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Suffered with moderate to severe acne for 15 years - this is my last resort

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So around 2 months post my 1.2mg per kg accutane 6 month course and I'm getting pimples everyday. I count around 10 today. The only difference between pre and post accutane is that I no longer get cysts or spots on my back. Althoug I'm expecting them to come back in a few months.

The isotrex gel hasn't had any noticeable benefit so I have asked for duac, but that isn't available due to manufacturer problems so got to revist doctor to get something else.

Had the most frustrating time with the derm who told me I will have to wait 12 months before going back on tane. I quizzed them on this and they said it was a legal requirement. I then made an official complaint as that's utter nonsense.

If the new cream doesn't work and I can't get tane off the nhs I will just buy it off the net.


So I had a visit to the derm earlier this week. She said 15% of patients relapse and didn't seemed concerned that I was getting minor breakouts. She prescribed me isotrex gel, which is the topical form of isotretinoin, and asked me to use it for a month and then to come back and see her. I'm quite confident this will do the trick as my spots are really small, and only popping up around cheeks no where else. If this doesn't work I'll ask to go back on duac which I believe to best the most effective topical available. And failing that, I will consider going for a second course, but I strongly believe it sped up my hair loss and so I will think long and hard about going through another round.

In around 6 months I'll start with the derma roller to get help,with the severe scarring I have. It's like a maze has been indented on my face. Just through years of not getting treatment.


Well 6 months of living with accutane and a cumulative dose of 120mg...only for me to be off it for only 1 week and see my acne return. I'm getting 1-2 spots a day. Today I count 6! The ones on the face are tiny, hard to see unless in bright light, but I've got a cyst on the back, and regardless I was promised clear skin. How can it return so quickly? If it continues at this rate, as my oil comes back it will be worse than it was when I was on a topical.

I am hoping that it's just my body readjusting to the change and it will calm down soon.

I've booked an appointment with the derm in 2 weeks. I'll ask to go back on to push my total up to 150, if I'm allowed, which I hear is the most effective dosage. Otherwise might have to put up with topical for 2 months as I hear you can't be put back on accutane straight away.

On a better note my lip aren't as dry, my skin looks less red and my mood is better..


Final Month

So happy to be on my final month.

The side effects have been minimal.. Dry lips ( manageable with Vaseline lip therapy - this is the best much better than any crappy Chapstick like dr dans which didn't help me at all), thinning of the hair, although this could be coincidental, it's not easy to tell as I haven't had significant hair loss, but my hair is very dry. My scars seem to show up a bit more especially by end of day, but think that's just normal. My mouth gets really dry, in the morning, I need to drink 2 - 3 litres a day minimum. Other than that I haven't noticed any side effects., which I am incredibly thankful for.

I had a spot on my shoulder and one on back of neck in the past week, but they don't stress me, I could live with minuscule breakouts like that now and again, and other than that completely clear. Was expecting my skin to look better than it does spot free, my complexion is still bad, and the scars really noticeable in some lighting. Will look at scar treatment should I stay clear by the time I can get it.


4 And A Half Months

Skin is great. No new spots, just a couple of fading scars. Other than that completely clear all over. Need to improve diet and take daily zinc supplements to be doubly sure of no new breakouts and help scarring. Can't believe how little side effects I have had with this drug.


Nearly 4 Months

Still get one or two spots here and there... Cyst from end of feb still apparent..albeit a lot smaller... Will take another month to completely go but will leave a permanent scar... Have a minor few spots at back of neck..otherwise completely clear.. My complexion still not great..not sure what's causing this, probably just lack of sunshine and bad diet! Got derm appointment this week, expect to be pushed up to 70mg.. Hopefully will see spots completely vanish from here on in, although I would happily accept what my skin is like today as long as I don't get anymore cysts..

Also no side effects other than chapped lips..


Skin A Little Worse

Big cyst on cheek taking ages to go... 2 and half weeks and counting

Got another large spot and 2 minors on jaw

Rest completely clear..

Hoping I won't be getting any spots when this treatment is done

Lips really dry and becoming annoying now as mouth gets really dry too..

