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So i have been using the regimen for about two and a half weeks and this is my first blog so i hope its good. Anyways, i have'nt seen much of a change in my acne since i started on the regimen and it's kind of a bummer but i'm dealing with it. Well actually i have seen some difference.. the blackheads on my nose have pretty much disappeared and my pores don't look as clogged as they used to...if thats possible. I started the regimen only using half a pump of bp once a day then went up to a full pump at night and half a pump in the morning. Now i am at one full pump at night and in the morning. The reasoning for using less bp in the morning was first of all the bp makes my skin redder and flakier and during the day i am more likely to touch my face than at night which might be a reason to use more in the monring but i didn't. I know i have only been on the regimen for two and a half weeks but i'm already considering to stop using it but i won't!!! I made a promise to myself to use it until summer starts and if i don't see any improvement then i'll probably stop using it. I have also noticed that i am already getting lazy with the regimen and not being very gentle. I try to rub the bp and moisturizer in instead of just spreading it out which is very bad! So anyone beginning the regimen...BE GENTLE!! Because if your not gentle...its just a waste of time. Anna<33

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