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My story of acne

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After 5 months and half my dermatologist decided to stop taking accutane, whose dosage was 40 mg/day . She decided to stop because acne has completely faded and even because my last blood test wasn't totally ok (my transaminase's values were high). I just have to fight with hyperpigmentation , in fact I still have red marks on my face but in general the situation is acceptable.
Accutane didn't give me any problem during the treatment , exept dry lips which is necessary for that kind of treatment. However, during my course of accutane I experienced episodes of flushings.
Basically at one point of the day, even without a reason, my cheecks started to became red and I felt a burn sensation. This phenomena lasts generally 1 hour and half or even two hours. It can happen multiple times in a day, generally two times a day. My dermatologist has said that this problem is related to the old inflamed veins under my skin caused by old pimples , inflamed by the absence of moistruization due to the accutane. She said basically it's a pre-form of rosacea but these flushings should gradually stop when accutane will go out of my body totally.
In the meantime she told me to use a metronidazole 1% gel during the nights and a gel of ivermectina during the day, with a sun protection cream.
Did you experience too phenomena of flushing during your course of accutane? Did they go away?


Hey! It has been a month since my last entry. What to say about my acne? I started not having anymore pimples from the beginning of month 3 on accutane (I would say it's about a month and half that I started noticing improvements) Just to be clear: I still get something like one pimple every 2 weeks, but it's completly normal and the situation has really improved!
My only problem is still hyperpigmentation. My face is covered of red marks and they make my skin appear worse than what is in reality. I just have to wait them to fade. Regarding to the accutane, I'm not having any kind of problem, I feel good and I am not experiencing any important side effects , exept dry lips and eyes , however they're under control. See you soon!


10 weeks on accutane

Hey guys! I'm uptdating this blog every 2 weeks now basically because the situation is calm right now. I stopped having huge breakouts since 3 weeks ago (basically between the end of month 2 and the beginning of month 3) and now I just get something like 2 little pimples during a week and they don't last very long. However, my main problem still is (and I fear will be forever)  hyperpigmentation. My skin is  covered of red marks. They're really red and they make the situation appear worst than what it is in reality. 

However, I'm glad not to have all these pimples anymore and I hope it will continue to be so. Thank you for following me.

Stay tuned!


2 months on accutane ended!

Hey! I'm sorry for being absent during these weeks.

However, during the 6th week (1 month and half) I had a bigger breakout than the little one I had during the second week of treatment. It lasted for a looooong week and its effects went away only after 2 weeks.

However I'm also glad to say that in this last week I didn't get any new pimples!!! Maybe accutane is gonna work? who knows!

For the red marks I still have them quite red.. maybe a little bit less but I don't know.

Here is a picture of my last weeks (you can see the difference between the breakout's period and the next one)

I'm not experiencing any eccessive dryness or any kind of problem.

My dosage is 40 mg\ day and my weight is 75 kgs.

Stay tuned! See you!



5th week on accutane ended! I don't see any changes, I'm still having new pimples right now and I still have red marks. I'm not experiencing any eccessive dryness on my face and on my lips, I would say it's completly under control.
My hair is still a little bit oily.
Next week I will see my dermatologist.. hope everything will be fine!
These are some pictures of how my skin looks today, after 5 weeks on accutane (40 mg\day). Compared to the other pictures (which you can see in my last entries) , no great changes happened.


So, after 30 days on accutane my first month has gone! What to say about it? I still don't know where I am going. You know, there are some days you feel good, you see the situation on that face that's not too bad, and there are days where your skin is a shame!
In this week I got a lot of new pimples , principally little ones that don't last for a long time, but I got 2-3 pimples that are still there after 1 week. I still don't understand why in some days my face is red in general and why in other days it's quite normal. This is driving me crazy!
My face is dry , especially the zone around my mouth where I need to apply the moisturizer like 4\5 times a day, while on the other parts of the skin I can apply it only twice. My lips are dry too. My hair instead is quite "normal" I would say.
My main problem is still RED MARKS. I completely hate them and I'm afraid they will never fade! I'm also using , as my dermatologist prescrived, a gel with clyndamicin and tretinoin in order to delete the red marks. Who knows?
Will I ever heal? I don't know. Hope accutane will help me!
You can see my last blog entry to see some pics, generally the situation is still the same.
See you soon!