Hair is thinning quite a bit - don't know if this is just a coincidence


First Real Spot In 3 Months

I had a lot of stress, alcohol and cheap food over the weekend and this produced a large cyst, the largest I have had on my face in a year... I thought accutane would stop spots like this completely but it seems not. On the other hand the rest of my body is clear. The back of my neck is free, so are my shoulders and only one other minor spot on forehead. Hoping that by the time this course is complete in 3 months I will not get any cysts again...


The Good And The Bad

Minuscule breakouts. Virtually clear. Cyst on necks taking ages to go away, don't understand why...

Complexion not great, think my skin is just dehydrated and my diet has been really really bad for the past 2 months. Lips a few shades lighter than they should be and I find myself applying Chapstick 10 times a day.

Overall just so pleased at how easy this has been. Will see what happens when I up my dosage, if this is even needed.


Nearly 2 Months

I thought stopping using the topical would break me out, but it hasn't. I have only one very minor spot in the past 2 weeks. Skin has been clearing up nicely.

Only one cyst left on neck and few on shoulders...

Still only on 30mg per day. Just unbelievable how well this is working, I really don't expect it to last.

Pushing it to the test now, started back at the gym and eating absolutely what i want everyday. If that doesn't break me out then nothing will. So far dry lips is only side effect.


Month 2

Skin a lot less oily but more lines appear on forehead almost like skin is thinning but that's probably just a result of my skin become more fragile

Stopped using topical and no new spots as a result, but don't expect that to last

Still a few cysts but mainly on back that will take another 2 weeks to go

So far very happy and optimistic.


33 Days In

Heres what I've noticed so far:

Skin less oily which means I don't have to wash it as often which makes life easier

Not getting whiteheads anymore

I still get cysts and nodules that take ages to go away

Skin not much better than when I wasn't using

Hair growth around nose area which I haven't noticed before

Lips still dry but manageable

Hair remains dry for a while

Small spots clear up really fast


28 Days In

Nearly a month in now, although it feels longer. Still on only 30 mg per day.

Ate exactly what I wanted around Xmas: lots of deserts, wine, beer, dairy, fried foods, all sorts of unhealthy crap..As expected I have had some minor breakouts as a result, but the accutane seems to be warding off the major cysts. I only have a few on the back of my neck and shoulders...

Skin is still less oily but not dry, just about right... Hoping my skin starts to clear soon, because as it is today is no where near acceptable yet, but that must be due to the dosage..not very happy with my derm either, as she said I should stop using topicals because my skin would be sensitive. That's just not true. If I followed her advice I would have had much worse skin and more scarring to deal with


22 Days

My skin is a lot dryer. I no longer have a layer of oil and shiny forehead by the afternoon after washing my face in the morning. My skin actually feels like it gets dryer throughout the day as the moisturiser wears off. So far the only side effect is minor peeling of the lips and a dry mouth. This is easily corrected with lip balm and drinking water. My skin does look thinner, and I can see the lines in my forehead slightly more now. I still get breakouts of small spots, particularly on the back of my head, but only one to two cysts. My skin does look better than it has done for a long time. So far so good, hoping to up the dosage to 40mg in the next. Praying that one day I'll wake up without a single pimple.


10 Days In

10 days into my 30mg per day routine. I have had some minor breakouts over the last few days but my skin is the best it's been in 2 months. I don't think that's a result of anything other than less stress though. The only side effect so far is a bit of flaky skin around the lips. Nothing serious. Have another derm appointment in late January but might ask to bring it forward so I can up the dosage and get this over and done with - unless my skin gets a much better.

Was thinking today how much acne has impacted my life. Can't believe I've waited 15 years to go on accutane. I wish I had been pushed to go on it as a teenager. I have so much scarring now, my skin will never be the same.


Day 1 & 2

Ecstatic to be finally beginning on accutane as I have had mod/severe acne for 15 years!

I am only on 30mg per day which is around 0.4 mg/kg. I kind of agree with my derm on this approach as I would like to see how my body reacts before upping the dose although I expect my initial breakout to be worse as I have to stop using the topical and at this amount it will take longer for the accutane

So far I've taken 30mg yesterday and today. No side effects yet, not even dry lips, my skin is just normal. I guess it's too early to tell. Will update the blog when something worth noting takes place.