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Day 23

Busy getting ready for school when I thought I should just post quickly since I wont be able to later on. My spots on my left cheek had faded and are almost gone, as for my right cheek still 5 spots remain and are quite sore when I try stretch my cheek or touch it but I have stopped doing that. Lips are good this morning, I just need to remember to keep applying. Nose is still a little dry but I have a cream for that. Also what I wanted to say is I used Benzoyl Peroxide when I had my first breakout and it did wonders for my skin then until a few weeks they all just came back. Also when I was prescribed Differin with my Cyclimycin, it dried out the spots and reduced them in size but when I went to a derm, she told me you are only to use it for a month max otherwise it will have the opposite effect. So I just wanted to tell you all that so you don't have the same thing that I did. Thats all from me.


Day 22

Got thing is that I woke up this morning and there were only 4 spots on my right cheek! The ones that had previously been scars have cleared away and now all I have is the white heads. My left cheek has a few spots, not any more but they still remain constant. Only side effects are that I have dry lips and the skin on my skin is a little dry but thats all. I have also gotten a lot of blackheads recently on my nose, but those are the least of my troubles. I didn't realise what blackheads really were until I got them. Ha ha. I have decided to stop popping no matter how bad they get because I know the one morning a few days back I popped one before school and it was red and saw the whole day. Thank you for your commment! Will read up on those. But I do seriously reccomend Roaccutane.


Day 20-21

Sorry I didn't update yesterday was busy as usual. I say that my skin is looking a little better because it was very red the previous days and took a while to settle down again. But now on my right cheek some pimples that I had popped previously before have flared out again. I am able to cover a few of them up but they will always be a little noticeable. Since I've hit the three week mark I just hope that this treatment works out for me in the end. My lips are very dry and if I don't continue to apply often they go red and gross around the edges. I guess all I can do is wait it out and see the changes every week and continue my everyday life. I know when you have bad skin it seems like you don't want to do anything or go anywhere but that will just make it worse, so never exclude yourself (it will actually make you forget about your skin for a while) Thank you for reading.


Day 19

Apologies for the short update yesterday as I was in rush to be somewhere. But this weekend hasn't been a good weekend for me skin wise, I have noticed that my skin is a little redder than usual and my left cheek had 3 new spots. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and just below my lower lip. My lips are quite dry still and my eyes are very dry and itchy. So I'm just applying a lot of moistureiser on my skin often until it rubs in to my face.


Day 19

Apologies for the short update yesterday as I was in rush to be somewhere. But this weekend hasn't been a good weekend for me skin wise, I have noticed that my skin is a little redder than usual and my left cheek had 3 new spots. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and just below my lower lip. My lips are quite dry still and my eyes are very dry and itchy. So I'm just applying a lot of moistureiser on my skin often until it rubs in to my face.


Day 16,17,18

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Just nothing had really changed with my skin until now. Its a bit red but my spots are almost gone! Hope everyone else that is prescribed skin treatments that it is working out for you.


Day 15

So I've just passed the 2 week mark and I must say that Isotretinion is really working out for me. My spots continue to look more or less the same but everyday I can see a visible difference of them dissapearing. My lips are a bit red this morning and a little dry but nothing un-managable.


Day 14

2 WEEKS YEAH!! Started my first day of school today and it was great, I didn't even think about people looking at my skin while I was talking to them because if you act self conscious then you are just going to feel terrible for the reminder of the day. My left cheek is clearing very fast, just little marks there that continue to fade each day. Right cheek had two spots that had flarred out again and were very red. But other than that no side effects, will keep you all posted.

To take to school:

-Lip cream (apply before every lesson)

- Concealer (just in case one spot begins to not look so good)

- Moisturiser (apply often to prevent skin from peeling, not so much that you end up veery shiny though)


Day 13

Its almost two weeks until I started my course! And so far I am so happy with the results. I try to give you guys a detailed description of how my skin is looking. My lips are much better and not cracking anymore probably from all the lipice I applied. I have finally defeated the spots on my left cheek and they seem to be fading rapidly, as for my right check only one new spot that flarred out today but it isn't anything that I can't handle. My forehead is completely clear, I used to have quite a lot of small little ones but now all I can feel is about 3 ones that are still there so that is a massive improvement. I hope that you all are having great results like I am.


1. Apply a lot of lip cream, even before your lips start to peel

2. Mask your face every morning and every night with high moisturising products.

3. Wash off with a gentle Clearasil face wash

4. Apply the Clearasil moisturizer everywhere (you'll be a bit shiny but it fades away)

- When you put your make-up on in the mornings you have to make sure that you do all of these things before applying make-up. And try not to put to much on one spot to cover it up otherwise people will notice what you are trying to do.

I know that it is quite irritating that some of us get it and others do not. But it is all just part of growing up in the end. Be strong everyone!


Day 11-12

Sorry didnt update yesterday was very busy organising school things. My skin is looking good, they continue to fade but there is this one spot that is getting worse. I don't know but I'm not sure if I've had my initial breakout when I woke up with 5 more spots but I'm not complaining to say the least. I did have another nose bleed last night though. But as for that everything else is very good at the moment. I know going to school with bad skin is terrible especially when you are going to a new school but trust me everything will be totally worth the wait.


