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Some truths and myths about health and beauty

Truths and Myths Unravel the myths about health and beauty skin cut hair during the time of the full moon rising and causes them to grow more?


The cut wires, which are composed of dead cells structures, do not interfere in any way with the growth of hair. Hair should be cut ends to gain strength?


The belief comes from the correlation with the pruning of plants. The difference is that the branches of plants grow wings, which are vivid. Have the hairs grow from the root.

The tips are killed and cut will not interfere with growth. Putting contraceptive in shampoo makes hair grow faster?


The use of female hormones does not make the hair grow faster, much less this way because the absorption of hormones, if it occurs, will be minimal.

After birth the hair falls from the anesthesia?


Anesthesia is not the cause but the birth itself (or other type of physical or emotional stress) that causes an intense hair about 2-4 months after the triggering event.

It's called deluge effluvium and these hairs grow back normally after some time.

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