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Day 88 off accutane (sotret)

When I last posted I was getting some clogged pores. However, my face has been doing even better. I very rarely even get a clogged pore now. I changed the products I was using and my makeup. I now use a neutrogena scub at night and neutrogena's acne stress cleanser in the morning. My dermotologist also gave me a gel to put on at night that I think helped. Everyday I am still amazed how beautiful my skin looks. I have absolutely no regrets taking accutane!



Well the good news is I still haven't had any major breakouts since I've been off accutane. I have to admit that I thought once I finished accutane that my face would be perfect and I would see no clogged pores. Well since being off acutane I have had some little clogged pores on my cheeks as well as my forehead. I've also had a few really tiny white heads appear in random places once in a while. The good thing is that they go away just as fast as they came. I went to the dermotologist the other day and he said my skin was fine! He thought I was over examining my skin. He gave me a gel to put on any clogged pores that I see. My skin has become more oily. I switched my makeup to bare minerals and noticed that it keeps me from getting a shine unlike my previous make. Overall I am still really happy with the results of accutane and could definitly live with the way my skin is now!



One great side effect of being on accutane was the lack of oil on my face and hair. Well I have just started to notice that I am getting some oil back to my face. The oil is definitly coming back to my hair too, I can't go as long washing it. Since finishing accutane I haven't had any zits, however, I think that I had 1 or 2 little clogged pores. I say think because they went away in 1 day and never came to a head or anything. I still feel like the reddness in my face hasnt subsided. In fact I feel it might be a little bit more red! However, as long as there are no significant breakouts then i am fine!


Day 13 Post Accutane

Well I still have the fear that i'll break out again! Although, so far so good. My face isn't overly dry but isnt oily by any means. My lips are starting to get some moisture back in them. In fact I think the only time I put somethng on them is right before I go to bed. I am still enjoying my hair not being so oily. So far I am definitly 100% happy with what accutane has done for me!


Day 2 post accutane

Well obviously I haven't noticed any change in only 2 days. My lips are still dry. It is nice not having to remember to take those pills!


Finished my course!!!!

DONE DONE DONE!!! I took my last 2 pills last night. I decided to not take the rest of my left over pills. I took accutane 2 weeks more then I was suppose to (due to my dr miscalculating my pills). I find it amazing that I couldn't wait to finish accutane and now that I made it though the course I am terrified off being done. Finally I don't mind looking in the mirror! I can only hope that i'll stay clear. For anyone just starting or thinking of starting accutane...GO for it. I put accutane off because I felt that my acne wasn't "bad" enough for all of the horrible side effects that I would have to deal with. However, even though my acne wasn't horrible it was still persistent. Being on accutane (especially during the IB stage and early months) wasn't easy, however, I got though it! In all honesty besides the initial breaking out I don't feel the side effects were AS bad as they were made out to be. I only really experienced dry lips and fatigue. I wish everyone the best of luck on their course! I'll keep you posted how my progress continues! :)


Day 163

Still having trouble popping the last pill! Like I said in my last blog I could of stopped taking it after 5 months, but was left with extra pills. I think I have about 9 left. Face is still 100 % clear. I love every minute of it!! :)


Day 155

Okay so technically I could stop taking accutane now and my course would be all over with. However, I have extra pills left over and even though I am so exctied to be done, I am at the same time so scared to stop taking these damn yellow pills! My face has been looking so nice and it's just a great . I am afraid of what's going to happen when I stop. I technically have enough pills to carry me over for another 2 weeks. However, I am hoping that I can bite the bullet sooner then that and stop taking them. I just hope that it doesn't come back. Although I have definitly done my share of complaining about accutane it was well worth it and not ALL of the side effects are negative. I love how my hair isn't oily (not overly dryed out either) and the same thing with my face. Just hoping it stays this way.....


Day 149

I had my 3rd nose bleed the other day. I hadn't had a nose bleed since month 1! Some days my body feels really good other days it feels so run down and tired. I spent so much time yesterday laying in bed because i felt like i just couldnt get enough sleep! Does anyone know exactly how many days is a 5 month treatment? Is it 150, 155? I have extra pills and haven't decided if I am going to stop at exactly 5 months or just use all my pills. My face is still looking better and better.


Day 143

Alllmost there...things have been going good this week. My body feels a little less run down. MY face is still looking beautiful! :naughty: It's such a great feeling not worry about your skin breaking out. I haven't had a breakout in the longest time. Can't wait to be done!


