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So the picture attached is my right cheek. Pretty horrific right?

Anyway.... Another new large spot is forming on my right cheek *sighs*. The rest of the spots are dying down a bit, but it's still frustrating that I'm breaking out.



So next day, and my skin is definitely having a breakout, just lots of white heads forming. Super frustrating as I have some events coming up over the next few weeks which I would have loved being clear (not including the damn PIH which doesn't fade even slightly on my skin) for. Still let's soldier on and try and stay positive! After all, it's future me that I'm looking out for here...

Hopefully this is the last breakout and Differin (and my persistence) works some kind of magic out.

Also if people are interested in my facial routine (probably not):

Morning in this order:

Dove Deep clean face scrub

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

No7 moisturiser with Spf15


Dove Deep clean face scrub

0.1% Differin

Occasionally Tea Tree Oil


I'll decide later, but for now. I had two new spots form, one small whitehead under my lip. I can deal with that.

But a much bigger one on my right cheek and the cystic spot on my chin seems to forming two heads?! What the hell is with that!

Everything else is unchanged but I'm super frustrated that my situation hasn't improved for weeks and that I'm still breaking out!


Hello to anybody reading this!

I found this website a bit late, but thought it'd be a good way to keep track of my own progress with my treatments (FYI Differin is at 0.1% ). I was pretty much free of acne until 4 months ago when my face exploded with white heads and cystic acne(this has cleared up fortunately). I currently have approximately 5 active spots in various regions of my face from the chin to near my eye, which although doesn't sound bad. They are in extremely noticeable positions.

Unfortunately,I've picked up lots of PIH (red and brown marks) particularly on my cheeks, which although a huge problem. I think I better stop my acne first! (Also I'm a guy and I'm not desperate enough to use make up to cover it up yet)

Feel free to share your own experiences or questions

Edit: I actually just counted the amount of pills I have left. I've actually done two months of the treatment (it's flew by). Perhaps makes it even more annoying that I'm still getting these damn spots

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