Hi there! The third week on accutane has ended!
Situation is generally under control. My lips are dry (not extremely) while I would say my hair is somewhat mild-oily . My skin is dry of course, but with a moisturizer in the nights and in the days I'm not experiencing any kind of problem. New pimples are breaking out here and there , but not aggressively and as the usual.  I have no more general redness, however, my red marks are still red a lot, and I'm really scared about them!!
For the moment to me, it's like I'm not taking any medication, is it positive?
My doctor said that my dosage (40 mg\day ) is the lowest for my weight (70 kgs) and that I will take accutane for a longer time (6\7 months in total).
I was expecting a terrible initial breakout which I had in reality in the end of the first week, even if it was not too bad. Have I to expect a stronger breakout?




Second week on accutane has gone. (for the first 10 days I started with 20 mg\day and by day 11 I started with the 40 mg\day's dosage).
I think I am experiencing an initial breakout .. in fact I got 5 new pimples (expecially on my left side, that was the better one once) and my red marks became redder. However, day by day it seems getting better because the redness is SLOWLY going away, I didn't get new pimples but the old ones are still inflamed. 
I also think that this redness is caused also by the tretinoin and the clindamycin gel I'm using in the nights. My lips started to be dry and I need a lipstick at least 4\5 times a day. My face is a little dry but with a moisturizer in the mornings and in the nights I don't have any problems. My hair is somewhat still oily\normal. I'm not experiencing any other side effects right now, I don't see improvements yet (I know it's soon) , and my left side worsened a little bit.
Pictures show the situation right now, after 2 weeks of treatment. You can follow my progress on this blog, see you soon!




First Week on Accutane

First week on accutane has gone!! I remember you my regimen:

FIRST 10 DAYS : accutane 20 mg (1 pill\day) , moisturizer and a gel with clindamycin and tretinoin (in the nights)
THE NEXT DAYS : accutane 40 mg (2 pills of 20 mg\day) + the same creams.

To be honest, in the first 5 days it was like I was taking no medications.
By day 6, however, I started noticing an overall dryness on my face, especially on the nose and in its sides. In fact, I'm starting to peel off in this area. I can also see a general redness of the face. I think I'm starting to break out a little bit , indeed I got 3 new pimples (however, it's not a new thing for me, you know).
My lips are still fine and my hair is still oily as always.
I don't have any other side effects for the moment.
By the pictures it's not possible to see any differences between the "before accutane" and now.. so for this week I'm not posting any photos.

See you soon!!


Starting Accutane

After 3 years fighting against acne (you can see my acne story in my blog) , I finally decided to get into accutane (isotretinoin).

I saw my dermatologist and after we checked-up that my blood test was ok, she prescrived me accutane.

My weight is about 75 kg.

My regimen will be, by tomorrow:

Accutane 20 mg ONCE A DAY , for the first 10 days

Accutane 20 mg TWICE A DAY (40 mg\ day) for the next months.

She also gave me a moistruizer in the morning , a cleanser to wash my face twice a day and , in the nights, a gel with clindamycin and tretinoin + a zinc oxyde pasta , in order to make my red marks fade.

As you can see, This is my skin BEFORE USING ACCUTANE.blogentry-368512-0-32390900-1443646095.pblogentry-368512-0-50760500-1443646107.p


Summer is coming and the situation is not fine, so I decided to change my regimen for the last time. If the situation doesn't change, I will stop to use all these stupid creams.

My new regimen:

Every day (twice a day) I will use a Cleanser with 1% of Benzoyl Peroxide

Every Morning I will apply a moisturizer (Sebium Hydra)

For the nights:

twice a week I will apply clindamycin 1% gel

three times a week I will apply tretinoin 0.05%

twice a week I will apply Sebium Global (a cream with AHA, salicylic acid, citric acid, GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID and ZINC GLUCONATE)

I feel also like if I need a diet change to lose weight (I'm not really fat, you know only to have a better body)

So, in addition to eating healthy foods , I won't eat food like chees,milk and I will reduce sugar's consume. I will also reduce chocolate's use.

What do you think about this regimen? Could it help me for the red marks?

If for June it doesn't work, I will stop to use everything.

I have no more power.

Thank you.


I've been using retin-a 0.05% until 6 weeks ago, but nothing has changed. Still a lot of red marks (that is the most important problem to solve, because I have 90% red marks) and still some occasional pimples.

I'm not using Benzoyl peroxide 5% anymore (it's the second weeks that I don't use it) because maybe it could prolong red marks. I still use Benzoyl peroxide 1% cleanser to wash my face the morning and the night.

I apply the moisturizer once a day (bioderma's sebium hydra).