Day 135

Almost there!!!! My skin is still continuing to look great! My joints are doing okay but I have noticed that my body has been feeling more run down and tired. I think my body is telling me enough is enough with this drug! However, I couldn't be more happier with my skin!!!! :naughty:


Day 125

Today I went to my last dermo appointment!! Therefore, I got my last perscription! Yaye!!! Things are continuing to go really good. My face continues to keep getting better and better. It's amazing to wake up and not feel like you have to run to the bathroom to cover up your face. Less then 30 days to go!!! :naughty:


Day 114

Let me tell you I haven't felt so good about my face in the longest time. My face is completely clear of any acne. My scars are still lingering but are looking lighter and lighter each day. I finally can wake up wash my face and feel confident. In fact I usually sad as it sounds dislike going to the beach because that means no makeup and I feel gross sweating and being in the bright sunlight while breaking out. Well I just got back from a cruise to Bermuda and let me tell you it felt amazing going out on the beach and actually putting sunscreen on and not feeling gross or self conscience. I love every second of it!! For anyone who just started accutane or is thinking of starting it don't waste any time!!! I can't say it was an easy ride...it's an emotional ride that in the end gets great results. I felt like i was breaking out a lot through my treatment and then around day 85ish i started to see drastic results. My face is looking great and i still have a little over a month left to go. I can't wait to see the end results! By way I havent been experiencing any side effects besides dry lips. In fact I was in the sun for 7 days straight and didn't get burnt at all!


Day 101

Ahh finally made it into the 3 digits! Things are going fairly well. I still have been getting some small breakouts but they go away fairly quick. I am still faced with red marks that need to fade. I feel that once they seem to be fading nicely I get some new red marks to deal with...go figure. My lips are back to being extremely dry! I notice some days I have more energy then others. So far I haven't had a whole of joint or back pain I think being really active has helped. My skin is definitely ultra sensitive because I find scratches on my body that almost looks like burns and I have no clue how I got them. I am definitely ready to be over and done with my treatment!


Day 95

Yesterday I had my dermo appointment and he kept me on my current dosage 40mg odd days 80 mg even days. He told me to count my pills next time I come so he can judge how many pills ill need for my last perscription. What a great feeling knowing next time I see him i'll get my LAST perscription! :( My face is continuing to do well. I am still having some small breakouts, however, they are small little zits that go away quickly and I go awhile in between any breakouts. It's so great not having any cysts!! My skin texture is doing really good. Besides being tired and dry lips I haven't experienced any harsh side effects. In fact I feel the worse part of being on accutane is not being able to drink. Not that I was or am a big drinker it just sucks when you go out with friends or out to dinner and you know you can't have a drink. Since being on accutane I've had only 3 drinks...i've been trying to be good. Hope everyone else is hanging in there!


Day 90

Things are continuing to go really well. Since my last post I had had one little white head that came and went in 1 day. I still have some scars especially on my right cheek that need to fade more. I haven't been having too many side effects. I don't have hardly any dry skin my face and body is doing great. I just make sure I moisturize everything twice a day. My lips are still dry however they aren't as dry as they were when I first started the medication. They use to get to the point where they felt like they were on fire. My hair is still slightly a little dry. I haven't had any muscle aches but I have felt a little drained lately. All I can say is more then half way done!!! yaye!


Day 85

Things are stilling going good. I currently have no active spots just some red marks on my right side that need to fade. In fact after being sick of being so pale I decided to get spray tanned and that actually hid a lot of the red marks on my face. :( My lips are still dry but not as dry as they use to be. Maybe its because of the new lip balm I have been using...I have started to use blistex medicated chapstick and its been working really well for me. Other then that not to much to report!


Day 83 and smiling

Okay I am really starting to see the wonders that accutane is doing for my skin. Did you ever a room that you cant stand to look in the mirror because it makes your skin look horrible?? Well my boyfriends bathrooms in his house has that horrible lighting that acne prone skin people can't stand being in. Pre-accutane I would get so depressed looking in that mirror especially after I washed my face because I would think why thats really what my face looks like? Well as I faced that dreded bathroom mirror the other day (that I haven't looked into in over 3 weeks) I realized that my skin looks amazing! I can honestly say that my skin looked so good. The texture of it was amazing! Right now my right side, chin and forhead are completely clear. My left side has 3 red spots that need to fade and one little bump that I feel something is going to surface soon. I haven't felt this good about my face in a long time :(


Day 80

Overall I feel my face is improving. My left side is completely smooth and clear (for now) and the red marks are really fading. My forehead is still completely clear I only have 1 faint red mark that has been there for a long time. So overall my left side and forehead look great. My right side is still giving me a little trouble. I have a cluster of 3 little ones that keep lingering, they go away and then they come back! Also my red marks on my right side are harder to cover up. I find it funny because a couple of weeks ago I would of loved to have my right side looking the way it is now but it seems u always want it better! As for side effects I am currently only experiencing dry lips. My back feels completely fine I was even able to get in a 7 mile run followed by a 5 mile run the next day and didnt feel an ounce of pain. Hopefully the progress continues!


