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Week Six Accutane

So this is a late post. I was going to skip it but wanted to keep to my journal for my records so if something abnormally goes wrong I know when it happened...positive thinking huh?

So the pimple under my lip is all gone. There is very slight scarring but I have dark skin so it doesn't show too bad. Plus I have that cheesy soul patch that covers some of it.

I did get a new pimple on the left side of my jawline. it started small in the beginning of the week and it didn't hurt like my normal zits do. I didn't think it would grow to big because it didn't hurt when I pressed it and those usually don't get large. Anywho, it grew up to a full adult pimple in about 3 days. It was right on the border of my left cheek/jawline and my chin. 1/8 inch lower it wouldn't have been visible but of course with my luck it was visible. It lasted all week and on Saturday I popped it like an idiot. Base on my past posts, I don't learn from my lessons. It scabbed over in two days but still had some crap in it and so I continued my addiction and popped the rest of the puss out. Now it's scabbing and healing slowly. It does take longer for these things to heal.

My nose and face is getting dryer again. It seemed to get a little back to normal towards the end of week 4 but I think with the increase in dosage, it's back to it's old self. The good news as it peels, the blackheads come out with the skin. My blackheads were getting better but again have increased, probably due to the dosage again. My chin is probably the driest and then right around my eyebrows. I can tell my skin is a bit thinner because a little rubbing of the dry flakes causes my skin to turn red but it gets back to normal within a few minutes. My entire face gets dry but using lotion in the morning usually lasts through most of the day.

The eczema on the back of my arms has gone away. My derm said my body was getting used to the accutane so it wasn't in shock anymore...whatever that means. The only real dry area is my face and around my ears. Even upping the dosage hasn't caused dryer skin other than on my face.

My face us waaaaaayyyyy less oily since being on this stuff. I can actually put a piece of brown paper towel at work on my face and not have the thing look like one of those pictures you tell a psychiatrist looks like a butterfly. There is some oil but nothing that causes my glasses to slip down my face every minute.

No headaches, no muscle or joint pain, no depression, no hair loss (no more than usual), no internal bodily concerns and etc. Just dry skin and very dry lips. Seems like a layer peels away every two days but no cracking that causes rawness. Eyes are still dry but no worse than last week.

So I wash my face only once a day now with the Cetaphil, derms suggestion. I use the Cortibalm in the morning and Aquaphor throughout the day, probably every 2-3 hours. I use Cetaphil moisturizing creme instead of lotion. Derm says creme keeps the moisture in better than lotion. I apply all of this right after I shower before my skin totally dries up.

So all in all, things are going good. No active pimples right now (knock on cheap wood because I'm sitting at my desk) and just containment of a dry face. Oh and hair is still really dry, I conditioner every day and Nizarol shampoo every 3rd day.


Week Five Accutane

So it's the end of the 5th week. Went to the the derm last week and blood work is normal. Talked about everything with him and he said things were going good. He upped my dose to 30mg twice a day so that I get my total by the end of the course. I am now taking Absorica which is a powder capsule.

So that pimple I felt in the beginning of the week above my chin came too. It took 4 days for the thing to form but it never really grew big and angry, just a bump that I can feel the puss filled in. It was right below my soul patch so the hair covered it a bit. Well yesterday it stopped causing pain when I scrunch my mouth which is always a good sign. But as stupid as I am, I tried popping it and some hard puss did come out by I also damaged the skin around it. And now that Accutane makes my skin heal slower, I get to see it for the next week or so.

My nose is smoothing out nicely, fewer and fewer blackheads a day. But on a bad note, I had a terrible cold this past week, blowing my now every 10 minutes. Well I am over it pretty much now but it left the bottom of my nose very very dry and peeled. Well stupid me again started to peel away the skin a low and behold, my left tip started bleeding. Never had that happen before. Now I have two red marks on the right tip of my nose that will scab up nicely. Geesh...lesson here...don't pop and don't peel!!!

So no new pimples this week. When I was on Trentenoin and Doxy, I would go about 2-3 weeks without a pimple and then get a nice whopper. I'll give it another week or so to see if I get one...or maybe my IB. Who knows!

Still a few dry spots on my face but it's getting better. Only have to moisturize in the morning and it's winter here. My neck and back of my neck have healed from the dryness. My arms are much better. The scabbiness has gone away. Been moisturizing with Eucerin Skin Calming Creme instead of lotion per my derms suggestion.

Lips are still dry as hell. Use Aquaphor all day but no matter how much I use, they still peel. When they peel leaving red marks, I use Neosporin on it and it seems to help the next day. No serious cracking though. And I have big lips!

