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Accutane 10mg / low dose blog

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Took my last ever pill yesterday. I'm glad to not have deep cystic spots appear anymore. Since my last entry this dry skin/ rash has continued to flare up. I'm presuming I've developed seb dermatis or keratinosis Pilaris now..

Just as I expected my skin looked sh*t for my birthday

I went from acne to another skin condition, my skin is tight and scaley on my forehead, eyebrows, and jaw and the skin that is revealed under these scales is red, weeping and bumpy. Running my hand over my face feels like sandpaper.

Went to the doctors, he looked at me as if I was speaking another language, didnt even know what accutane was, and stared at me blanky as he prescribed a steroid cream which isn't even supposed to be on the face let alone broken skin.

I can't wait to start my supplements , starting from the beginning of my next menstrual cycle. After hours and hours of reasearch ive decided ill be taking zinc, vitamin d3, cinnamon capsules and borage oil.

I might start a blog on that

Thanks everyone :) :) :)


After my last updated my face exploded in a massive flakey red weeping rash around the sides of my face and around my eyebrows. I'm still wondering what caused it

It's going away I've just got a few flakey red patches on my cheek and between my eyebrows

First time I haven't got acne around ovulation, and if I didn't have this rash my skin would look really good

I'm under a lot of stress ATM and I've also been out drinking so ill have to see if my skin decides to breakout before my birthday, which always seems to happen


My skin is getting more and more oily but it doesn't bother me much. I had 3 days of binge eating chocolate, crisps, cake, cheeses, everything and I got a few comedones and bumps on my forhead and chin which just intlamed, blistered and then peeled off. I also got this weird bumpy rash around the sides of my face but it disappeared as soon as I started eating properly

I'm very glad I do not get cysts anymore and My acne may not be much of a problem but I think I still have some kind of dermatitis and poor quality sebum just makes my skin look blehhh

My plan is to keep up with a healthy diet and next month start supplementing with inositol, calcium d glucarate, unrefined cod liver oil and zinc

Overall everything is going ok


Haven't had anything pop up up still which is goood

Can definitely feel oil coming back already, before my forehead would be bone dry now I can feel some oil when I run my finger across, my nose looks quite congested but nothing new with that

Can also already notice my skin healing quicker which is great but theres a lot of redness and marks just appearing on my forhead I don't even know where it's come from!

I'm waiting for ovulation to see if I still breakout like usual


I'm now taking 20mg every 2 days, I know you don't really need to wean off accutane as it supposedly stays in your system for quite a while but I'm only doing this as I want to hopefully be/stay clear for my birthday next month. The reason I think my acne is sure to come back in the way it was is literally within 2-3 days since decreasing my dose this low, my lips are barely dry, excema disappeared and I can feel my hair getting oily again. My facial skin is still quite dry and has actually started flaking again since the decrease in dose, dunno whether this is good or bad lol

Haven't had a breakout and, sorry if tmi, I started my period today. I'm feeling quite glad as this is actual my first, shortest, regular 28 day cycle in years. Month by month since coming off birth control they've got slightly more shorter back to the regular 28 days. hope this signals something good

Skin always look dull and thin and just a bit yuck around this time but last night I was stupidly picking at my face and irritated this large sensitive rolling scar on my forehead and there's no infection behind it but its gone really red and has blistered. The way my skin flares up and heals poorly makes it look so much worse than it is

This has been a long update so ill leave it here for now


Week 28 20Mg

Since decreasing my dose, my side effects seemed to blow up all over again, my back kills, excema literally appeared overnight and my lips got so so sore

Got a couple closed comedones on my forehead which I extracted and have now gone, but my skin is still so sensitive and fragile

I'm so terrified of coming off accutane I just have this mortifying, deep down feeling that it will come back straight away, from tomorrow I will be taking 10mg a day for another week and then that's it..