Well my face is actually doing really well. I really have a feeling that I am over the really bad bump! I haven't gotten any cystic acne in 2 weeks and i currently only have 2 little whiteheads. I really hope that this progress just continues I have a good feeling about it too because in earlier blogs I talked about having little bumps all over my chin and cheeks well all those little bumps are basically gone! :wub: About 2 weeks ago I had a pretty bad breakout that left me with some red marks. However, I shouldn't complain because its the first time since I have been on accutane that when i clean my face it feels pretty smooth. I can only hope that its going to get better from here I can handle a few tiny breakouts but i want the big stuff to be over and done with. I am crossing my fingers! Also, just wanted to note that the skin under my collar bone is very delicate I have scratch marks in that area that i dont even remember giving myself!


Day 66

I am starting to get really frustrated! I really thought the breaking out would of died down by now. In fact as my dermotologist was handing me my first perscription I was like so am I going to break out really bad he was like maybe 1 or 2 more big ones you shouldnt break out too much since your not on any percription medication....hahaha yea right. It's hard being on a drug that is making your face worse then it ever was in hopes that its all going to go away. My forehead and cheek area around my nose is great. My chin is finally cleared up but its still lingering on both sides of my chin. I am still hopeful that as soon as these go away I won't get any major ones or atleast a lot of major ones at the same time. I heard that by the end of the 3rd month you should see improvement...i can only hope!


Day 61

I am still broken out a little on my chin and jawline. I use to never break out on my jaw pre accutane and now I am getting a couple of random ones there. Most of the ones on my chin are starting to scab off leaving some red marks. The little bumps that were on my chin are slowly starting to dissappear. I got my 3rd perscription filled and I when I start my next pack ill be back on Sotret. My first month I was on Sotret and second month amnesteem. I don't know if it was all in my head but i felt like my side effects on amnesteem were better. While on amnesteem I didn't have 1 nose bleed where on Sotret I had 2. Who knows I guess they both serve the same purpose!


Day 57

I had my dermo appointment today. He kept me on the same dosage 40mg even days 80mg odd days. I was happy that my dosage didn't go up because that could of meant another bad break out! My skin still isn't doing so bad it definitly has looked worse while being on it. My lips are still extemely dry as well as my hair. I think the texture of my hair has definitly changed. I can't believe I am almost into my 3rd month!!! :wub:


Day 54

I think the storm is finally coming to a calm. My face looks a lot better then it did a week ago. In fact I don't think I have any active ones, however, we all know this can change at any time! I have noticed that my nose has a really weird texture; its feels like a porcupine! Last night my lower back was in a lot of pain after I ran. It felt better this morning and stubborn me decided to test it and run again today. So far it has a little pain but not too bad. I am really surprised that I have not had any problem with dandruff so far! My lips are sooooo dry that they constantly are cracking in the corners. Other then that I am having a pretty okay day.


Day 50

Well I guess I am going through yet another bad breakout. I am hoping its from the dosage increase!! I am starting to get frustrated because my face is so unpredicatable. One day I think its starting to make progress and things are going good and then I get this massive breakout. The only thing that has stayed consistend is my cheeks and forhead which are completely clear. So far I have concluded how my skin and body has changed since being on accutane for 50 days....


*Breaking out really bad on chin ( Worse then when I stared accutane)

*Extremely dry burning lips

*Always tired

*Some days I have joint pains


*Hair isn't oily

*My face is shine free

*My forehead is completely clear ( I never had a major problem with my forehead,however, I did have small bumps that are now completely gone.

*My skin (except for my face) feels really nice and smooth and extra soft

Today at work I was in a meeting all day planning for next years curriculum well I went to the bathroom and was looking in the mirror and one of my zits on my chin was just asking to be taken popped it was basically popping itself! So i put a paper towel on it and it exploded. Well of course it wouldn't stop bleeding and I needed to get back to my meeting. I had no choice but bring something to dap it with once in awhile. Well when I got back someone was like you got a cut. Yea VERY embarrassing!!!!

Anyways I got a couple of questions that maybe some of you could help answer. My first is my first month I started I was on Sotret. However, I had to change my pharmacy for my second month because they were messing up my IPLEDGE program. Well the 2nd pharmacy gave me amnesteem. Is there a difference is one better then the other? Also my second question is does anyone know how long you can extend your dermo appointment. For instance my next appointment is june 5th so therefore my appointment after that would be around july 5th. Well I am suppose to leave for North Carolina June 28th and come back July 14th. Does that mess up the pregnancy testing??? If anyone has any info I would appreciate it!

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