Eyes are getting a bit dryer but I don't have to use drops yet. I stare at a computer screen all day so that doesn't help.

Hair is still stupid dry but the Nizoral is helping any dandruff. No aches or pains, no trouble pooping, no depression (except for when I tried popping my pimple and peeling my nose), no other health issues. On too week six!


Week Four On Accutane

Yesterday was the end of my first month on Accutane.

No new pustules this week. Nose, forehead, and cheeks are still pushing out blackhead type sebum. Nose was really full of them but again nothing too noticeable unless you were up close. I feel like there is one coming under my bottom lip and above my chin but I can't feel it by pressing around it, we'll see what happens. The blackheads seem to be going away slowly. The scar from week one on my nose is finally gone.

So the big change this week was the eczema type dry skin. Started on the back of the arms, my shoulders, front of my ears and the back of my neck. It would get dry and then crack leaving hard dry skin. I've been putting on Cortizone 10 and Nivea Extended Moisture body lotion on my arms and back of neck. Face is still dry, using Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer.

Lips are still dry and peeling. No matter how much Aquaphor I use, they dry and chap. Still able to live with it though.

No back pain, no bloody noses, no depression or anger issues. Just dry skin and dry lip. Tomorrow I go to my Dermatologist for my bllod test and questions I have. I wonder if he is going to up the dose.


Week Three On Accutane

Today is 3 weeks on 40mg a day.

I missed one day of my pill because I dropped it on the floor (rolled off the counter) and my Boston Terrier happened to be sitting there and gobbled it up. Good news is she suffered no complications and she is acne free!

So I got one medium size pimple on the right side of the nose. It was one of those that I could feel when I scrunched my face. It took about 3 days to develop. It wasn't as red as usual because I think my nose was so dry it covered it up a bit. After the fourth day, I couldn't feel it when I scrunched my face which was unusual because that normally doesn't happen until I pop it. So even when I couldn't feel it, it still hurt by touching it. So I did what we all do and squeezed out the puss. It was thicker than normal so it showed that it was drying up faster. Any who, it lingered around for the rest of the week, finally dried up completely and now I have a small scar on my nose that should fade away within the week. My nose seems to heal faster than the rest of my face. Other than that, no other pustules.

My lips are still dry but have been able to control it with Cortibalm and Aquaphor, no cracking or bleeding. My face is a lot less oily but isn't so dry that i have to put on moisturizer all day, just a small amount in the morning. Again, it's Winter time here WI so it's dry all around.

My nose is really pushing out the sebum. They aren't blackheads because they're all white. I think they refer them to sebaceous filaments. My entire nose is covered with them but they aren't terribly noticeable unless your in my personal bubble. I am resisting squeezing them out because I don't want to irritate the skin underneath. I read that they disappear after awhile.

My hair is really dry but it's always been dry. I use Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo to control the flakes, works pretty well. It used to be only available with a prescription but now they make a lower dose OTC. I did get a dry rash on my left shoulder but it seems to be going away.

Still exercising a lot and no joint or back pains. No headaches, no bowel issues, no nose bleeds and no depression. So far so good.


Week 2 Accutane

So it's been 2 weeks on 40mg a day.

Pimple wise, I had one come in during the middle of the week. It's on the left side of my chin right under my lip. It's not too big but not really small either. It's the Goldilocks of pimples. It isn't festering like my pimples usually do. It's pretty dormant with a slight redishness but not too bad. That's the only one I have gotten this week on my face. I have had a few small ones on my back and chest but I think it's due to my heart monitor chest strap I've been wearing.

My nose is definitely pushing out crap. I can run my finger over it and it feels like I'm running it over a Kiwi, very fuzzy.

My lips are really dry. It just all of a sudden happened at the beginning of the week. They haven't chapped too bad but they have a really dry feeling, almost I lightness. I have big lips for an Asian so of course I can really feel them. I have been using Aquaphor which has been working out well and I got some Dr. Dan Cortibalm which I used one day and it seemed to work well for most of the day. I use the Aguaphor about every 4 hours.

My face isn't oily anymore. So the pimple I had last week caused new skin to come in. This usually happens after my pimples go away. I can peel the dead skin and everything is good. This time I peeled the dead skin and it was all red and stung a bit. It took a couple of days for it to heal but now it's all good. I think by having less sebum, the healing process slows down and so that's why everyone ends up with red marks for awhile.

No muscle aches, no headaches, no nosebleeds, just basically dry lips at this point. I exercise 5-6 days week and my joints feel fine.