After accutane I'm going to further work on my diet, and liver, maybe try DIM or vitex again along with Paula's choice aha and bha products, which are great btw

I'm not going to bother with trying differin or retin a as the negative reviews greatly outweigh the very few success stories I've seen for it and from what people say it does to their skin I know for a fact my skin couldn't handle it

Not not not I repeat not taking any kind of artificial hormones or anything like spiro

If it gets too bad again ill give accutane another go next year


Week 27 20Mg

Well my friendss, I am down to my last two packs and I'm am tapering down to 20mg

The marks left from last weeks breakout have only just healed and I know they are going become lovely new scars to add to my collection

It has been so hot and sunny here in the uk and the sun always helps my skin

No actives just one weird little non inflamed thinggy on my forehead next to a scar

Only thing I am really annoyed about is the fact that my nose still has blackheads and still produces oil but ohhweeelllll. I'm am interested to see what happens now I've decreased my dose, hopefully my skin calms down in terms of redness and flakiness


Week 26 40Mg

Early but i have to update

I knew it, in the last 2 days, maybe or maybe not coincidently since starting my period, I developed two spots on my forehead and a cyst on my chin. My pores look more visible as well

Althoughh the cyst and 1 spot on my forehead have quickly deflated with the help of some bp so that's good

It's really strange before accutane I would usually only get acne around the middle of my cycle, since starting accutane my skin breaks out pretty much non stop, whenever, wherever WONDERFUL

I'm so happy for the people accutane does work for and it also makes me think about the people, with acne worse than mine, who it fails for.

It is so devastating to take a drug witch claims to clear your skin, only to have the opposite reaction and be left with nothing but scarring, health problems and possibly even worse acne

In these last few weeks I need to sit down and seriously think about what I'm going to do next


Week 25 40Mg

Wow still no actives, I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts. every day I wake up expecting to see or feel a new bump but there just isn't

My skin still looks bad though due to all the wounds, scars and redness. Also my skin appearance and texture changes constantly one day it will look ok, the next it will look horrible. I've been catching a lot of sun recently and it's a mission trying not to get burnt

Joints and back have started hurting slightly again, dry sensitive eyes and my lips... Lets not even go there lol


Week 24 40Mg

Been quite lucky, still no actives

I say lucky because I garantee they will start popping up again anyday now

Skin isn't nessasarily oily just gets oily when I'm moving about or in the heat, which i know is kinda normal, but my skin did not get oily whatsoever earlier in my course

Haven't had any problems with my joints for quite a while, or the ecxema either. My lips though.. F***, both sides split and lips peeling everywhere and nothing helps

Probs not related but I'm feeling veryy thirsty recently n keep getting an irritating feeling in the insides of my nose


Week 23 40Mg

No new actives, just lots of lingering bumps. I'm dry from head to toe except my nose which keeps pouring out oil, I have areas on my skin that keep kinda blistering and peeling and seem to never heal. I'm covered in scars and red marks that I'm really hoping will fade once I'm off the accutane.

The corner of my mouth has almost healed which is good

haven't washed my hair in a week and ecxema keeps trying to creep back in lol

My skin isn't getting better at all, I simply get big breakouts randomly that don't even coincide with my menstrual cycle anymore followed by a few days of just healing, all accutane has done is left my skin and body in a state

Basically lost all hope in accutane and will just have to try something else once I finished the last of my pills


Week 22 40Mg

Skin was decent until the day before my residential trip and it just decided to explode again, so angry and upset as my skin alway always turns bad right before anything special or important. Got 3 pimpes on my forehead and a cyst on my chin, skin is also very very red and I'm starting to get pitted scars which is terrifying

Oh wellll

The side of my lip has been split for a couple days now and just won't heal, also as I'm a smoker, when I put a cigarette to my lips it will stick and pull away skin ouch. I should use this as a reason to stop smoking lol

My hair still just won't stop growing and looks thicker and shiny, everyone i know keeps commenting on it :)


Week 21 40Mg

2 new pimples yesterday but have dried up and begun to heal already, skin looking better but it always does around the beginning of my cycle. Still getting oil on my nose which means the blotting paper in back in use again. Almost all my side effects have vanished since decreasing my dose except for the lips, which are a peeling, gooey mess *yuck*

I'm going away on a residential trip next week with 14 near strangers, doing psysical activities in the forcasted rain rendering my makeup useless, so I'm just hoping my skin looks decent that week

Maybee just maybe I might go back upto 50mg again in the last few weeks


Week 20 40Mg

No actives this week

Ive realised, the day since getting my copper iud inserted my skin became oily again and blackheads returned. This doesn't make much sense as it is non hormonal, but there are other things going since too, like sore breasts, bloating and constant cramping which clearly shows that it is having some kind of negative effect on my body

I'm am so lost and frustrated, to have taken a relatively high dose of accutane for 20 week and show no stable improvement whatsoever

