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Absorica Accutane 40 mg. Started 12/26/13

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Skin Changes:

Visibly reduced breakouts

dry lips

a couple new breakouts after several weeks of little to none

Products used:

absorica 30 mg twice a day

ponds dry skin cream

cetaphil dry skin moisturizer

clean and clear exfoliating cleanser

cerave hydrating cleanser

overall thoughts: i am very pleased with my results thus far! i look back to old videos/photos of my skin when i first started and am amazed to see how far my skin has come. i still have scarring but they have faded very much! and in general my breakouts are under control. this past week i've broken out 3 times (which is more than usual,) but i am so happy with my skin and it will continue to improve!


Day 42 Week 6

Skin changes

- visibly reduced breakouts!!

- dry lips

Products used

-absorica 30 mg twice a day

- cerave hydrating cleanser

-ponds dry skin cream

So I'm well over a month in and my dose has been increased to 30 mg twice a day rather than 20 mg twice a day. i am very happy with the results! my scars are reducing and i have few breakouts. my acne is not completely gone yet, but overtime it will only get better. i have reduced my skincare products to just the ones mentioned above and i swear by them! they are great.


My skin was very oily before starting accutane and now it is oily, sensitive, and dry. Here's what I like and don't like

Products I like:

Cetaphil moisturizing cream for dry sensitive skin- great to put on dry patches. Very thick

Cetaphil lotion for dry sensitive- put on underneath moisturizing cream all over face. Lightweight but can be greasy sometimes

Cetaphil oily skin cleanser- use at night. Removes makeup, cleanses skin. Smells nice. Can be a little tightening though

Aveeno daily moisturizer- great for under makeup. Lightweight yet hydrating. Not greasy. Makes skin feel plump, smooth, and refreshed

Epiduo- use as spot treatment. Dries up pimples. Can be irritating though

Neutrogena deep clean oil control cleanser- I sometimes use as a mask to help with oil

Cerave nighttime moisturizer- lightweight so I use it in the morning under makeup. Great for nighttime if you're not too dry. Hydrating, not greasy

Products I don't like:

Michael Todd normal/combination moisturizer- very irritating. Made my skin red and itchy

Lush grease lightening spot treatment- broke me out a lot. Spot treatments should not do that

I haven't found a good exfoliator, mask, or lip product yet.

Hope this helps! Leave questions below


Day 13 Week 2

Side effects:

Dry cheeks

Dry eyelids

Dry lips

Mid/lower back pain

Skin changes:

Previous breakouts are healing

New breakouts. Will not go away for about 2 weeks

Overall thoughts: my skin is still improving. Right now I have two active breakouts and the other ones are continuing to heal. My 2 active ones are strange though..they're not normal whiteheads or cysts. They look like big sores. They're dry, rough, and difficult to conceal. My back has also been hurting. Not too bad though but it hurts to stand completely upright. My face has been drying up. Flaky cheeks and my lips too!! I feel like nothing is helping my lips. I've used aquafor, Vaseline, and even olive oil.

Overall I've noticed that my skin takes MUCH longer time to heal. Once I break out, it will be on my face for 2 or more weeks and scar most of the time


Day 8 Week 2

Day 8 week 2

Side effects:

Dry face and hands

Tight feeling

Sensitive back

Skin changes:

More breakouts on both cheeks and jawline

Previous breakouts are healing

Products used:

Aquafor lip repair

Eucerin hand cream

Absorica 20 mg

Cetaphil cream

Cetaphil cleanser

Overall thoughts:

My mom said that my skin looked better! I personally haven't noticed anything but maybe that's because I'm looking at it so much haha. I have gotten two cysts on each cheek. Very painful. Also two on my jawline that feel like little balls under the skin. One good thing is that I've noticed my already existing pimples are healing. They are still red but not "new breakout" red if you know what I mean. Mainly my cheeks have painful breakouts. And also I've been using much more moisturizer. My lips aren't flaking but are very tight and it hurts to smile. And my hands are dry and flaky and had little rashes yesterday. My lower back is sensitive and hurts very easily.


Happy New Year everyone!! Let's defeat acne together this year :)

As an acne sufferer for about 3 years now, I have FINALLY learned not to let my skin bring me down. Long time, I know!

From personal experience, I have noticed that whenever I was insecure about my skin, I would look worried and shy. That drew attention to my acne and people would stare. It made me feel terrible. I thought, "why are people looking? so rude!"

But then I realized that I was bringing this attention to myself because I LET my acne control me, my feelings, and confidence. I was worried what other people thought about me because I lacked my own self-confidence. I didn't have the confidence WITHIN myself. I decided that I wanted to end that. I decided to... SMILE!!!