That's about it for this week. Hopefully no IB hits. When I went on Trentenoin and Doxy, I didn't have an initial breakout with those. The nice thing about being on Accutane is I don't have to put on creams every morning and night. Just wash with Cetaphil in the morning and night.


Week 1 Accutane

So today is the start of week 2 Accutane of 40mg a day.

The first week wasn't crazy at all. Some of the results may be due to me being off of Doxy and Trentenoin so I'm not sure what is what.

The pimple on the bridge of my nose never surfaced and the pain went away half way through the week. I got 2 small whiteheads, one on my upper lip that was part of a hair follicle from my excuse of a mustache and the other on the bottom corner of my nose on the left side. These were just whiteheads, no meat to the pimple. I normally don't get these but they came quick and left quick. No deep pustules which is what I usually get. I had been getting 1 -2 pimples on my chest and back a week and it would take about 2 weeks for them to leave. No new pimples and the ones I had dried up pretty fast.

My pores on my nose are getting a bit bigger and I can see some gunk trying to get out but nothing too noticeable. I felt a couple of pimples coming in under my eyebrows (both) but nothing came to be.

Lips were no dryer than usual this week even though it has been below 0 degrees all week. I have been using Aquaphor just to prep myself. No bloody nose and no hair falling out (more than normal that is).

My skin throughout the week wasn't dry although today it does seem dryer and there is some flaking in certain areas but nothing too noticeable. I haven't had to use moisturizer anywhere yet. Day 3,4, and 5 it seemed that my skin was getting oilier but I'm not sure if it was the Accutane or getting off the Trentenoin which was controlling the oiliness.

I've been exercising all week with no muscle aches.

So no big news this week. I believe end of week 2 is when you start seeing dryer lips and other symptoms. Hopefully there is no IB.


Day 3 Accutane

So it's only been 3 days and no real big changes, to be expected.

Now before I was on Accutane I would wash my face in the morning with Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser and then apply some Proactive BP. I would take 100mg Doxycycline in the AM. Then at night I would wash my face with Cetaphil and then apply Trentenoin and take another 100mg Doxycycline. I believe the Doxy kept my acne at somewhat bay and the Trentenoin kept my oiliness down but it was still oily. My main reason again to do Accutane was to get off the antibiotics.

So my eyes feel a little bit puffier, not really dry though. I had a little bit of flaking around the nose but nothing noticeable. It's also -14 degrees here so that could be the reason too. Lips are no dryer than usual. Before I started Accutane, I had a pimple starting on the bridge of my nose. It hasn't surfaced but you can feel it. You know, when you scrunch you face you can feel those pimples that are about to start. I hate those because they last awhile. Anyways, I don't feel it anymore when I scrunch my face but I can feel it a bit when I touch the bridge of my nose but again no surfacing. My pores are pushing out a bit more gunk out than usual but nothing really noticeable.

No other side affects but again it's only been 3 days. Will update after a week. I'm keeping this journal mostly for me in case I it doesn't work or I have to take another session down the road. My biggest fear is that the Doxy is going to wear off and not keep the acne at bay. Oh well, have to lose a few battles to win the war!


Day 1 Accutane

So I am a 41 year old Asian male that is starting Accutane. I do not suffer from severe or moderate acne, just very mild. So why go to the extreme with Accutane? I had moderate acne as a teen and well into my 20's. It was on and off through those years and continued into my 30's. I did Proactvie and it helped control my acne for a bit. In my late 30's though I started breaking out worse and worse. No cystic acne, just the deep pustules. Then I finally went to a derm and got on Doxy and Trentenoin. That helped for about a year but then it came back. Not sure if my skin was getting used to the medication or what but my acne was coming back.

I want to say though I do not suffer from bad acne. Not like a lot of other people do on this site. I feel for them so much because when I get one stupid big acne, I feel depressed and I have no right to seeing what others are going through. I guess my issue is I am an adult. I would think this phase should be over for me but it's not. As a professional, it's hard to confront co-workers and clients when I have big pimples on my face but again I feel bad complaining about it considering what other have.

I talked with my derm intenesly about taking Accutane and he said there were two candidates for Accutane. Those that suffer sever cystic nodular acne and those that have persistent acne. I fall in the latter. My skin is very oily. The Trentenoin has helped it out but I think it's building resistance to it. My main reason to do Accutane is to get off of Doxy and to tame my breakouts.

I probably won't post everyday but will try to get as much info out there as I can (side effects, IB and progress). There aren't to many blogs with adults as old as me so hopefully this will fill that gap. Good luck to all who are trying to find life after their acne!