I want to remove the iud but it it the only non barrier, non hormonal method, so I'm stuck

Oh and I've lowered to 40mg in the last couple of days, was getting too uncomfortable with the side effects

Don't even see a point in continuing this blog it's just a reminder of how much time and money I've wasted destroying my body in the hope that maybe I'd have normal skin


Week 19 50Mg

Got a cyst on my chin, massive cyst on my forehead, and a small pimple on side of my head. I don't know why I let myself get excited whenever my skin gets a little better, because I always end up back at this point

My pores are becoming more visible again and my nose is so oily what the hell is going on

I'm also very very sick with a stomach bug, feel so horrible

The corner of my mouth split again and have annoying dry patches near my mouth and chin that won't go away

Absolutely nothing helps the eczema on my arms so Im walking around looking like a spotty, diseased, dried up yet oily freak


Week 18 50Mg

So I ran out of 10mg pills and started taking alternate doses doses of 40mg one day and the 60mg, averaging out to 50mg right? a few days into this my skin suddenly got very very oily again and was a horrible reminder of what I had to deal with before, but has now settled down again

I'm very anxious as since I've got my copper iud, although hormone free my menstrual cycle has become irregular and I really hope this doesn't have an impact on my skin

I haven't got any pimples since last week, just red marks, weeping wounds, and peeling skin which makes my face look bad anyway

Got my first actual nosebleed yesterday and back feels terrible, cannot walk as far as I used to and can't lift such heavy objects, summers on its way over here and I was out in the sun for about 10 mins yesterday and got a slight sunburn so need to find a sunscreen soon


Week 17 50Mg

I do not have any actives and I can say my face looks its best since starting accutane, it has been a good couple days without anything new popping up which is nice.

After the big breakout things changed a lot, dryness kicked in full force, I suddenly got dry flaking skin on my face, ecxema increased everywhere, I got dandruff, my cuticles and skin around my finger are dry and peeling, eyes are dry again, even dandruff on my eyebrows, soo dry!

Unfortunately my joints have started acting up again, even sweeping my floor causes incredible back pain and even some people have commented on my clicking joints everywhere. I also feel very weak and fatigued now

I've learnt my lesson with accutane not to assume you're making improvement because it will just lead to disappointment, but right now my face looks ok and there is no active acne and I want to enjoy it while it lasts


Week 16 50Mg

A bit early but I need to update, so I went on holiday with 1 active cyst, felt 2 more cysts and a few pimples developing during the journey there. I felt horrible and couldn't believe I was getting such a severe breakout just as I was going away, nothing could describe the despair and anxiety I felt stood in an airport with everyone looking at me and my boyfriend and hs family who have never seen it so bad.

Howeverrr, something really unusual happened, by the end of the day, every single cyst and pimple had come to a head which never happens with me, I extracted them before going to sleep and woke up with them completely dried up and already starting to heal and by the second day they were basically just marks.

So good news is I was able to enjoy the last 2 days of my holiday

Ever since the breakout all my side effects have increased a lot but I like to think maybe the accutane is kicking in full force, will just have to wait til next week and see what the deal is


Week 15 50Mg

I'm 15 weeks in and I've come to the conclusion that although I no longer get oily skin or hair I'm still breaking out as much as I did, if not more, before accutane

I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I although I would like to just hide indoors I have to go and just deal with it, I have one active on my forehead and lots of healing wounds and dry peeling skin. I don't know if this is some kind of delayed initial breakout but I'm simply fed up and kind of beginning to think that accutane just isn't going to work for me for whatever reason

I've been trying my best to keep a positive attitude but its difficult when you've put your body through hell for absolutely no improvement whatsoever. I may lower my dose back down to 40mg soon and see it that does anything although I doubt it

I'm also coming down with a cold, oh happy days, so I generally feel run down but in terms of side effects I got a very bloody nose yesterday and my lips literally came off in the bath. Lastly, I have previously been using condoms and cycle charting as birth control but I decided to get a copper iud fitted just to make sure


Week 14 50Mg

All was going well til I bought and tried cerave am moisturiser, this stuff is the worst moisturiser I've ever used in my life it's like rubbing old pva glue on your face. It immediately blocked my pores and I've gotten a cyst on my forehead, might not be because of the cerave but I'm pretty sure it is.