That's the secret: smile.

If I don't worry about my acne, no one else will either. The reason is because I stopped worrying about "ME." There's so much more to life than your skin. And I know (trust me..I know) it's hard to not let it bring you down.

But think about something... if you are relying on clear skin to have confidence, do you really have confidence at all? If your skin NEVER clears, does that mean you are going to lack confidence your ENTIRE life?

I think the most confident people are those who do not have the 'perfect' societal image yet still love themselves and love life. It is so inspiring and makes them beautiful!

So, once I decided to live life without caring about my face, people started looking at ME. It's the best feeling EVER to finally let go.

You have so much going for you. Take a step in defeating your acne...don't let your acne control you. You are stronger! New year, new YOU!

Be happy, help others, SMILE!! :)


Day 6 Week 1

Day 6 Week 1

Side effects:

  • sensitive skin

    Skin changes:
    • a few more breakouts
    • weird cuts on lips??

    Products used:

    [*]absorica 20 mg (take twice a day)

    [*]cetaphil oily skin cleanser

    [*]neutrogena deep clean makeup remover

    [*]cetaphil moisturizing cream

    [*]cerave moisturizer

    [*]epiduo (use as spot treatment, apply generously and often- works pretty well)

    Overall thoughts:

    Lately my skin has felt pretty sensitive. After I wash my face or apply moisturizer, the areas where I have breakouts become VERY red..nearly bright red. Also now my acne is more difficult to cover up with makeup. I can still see the acne through the makeup vs. before accutane it wasn’t AS difficult to conceal. And the weirdest thing… I woke up this morning with a small cut on my bottom lip and it looks like a piece of skin there came off too. and in the same spot on my upper lip, I felt sharp stinging pain for a little while. it wasn’t the same type of pain as a cold sore because I’ve had those before. very strange! and does this happen to anyone else: when you have a pimple on your chin- it pops, turns into a scab, scab falls off, new scab forms, scab falls off, and over and over in a cycle? pretty annoying! but overall i'm trying to stay positive...just have to be patient!


Day 3 Week 1

Side effects:

  • dryness around breakouts

    Skin changes:
    • pimples drying
    • reduced inflammation
    • 2 new breakouts

    Products used:

    [*]absorica 20 mg (take twice a day)

    [*]cetaphil oily skin cleanser

    [*]cetaphil moisturizing cream

    Overall thoughts:

    Since starting accutane, I have had 2 breakouts but nothing too serious. my face is starting to feel very sensitive which it never does. My skin is still oily but my existing pimples on my cheeks and chin are drying up. I haven’t seen any good results yet besides reduced inflammation.



I have been on accutane for 3 days now but first I wanted to make an introduction about my acne. here we go!

I am a 17 year old female and have been struggling with face and back acne for 3 years. I have very oily skin.

My acne began when I was 14 years old. It wasn't too unbearable at first. I had a few pimples on my forehead and around my nose. Never anywhere else on my face. But after a couple months my skin grew worse and became very oily. Products from the drugstore were not helping so I began seeing a dermatologist.

Some of the products I have taken (I don't remember all of them, it's been a lot):

- solodyn pill

- minocycline pill (loved)

- bactrim pill

- birth control

- atralin gel

- epiduo

- adapalene gel

- glytone spray

- benzoyl peroxide washes

Many more, I just cannot remember!!

After I started seeing my dermatologist, my skin cleared up SO MUCH. It was almost as if I did not have acne. However, after a couple months of one treatment, my body grew immune and the acne would come back. That is why I have been through many treatments. I then started minocycline and my skin was looking great.

After several months on minocycline I left on a missions trip to the DR in June 2013. I had to take typhoid and malaria pills so I had to stop taking minocyline for 10 days. But after the trip I went back to minocycline.

Almost exactly a month after the missions trip, my forehead broke out in HUGE cysts. I only got forehead acne but this was much much worse and painful. My entire forehead was covered. and only my forehead. It looked so strange.

I then decided to go to my pediatrician. She said that something in the DR must have gotten in contact with my skin to worsen my acne. It takes about 4 weeks for a completely new layer of skin to form and it was about 4 weeks after my trip that I had the huge breakout (so it makes sense). She gave me birth control to help treat it but it ended up worsening my acne. my forehead acne cleared but left MAJOR scars but then the acne spread to my cheeks and chin. I had NEVER gotten acne there so I was panicking. I went back to the derm and he said that the birth control was to blame for the spreading.

So now I am on accutane! finally! i'm not sure how long I will be on it but for now I am taking Absorica 20 mg twice a day.

I'm not sure if anyone will be reading these posts but I would love to answer any questions, reviews, etc. Talk to you soon!

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