurance. I have spent so much money on this for the past 12 yrs it's ridiculous. My acne is concentrated on my chin, nose area, mouth area, temples. I also have back acne which is also cystic. My back is pretty much scarred forever. I have not had a reemergence of my back acne yet.

Here is what I am doing:

I take turmeric and ginger pills.

I also take zinc & probiotics.

I have been taking turmeric and ginger for the past 3 months.

I started zinc and probiotics since I stopped my birth control.

I have a green smoothie with kale 4 times a week. I eat clean; no dairy, low carbs. This is what frustrates me the most. I am so dedicated to how I eat and see people that don't and they have clear skin. I have started experimenting with Maca root powder and I am curious if this is why I have been breaking out.

Once my test results come in I will start a regime that my naturopath recommends.

Sometimes I wish I could give up and not give a crap but I can't. I want to be happy and healthy.

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