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i'll write here my experience with these prescription products.

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5Th January 2014

Hey, my name is Evert! i turned 16 in November.

i've never had bad acne, but less than a half a year ago i started to get these blemishes on my cheeks. no bumps. about 2 months ago it started to get a bit more noticeable specially on my right cheek, but still nothing bad. even when i talked about it with my friends they told me that i'm stupid and it's not even close to bad. But i still thought it was horrible so i started using face-wash every morning and evening that was it. later on it got a bit more noticeable, still nothing bad. so i talked about it with my classmate and she told me that she used to use this duac gel and it worked, so i called up my family doctor and asked her to prescribe it to me.(this was the same day i heard about it, so i hadn't done any research or anything..) and the same day i booked a consultation with a dermatologist. i used the duac gel and i wasn't hoping for anything magical to happen because i didn't have bad acne to begin with, so i used it every time before bed. about a month later, so about 15 days ago or 20 or something i had the appointment, she prescribed me doxycycline and differin. so i started to take the pills, once a day continuing with the duac every night. now it was the 24th December. Surprise bitch! out of nowhere i had a zit on my cheek.(i usually didn't get zits i got kind of bump-less underneath kind of ball things that came out easily.. it's hard to explain.) i didn't worry about it too much as i was already used to acne. about a week later it got worse, i had more pimples and my cheeks were red. again i didn't turn much attention to it because i just thought my skin was having a bad phase which usually goes away. finally it got to a point when people started noticing my skin and telling me i never had skin as bad as this! this was all in a 15-20 day period. i called my dermatologist and she said she doesn't know what it was and the tablets shouldn't be an issue (tablets were the only new thin i was using) so i cut everything out my routine and i bought a soap free non comedogenic cleanser and differin. I kind of made up my own routine:


Bioderma sebium foaming gel

duac gel


bioderma sebium foaming gel


while still taking the pills!

i've been on this routine for about a week and i think it's working. i'm thinking of incorporating some kind of moisturizer, does someone have any suggestions?

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