Day 10

Sorry this update is a little late as I had a very long flight today. Wow. So not much changes in my skin although my spots on my right check are almost GONE! My left cheek is still pretty much the same though. I woke up this morning with very saw, peeling lips but I think that I've got them under control now. Phew. Still have 2 months until I visit my Derm to check on the updates and increase my dosage. I forgot to say that I bought a new Garnier vanishing cream and wow is it doing wonders for my skin. I suggest that you all look into it. I just smeer quite a bit on at night and then in the morning they are much smaller and not red anymore.

Should I post some pics that I have taken so far?

Just wanting to see if people are following my entries.


Day 9

Just got back from a tiring gym session and very tired. My lips were quite sore this morning when I woke up but now they seem to be fine. Some of my most visible spots are completely gone and my one cheek that seemed to be getting worse has still stayed the same. Not much action. But I definitely reccomend that you all do at least an hour of exercise daily to sweat out all the toxins and then when you get back have a litre of water if you can.


Day 8

Finally past the one week mark!

My skin still continues to improve on my right cheek and now I only have one extra spot on my chin but it is going away very fast. My left cheek still looks the same but the spots are very red and inflamed. Besides from that everything is going right and I am very pleased with my treatment so far. I just hope that the redness fades in time for when I go back to school.

I also want to thank anyone for reading my posts and please if you have any questions about my dosage or things that I am taking during this process. Please feel free to leave me a message or write a comment below.


Day 7

YES! So I've finally hit the one week mark since I started Roaccutane. My skin is looking good and a lot clearer than ever before, my spots from yesterday are still there and this morning when I popped one it seemed as it just disappeared and is far less noticeable than my other spots. The peeling on my nose seems to have gone away but my lips are still a little bit dry but nothing I cant manage. I am still continuing to take the Cyclimycin every morning which I believe is doing wonders for my skin.

Will try to continue to update, even though I am starting school soon.


Day 6

Sorry this entry is a little late but been very busy. Okay so my skin is having a weird day as I have noticed that I have got more spots on my left cheek (only about 4 more) but it is still noticeable to me. As for my right cheek the spots are still definitely fading each day which I am thrilled about because they have been there for long.

Not much action as side effects go but my nose is starting to peel and my lips are a little sore (sore when I open it wide). But as for that, not much action but I am still expecting more things to happen as the course goes.

I'm going to a new school, well my old school that I was there when I was younger so thats very exiting that I get to see all of my old friends again but starting Rac now was not such a good idea but in a few months everything will be alright.


Day 5

Okay, so I've almost hit the 1 week mark and feeling greater than ever. Not much action last night but I did get a nose bleed, but it was bearable and now this morning I can see that the front part of my nose is starting to peel a bit but not to much. As for my skin it looks pretty much the same as yesterday but improving all the time.



So its only my 4th day and I to be honest I am feeling so GREAT about myself. My skin is looking remarkably better and less noticeable and my friends have all commented on my skin. This is weird because I don't have side effects (yet) and my lips aren't even that dry. I still know that I shouldn't get my hopes up just yet but I really believe that the Cyclimycin that I am taking is really working for me. Have you guys tried any anti-biotics while on Rac?


Comments & Advice

Oh and if any f you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or if you have been through this experience already, feel free to leave some advice not only for me but for other users that potentially read this.


Day 3

So today I found out that I am only supposed to be taking 40mg a day altogether instead of 80mg a day which i was currently taking for 2 days now. As for my skin nothing has happened but I do think that my spots on my right cheek are really improving. As for the side effects, nothing yet but I do think that I am getting slightly dry lips but nothing to bad non-bearable.

The real reason why I decided to take this product is because about 8 months ago I had perfectly clear skin and didnt have to worry about anything, I just enjoyed life and watched my friends deal with their spot problems but now it seems as if the tables have turned for the worst and now I am the one getting all the trouble. But when I'm done I will have perfect skin, I am a very positive person and I know not to get my hopes up, but then what else do I have to look forward to as far as my skin goes.


Day 2

I want to go through all the days telling you what I am expecting because a lot of blogs didn't include the first few days that I have read.

So as you may know I have no visible side effects. No new spots that I can see flaring up, but I think that I might get more on my forehead though. If anything I think that some of my spots on my right cheek look a little better and less noticeable, but that is just me, I am still in the early stages of this process.


Day 1

Well here I am. I'm not going to go through my whole life back story but what I will tell you is that I am a 16 year old girl, struggling through mild acne and I would like to share with all of you my journey to getting perfect skin.

So its finally the first day of the start of my course of Roccautane or as others like to call it Isotretinoin. To be honest I don't think that I have bad skin myself; all I have is a few spots on my forehead and both cheeks, one cheek is quite a bit worse than the other. This was my second time going to a Derm and the first one was not much help, although i think that Cyclimycin (the antibiotic I was prescribed) can help prevent my initial breakout. And believe me I'm no doctor but believe me I've done my research and I think that this may be possible.

Yes I have searched through the internet and looked at side effects and peoples blogs to see what I can expect. I have been prescribed 2 x 40mg a day, yes its quite a lot, even i thought that.

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