The acne I get does not last long it's just the marks and scars left after that bother me so much, I'm so fair skinned that every single little mark is so obvious it looks so bad, and because they are so dark red/pink makeup can never seem to fully cover them

I am worried that I haven't been taking my pills with enough food because some of my side effects have gone away, such as the bloody noses have gone and my joints don't hurt anymore.

Another strange thing I'm noticing is with my moods, I've always had a bad temper but its seemed to have gotten 10x worse I will flip and anyone and anything. I've become really rude and blunt towards people which is not like me at all. But the weirdest thing is, my skin looks really bad but now I will go out and all of a sudden I don't give a sh*t about it, it doesn't seem to cause me as much anxiety as it did, I will hang with friends that I would usually avoid with my skin looking like this and it just doesn't really bother me anymore


Week 13 50Mg

I have no active acne again but my skin still looks a state

it's doing this really strange thing where it will inflame and blister in places as if its acne, only it's not. It is red, dry and absolutely nothing will heal.

Pores on my forehead, cheeks and chin are almost non existent, my nose however is still a little clogged

Im still loving not having to wash my hair so often or carry blotting papers around anymore

Another strange thing is my period was a couple days late this month and my hair has been growing so fast! it's now down to my bum, everybody has been commenting on how long it's gotten so quickly

It's clear how much of a serious drug accutane is and I have new side effects popping up almost everyday, here's allll the side effects I'm experiencing right now

Raw, chapped, peeling lips

Splitting corners of the mouth

Mildly dry, flaking skin

Dry irritated eyes

Mild dandruff

Skin flaking/splitting on and around ears

Eczema on neck, arms and hands

Serious decrease in healing time

Dry and bleeding nose

Joint pains and clicking in hips, knees and back

Change in concentration, feeling very clouded

Increased anger/frustration


Increased bowel movements

Decreased appetite

Accutane hurry up!


Week 12 50Mg

Maybe I spoke too soon, as I am sitting here with a bleeding, weeping cyst on my forehead

Since upping my dose to 50 my skin has taken a turn for the absolute worst. Comedones popping up again, pores visible, extremely dry, slow healing skin and red marks are so prominent

Feel like sh*t basically

However I have to admit I have been under extreme stress and have been eating nothing but junk food which could be the reason

I can promise you now I will not being going any higher than 50mg because the side effects are starting to take a serious toll and I'm quite alarmed by them, I may even go back to 40, these include skin peeling off on my ears, arms and neck, cracking and bleeding inside my nose, sides of my lips have split and will not heal, pains in my sides and chest, passing stools upto 4 times a day, knee and back pain and lots and lots of nausea

According to my cumulative dose I only have about 7 weeks left and I am loosing hope..


Week 11 40Mg

A bit early but a lot has happened this week so wanted to write about it, I upped my dose to 40mg and I feel this has caused great improvement, I'm about a week from my period and I only got a tiny breakout of 3 spots which cleared very quickly and my pores have stayed clear which is really good

I'm feeling really positive and I think my skin is finally starting to just get better

Also it's been confirmed that my acne is genetic as my dad told me today that him and his brothers had terrible acne when they were younger and my 14 year old sister got her first cyst today haha

Although exceeding 40mg is exceeding the 1mg/kg guideline I think I may go to 50mg as the side effects are still pretty bearable and I'm excited to just speed up this (fingers crossed) improvement


Week 10 30Mg

No noticeable improvement, as I chart my cycles I can tell I ovulated today so will have to wait and see if I breakout, which I usually do on the second half of my cycle

Comedones appearing again along with a lot of inflammation, pores are staying pretty clear which is good

No difference with the side effects apart from the rash/eczema spreading further along my arms and a LOT of nausea recently although I'm not sure if this is related to the accutane


Week 9 30Mg

Upped my dose to 30mg, been on this dose for about a week and side effects are still bearable so plan for further up my dose to 40mg soon enough but no more as I believe this would be too much for my weight

Got my first cyst since starting the course, two new cysts intact although they've gone down pretty quickly. Noticing an improvement with my pores although I am still breaking out which can be so discouraging but I hear a lot of people talking about improvements really starting to show at month 3 so I'm still hopeful.

Rash on arm and neck continues to spread and flare up randomly regardless of what creams i use for it, joints still ache and click but are not worsening at all which is good I suppose. I just can't wait till I can look at myself and see the change..

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