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On itself noted that a similar approach to training - misleading. Thrown even one part of the body, the person receives the same damage only other "edge". Once I am in my training, faced with the fact that he found the lag deltoids from all other groups. Naturally, I developed a program-specialization and began to "peck" this part of the body, and, training in this period could be almost every day. The biggest mistake I made in this moment, it is weakening, but rather a complete lack of load on the lower body. Thus it happened that the top of the body get a good, even an excessive burden, and the bottom did not get it at all.

During this period, I completely stopped to perform basic exercises and focused on the training of the shoulder girdle. Oddly enough, but such a method has not led to anything good. And the thing is that without training base load are basically inferior. In other words, only through basic exercises, you can get the best possible result in the training.

What I really achieved during training with incomplete load so that a certain amount of relief of muscle mass. Only through basic exercises processes occur prior to mass growth. From all this, I concluded that if any specialized program I should always perform basic exercises. In theory it may sound complicated, but in practice much easier.


During her studies at the gymnasium Sophia started taking laxatives, diuretics as according to the recommendations of Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program. Sometimes it is a day lost to 9 kg, mainly due to the fluid. Her body became so exhausted that she could not stand up straight when standing, and almost could not speak. She often had to provide emergency assistance.

"Sometimes during the day I did not eat anything, and when I started there, it felt such guilt and was so hungry that I could not stop," - she said. One friend gave her the idea of artificial vomiting, and Sophia made a discovery that can eat large portions of food and do not gain weight if after eating rid of it.

"Within a few months I lost nearly 23 pounds and finally weighed only 40 kilograms. I started losing his hair strands intact teeth become brittle. But I've never felt so beautiful and confident, physically relaxed, completely get rid of the fat layers, reduced to the size of the skeleton.

“After graduating from high school Sofia beginning to take a healthier eating, but continued to arouse vomiting and restrict calories to not weigh more than 47 kg.”Fat, I cannot bear, - she said. This feeling is so strong and inspires such despair that much worse than the horror of what I'm doing with them.


After all, you can and plan and record yourself on paper rolls with the purchase of 10 kilograms of vanilla and candy! In fact, it all depends on what type of customers do you feel about, say the study's authors. According to them, people are divided into these categories:

Controllers. Despite the fact that they never make impulsive purchases and cannot be tempted by the specials, they have a little extra weight. This is because they are too fixated on food with flexible planners. Compile lists and plan purchase, but give yourself the freedom to choose. Are likely to have a healthy weight because they do not feel left out, their body does not live in the "hunger." Not perverts.

They do not think about what to eat and buy. Some of them do it because they have the nature of a healthy weight, and some are just happy with any weight. Impulsive buyers, such spontaneous buyers make a choice depending on what they want and what is in store offers.

Most often, they have excess weight, but they cannot fight with him. Early to bed and early to rise, apparently, it is useful not only for health, but also for the figure! Sleep journal published a study of Australian scientists who controlled 2200 adolescents from 9 to 16 years: experts recorded bedtime and rise and compared their weight and how they spend their leisure time.

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