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Time For Real Change

My largest problem when it comes to my ance struggle is picking, touching, and popping anything and everything I can find on my face. I go through phases of picking and long phases where I do not touch my skin whatsoever. During the phases where my skin goes untouched it is clear and ance free. I find myself currently in a picking phase. This may be due to stress, the lighting only bathroom, or any number of factors. I don't want to do this to myself. It is damaging my skin and it is physiologically unhealthy. I would be much more happy and better able to pursue other goals if my scabbed up face wasn't getting in the way. In light of this, starting at this very moment I will no longer touch my face unless I am gentilely washing or applying my treatment or lotion. I will check off my calander everyday and I will report back here every so often. To follow will be my regimine as well as pictures which will hopefully show some healing in progress very soon. Wish me luck. I am going to win this battle I've been fighting for years now.

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