I'm asking myself : should I stop to use everything? I mean.. I've tried Benzoyl peroxide,tretinoin,topical isotretinoin, topical antiobiotic, a cream with aha, glycolic acid (avene's triacneal)..


Should I stop to use everything?


Ok, the last two weeks I had a little little worsening of the situation, with a lot and big new pimples but now the situation is returned as before. Now I decided to stop using Benzoyl peroxide for a while, to see if my red marks disappear without its use (because I have heard that benzoyl peroxide could prolong red marks.. and maybe it's right)

I will buy a clindamycin cream to contrast its absence.

In realty, when I stopped to use benzoyl peroxide before the summer my red marks disappeared and when I used again benzoyl peroxide in September my red marks and acne in general returned.

Let's see what happens without benzoyl peroxide.

I will continue to use Retin-a , Benzoyl peroxide cleanser 1% and Bioderma's Sebium hydra as moisturizer.

Let's hope.

Thank u for following me.


I think that this week I had a little breakout ,maybe caused by Retin-A.. it IS NOT like the initial breakout that I have had with topical isotretinoin in December\January.. (I have had 4\5 very big-new pimples ).

However, exept these pimples, the situation is still the same.. Red marks are still here (maybe two or three are disappearing) .. I have no more dryness. I still say that this cream (Tretinoina same 0.05%, like retin-a) is better than isotrex (topical isotretinoin 0.05%) that was too irritant for me.

My regimen:


Benzolait 1% mousse (Benzoyl peroxide 1% cleanser)

Benzolait 5 (Benzoyl peroxide cream 5%)


Benzolait 1% mousse

I wait 30\40 minutes

Tretinoina same (tretinoin 0.05%)

twice a week I apply an idratant during the evening (Bioderma's Sebium hydra)


This week I started to use Tretinoina Same 0.05% (like retin-a) and benzoyl peroxide 5%. For the moment I'm happy for this regimen, it's not too irritant (I had only dry skin for the first 3 days) and I have few breakouts (as ever).

This cream is better than Isotrex (topical isotretinoin 0.05%) that was too irritant for me. Benzolait 5 (Benzoyl peroxide 5%) is the same that benzolait 10 (bp 10%) .. maybe it's less irritant.

As cleanser I use Benzolait 1 (Benzoyl peroxide 1% mousse).

As moistruizer I use Bioderma's Sebium Hydra.

The situation basically is the same (a lot of red marks with some occasional pimples)

See u next week! thank u


I have been using Isotrex (topical isotretinoin) for 3 months (12 weeks) in the night and benzoyl peroxide 10% in the morning.. I had NO IMPROVEMENTS. I had an initial breakout that was TERRIBLE and even if it's gone, it has only worsened my acne. Now I have no inflamed pimples (but even without isotrex I had few inflamed pimples) but I still have a lot of RED MARKS.

I'm changing my regimen.. I will use:

Benzoyl Peroxide 1% Cleanser in the morning and in the night

Benzoyl Peroxide 5% In the morning

Tretinoin 0.05% in the evening

(Products' name : Benzolait 1 mousse, benzolait 5, tretinoina same)

I have one question:

If I used topical isotretinoin that is similar to tretinoin (they are retinoids) I will have a new initial breakout by using tretinoin?

Thank you!!


The situation is the same, very red marks are still here, occasionally new pimples break out. General redness is less and there isn't dryness anymore. Until this week, I'm using again isotrex (topical isotretinoin) every night and benzoyl peroxide 10% every morning. I'm using a new cleanser with Benzoyl Peroxide 1% in the morning and in the night (Benzolait Mousse 1%).

By March, I will change topical isotretinoin with topical tretinoin 0.05% (its name is tretinoina same, but it's also called Retin-A) and I will change Benzoyl peroxide 10% with benzoyl peroxide 5%.

I also use dramigel (topical antibiotic with amikacin sulfate) on new pimples.


So, there are some news.

In accord to what my doctor said, I'm using topical isotretinoin and benzoyl peroxide on alternate nights (one night isotrex, the next one benzoyl peroxide). On February 10 I have a visit with my doctor.. I CAN'T WAIT.

The situation is the same, some days I have new pimples and the redness is a little bit less, but it's here.

Red marks are the same, and the initial breakout worsened only the situation, because I'm still worse than before starting to use isotrex.

There isn't dryness anymore.

I will let you know!!


Every day is a battle. Every day there is a new pimple, every day my skin is dry , every day my skin is worse.

