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Currently, I have around 8 small clogged pores (or non-inflamed whiteheads) on my forehead, which are a little difficult to notice unless in the proper lighting, and 3 small inflamed whiteheads around my mouth. Also, some blackheads are beginning to appear on my nose, but not nearly to the extent as before.


Two days away from my second month off Accutane and I currently have about 5-6 very small, skin-colored bumps on my forehead. They usually go away after 3-7 days and a few additional ones may form. I think they are pimples trying to develop but unable to do so due to my time on Accutane. I did have some similar bumps develop on my chin that formed tiny whiteheads. Additionally, I had 2 red spots develop on my forehead that never really became anything (one turned into a small, skin-colored bump).


1 Month Post Accutane

Within the first week of stopping Accutane, I developed 2-3 very tiny inflamed whiteheads. However, since then I have not developed any inflamed acne in the first month off Accutane. I have had some small, skin-colored bumps develop on my temples, forehead, and nose; some of these seem to be going away and some are still present (not sure if they are clogged pores or something else). When trying to research these skin-colored bumps, I found some information that they might be the result of my skin starting to produce more oil after stopping Accutane.


Cumulative Dose

My weight = 155 lbs or 70 kg

Total Cumulative Dose = (60 days * 40mg) + (90 days * 80mg) = 2400 + 7200 = 9600 mg

9600 mg / 70 kg = 137 mg/kg

The standard dosage is between 120 mg/kg to 150 mg/kg, so I ended up in the middle.


Day 150 (End Of Treatment)

Day 128 - two small bumps on lip and one on side of face

Day 129 - underside of forearms rash-like/dry

Day 134 - nose bleed; for the first time since starting Accutane, my nose randomly started bleeding

Day 136 - medium-sized pimple forming on right cheek

Day 143 - pimple developing on left temple

Day 150 - TODAY (last day)

General Information

I had extremely oily skin before starting Accutane, to the point where little beads of oil would be visible from the pores on my nose and people would often think I was sweating. While on Accutane, very little oil is produced, so I am using Cetaphil moisturizer.

Necessities When Taking Accutane

1) Lotion

2) Chap stick

3) Water

4) Eye drops (I didn't actually use eye drops, but it would have made things much more pleasant; my eyes became very dry)

My Desires

1) Hopefully enough moisture will return to my skin, eyes, and nose that they are not dry and irritated; however, I would like long-term reduction in my oil production. As I mentioned earlier, I had extremely oily skin before Accutane.

2) Also, I would like my face not to become red and blush as much as it did on Accutane. People would comment about my "sunburn" or "rash."

3) Finally, I hope this is the cure that I have been looking for these past 7 years or so.

4) I hope this blog is beneficial and informative to others suffering from acne or considering Accutane.

Before I tried Accutane, I tried...

1) Topical creams/gels

2) Allergy testing

3) Diets

4) Antibiotics

5) Home remedies

6) The Regime (The Regime worked pretty well for me and cleared most of my acne, but my skin was always dry and peeling. Even after about 2-3 years on the Regime, my skin never adjusted to the daily, or even every other day, use of BP.

7) There are probably some other treatments that I tried that I am forgetting.


Just Finished Month 4 Of 5

I just thought I would share my experience so far with Accutane (specifically the generic brand Claravis). Today is the end of my fourth month; I will be starting my fifth and final month tomorrow. My initial dosage was 40mg/day for the first two months and was increased to 80mg/day for the last three months. I weigh 155 lbs.

Day 3: Noticed some peeling on nose

Day 7: Face and lips very dry/face became red shortly after taking pill (extreme blushing)

Day 9: Some chest and lower back pain/dry scalp

Day 20: Improvement in complexion but still getting several new blemishes

Day 21: Elbows started looking dry/crusty

Day 23: Face is a little worse than before starting Accutane and blackheads are more pronounced

Day 24: Pretty bad breakout

Day 30: Inside of nose cracked, so it bleeds whenever I blow my nose

Day 36: Almost all blackheads on my nose have been purged out

Day 45: New blackheads/plugs forming on nose

Day 59: Face is almost completely clear (no big pimples)

Day 61: Dosage increased from 40mg/day to 80mg/day

Day 62: Two new pimples

Day 63: Two more pimples/arms and backs of hands getting dry (rash-like)

Day 71: New pimple beneath the skin on chin

Day 74: Another new pimple on chin

Day 76: New pimple beneath the skin on cheek

Day 81: New pimple on chin

Day 85: Pimple forming above lip

Day 86: Pimple forming on neck

Day 89: Pain in chest if I make certain movements

Day 91: Small pimple forming on side of face/mostly clear

Day 99: Have four to five small bumps (pimples) on face

Day 100-110: Developed two to three very small pimples/most of the skin on my body is dry

Day 118: Two small patches of bumpy, irritated areas on neck/small clogged pore on forehead and cheek/legs very dry (I never apply any moisturizer to my legs

Day 120: TODAY

General info: Overall, my skin is thinner and tends to break and get scratched more easily when bumped or scraped.

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