I'm thinking to stop Isotrex (topical isotretinoin) and to continue only with Benzolait 10 (Benzoyl peroxide 10%) and at least to take a topical antibiotic like erythromycin.. But I want to see a doctor (I will change my actual doctor) to not do mistakes.

They are almost 9 weeks that I use isotrex+benzoyl peroxide BUT NO IMPROVEMENT.

Should I wait? I will see a doctor in February.

In the last entries there are some photos if you want to see them.



So, I've been using Topical Isotretinoin (Isotrex gel 0,05%) and Benzoyl Peroxide 10% (Benzoilat 10 Emulgel)

Things ARE NOT better. I'm still worse than before the use of isotrex (I have been using benzoyl peroxide since 1 year ago, so it was isotrex that gave me this breakout) SO I HAVE NOT IMPROVEMENT.

(I remember you that I use isotrex in the night and benzolait in the morning)

Should I still wait??

I will book a visit to my doctor as near as I can.

However, I'm also thinking to change doctor.. He is the only one that I have ever had, so maybe it could be better to have another opinion.

These are some photos of my way


blogentry-368512-0-71889600-1390573788.p blogentry-368512-0-95138200-1390573792.p


blogentry-368512-0-93651000-1390574974.p blogentry-368512-0-00663300-1390574982.p


blogentry-368512-0-85480600-1390573808.p blogentry-368512-0-31339100-1390573783.p

Any suggestions??


I'm disappointed. I don't know what I should do to defeat acne. It's the 7th week of Isotrex (topical isotretinoin ) in combination to Benzoyl Peroxide 10% (that I use in the morning).. I have been fighting with acne since September 2012. Now I'm annoyed.

I still have breakouts , I still have red marks and red inflamed pimples and now breakouts are just happening also on the other part of my face. I'm waiting, I have been using it EVERY DAY with costance. Why my acne is still worse??

I will book a new control with my doctor to see what he says.

Do you have any suggestions?? I was thinking to apply topical antibiotics (while continuing to apply benzoyl peroxide and topical isotretinoin) you know like eritomycin. Could it be a good thing?


So, it has been the 6th week since I have been using isotrex gel (topical isotretinoin.. almost as "Retin A").. Initial breakout is still here.. It came from the 2th week and it's still here and I'm praying so much that it will disappear!! I want to say that my skin is really WORSE .. I have NEVER had this horrible face with a lot of red and inflamed pimples (with some whiteheads).. It's strange because the breakout is only on the right part of my face, on the left one my acne is less inflamed and there's less redness.

The dryness that characterized the first few weeks is gone and I don't feel burning anymore when I apply it.

I remember you that I'm using isotrex in combination of Benzoyl Peroxide 10% (that I use in the morning).. Product's name is Benzolait 10 Emulgel.

I will update my status as soon as possibile.. Hoping that the next time my face will be better.

You can find all my acne's story (with photos) on the past entry!

Thanks for following me!


Hi.. I have moderate acne since 1 year ago.. I have always used Benzoyl Peroxide 10% on my face.. I used it till the summer and in the summer my face was free from the pimples.. I had only red marks but it was acceptable. When I started to go to school in September a lot of pimples came out again.. I used again benzoyl peroxide but at the end my doctor gave me "Isotrex" that is topical isotretinoin.

I have been using it since 1 month ago (and I'm still using it) . I apply it every night and I apply also Benzoyl Peroxide 10% every morning. I wash the face twice a day (morning and night) ..

I'm scared about it. I have noticed a lot of new inflamed pimples.. My skin is really dry and it's like a chimical peeling.

I don't know why this acne doesn't go far to me

Actually I use Bioderma's Sebium Hydra as moisturizer and as cleaner I use Uriage's Gel .. I have used a lot of products (like Avene's Triacnèal that leaves the skin very dry and burns the face , a cream called "YouDerm" that is A SHAME .. it has only worsened the acne, Bioderma's Sebium Global that is a moisturizer that I find very irritant , I also used Uriage's Hyseac k18 that is a normal moisturizer , and Royal Derma's Benzolait Mousse that is a cleaner with Benzoyl peroxide 1%.. It was a little bit irritant)

So, look at these photos if you want.








blogentry-368512-0-21427100-1388845355.p blogentry-368512-0-08693600-1388845362.p



6th month.. BENZOYL PEROXIDE 10%


8 month.. BENZOYL PEROXIDE 10%




9th month and 1st week


9th month and 3rd week


10th month

blogentry-368512-0-59816800-1388846436.p blogentry-368512-0-14070600-1388846549.p

I will update soon!

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