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A thirty-something trying to cure her stubborn acne

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1 Month 4 Days In

Hi there,

I am on holidays right now and I have of course taken my Regimen with me. Last week was going really well but I started breaking out again a couple of days ago.

A lot has changed, more food, softer water, colder weather etc, so I will wait to find the culprit. I switched the jojoba oil to rosehip one to try to heal better the scars I have on my right cheek. I know it does not break me out because I used to use it.

Apart from that I am still applying the Regimen regiously morning and night. I am not clear and for my milder case of acne, it is very deceiving. I know however that my case is very stubborn and as it seems to get better I will keep going... The hyperpigmentation is very very bad on my cheeks and it may not go away but it can be easily covered with make up :)

I am still using around 1 pump and half of BP and will increase to approximatively 2 pumps on Thurdsday night. I am not so sure of the amount of BP I am using right now because I decant my big bottles in smaller ones to have more travel friendly containers. I am using the finger method from the BP dosage chart so it may not be that bad. My skin is very dry especially on the outer perimeters but it is bearable...

Two more weeks with full amount of BP and I will be able to add AHA in the loop to deal with all the flakiness, dryness and scarring! The only thing I have noticed is that my blemishes seem to heal faster, this part sound true in my case.

That is it for today.

See you :)



25 Days

Hi there!

Last days have been quite epic with a lot of work, a bad cold ans Christmas shopping. But now I am back on tracks and best of all holidays are finally coming by the end if the week. I am so eager to see all my family soon even with my acne and current bad scarring :)

So what is new since last time? I was able to increase BP to one pump and a half last Thursday without any further damage. My skin does want to "swallow" that much BP so I have too wait longer for it to dry. Anyway, if it is the price I have to pay for clear skin I will do it.

The rash on my skin is nearly a bad memory. I still have a bit of pinkness there but nothing that unbearable. I can use again my classical Cetaphil lotion without jumping around because of the burning sensation.

My forehead has nicely healed and I have still one or two noticeable blemishes on my cheeks. They seem to get inflamed one after the other but it is definitely better even if hyperpigmentation will last for months.

My acne free dream for Christmas may remain a dream but I will keep going with the Regimen until at least end of January. I have to be patient :)

The only very annoying thing right now is the peeling around my eye area. It happens every time I increase the amount of BP. I will deal with it for now but it is painful when I blink especially in the morning :(. Even the heaviest cold cream does not cut it with dryness there anymore.

That is it for today. I will be able to spend two full weeks of vacation with hardly any make up on. Hope it will help fasten the healing process.

See you :)



20 Days

Today was exhausting. I had to wake up extra early and come back super late because of industrial trials. Sometimes being a scientist is not all about playing in a lab :). Anyway the day has gone and I was brave enough to perform my routine twice.

My neck seems to be a little better :). It still very very pink, it flakes/peel like crazy but for some reason I think it is on its last leg of painfulness. I will be able to increase BP to one pump and half tomorrow for sure which makes me happy. The dryness around my mouth has nicely subsided, the very perimeter of my face flakes a bit but at least it does not itch. My eye area is still dry but when I carefully protect it from the BP assault, it is very bearable. I still spot treat the biggest pimples with the BP/AHA combo. It burns pretty badly but in my case the pimples heal so much faster that I can suffer for a couple of minutes. I really look forward to being able to use AHA very night with my moisturizer it seems suite potent on my skin.

My jojoba oil is running low I think because of the "exfoliation" I do very night. I may switch to rosehip oil which I already own because of its anti-ageing, anti-scarring properties. Hope it will not break me out. Will let you know.

Week 3 was really similar to week 2 for me. No crazy improvement in my acne for now but I know it is very stubborn. I will not give up as I can stand the slight dryness/flakiness.

Hope to have better news in week 4 with the slight increase of BP. I might need the 2 full pumps in the end... But not before week 6. I will give 2 weeks to my skin to adjust and then perhaps through in the AHA one week later (week 9-10?).

That is it. See you :)



18 Days

My facial skin seems to be adjusting to the full pump of BP which is really nice :). I may be able to increase to one pump and a half on Thursday. It will take me a little longer to be able to use the full amount of BP but I am ok with that. I'd rather wait a lil longer and keep my skin under average control than jump too fast and end up looking like a snake. I do not have that many noticeable actives, maybe 6-7 on my entire face, but I have rather bad hyperpigmentation, especially on my cheeks. Each step at a time, will deal with that later on... :)

The rash on my neck is still really bad. I do not know how long it will last but I know that BP won't ever touch that part of my body again except for spot treating. It seems to be a little better with all the heavy moisturizer I apply several times a day. It starts to peel in "brownish" flakes because my skin is so dried and damaged there. I gently massage jojoba oil every night and remove it in circular motion with a wet washcloth. It exfoliates some of the extra flakes and help the moisture to get locked in. My skin was so dried and damaged last week that nothing seems to be able to penetrate. I now better understand what people call the tan effect when using the regimen; in my case it is only extreme dryness that make the upper layers of my skin crusty looking hence slightly more tanned than the rest of my skin.

That is it. See you :)



16 Days

My neck is still a messy itchy rash sad.png. I went to a pharmacy to have a more medicated piece of advice on how to treat that and each time the reaction of the physicists was "ouch". Yes! Ouch... Anyway it seems just a little bit better, it itches still but it starts to peel and the skin underneath seems ok.

Other than that, my right cheek has broken out and I have two cysts on my forehead sad.png. Right now my acne is slightly worse than when I started the regimen. I have to say I find it really annoying but as one of my cheek is nearly healed I will stick for at least a month before giving up.

I also tried to spot treat the biggest pimples/zit with the recommended combination of BP and AHA and OMG it burns like nothing else I have ever experienced... My skin is in a pretty painful state right now even if I upgrade my cleanser and my moisturizer.

That is it for today. I will try to update only once every two days. I hope to have better news by then and see a little bit more if my skin is on better tracks. I am pretty sure I will not be clear by Christmas which is a pain. I have to be patient. I think I could be if I were sure it would work but no one knows....

See you smile.png



2 Weeks In...

First of all there is absolutely no way I can keep treating my neck. I have the worst rash ever :(. I am really happy that it is winter right now so that I can wear shirts and sweaters with high neck line or even a scarf. Anyway it itches every single second of the day and it annoys me like hell. Moreover, it is bright red and it feels like sandpaper :( :(

The skin around my eyes is peeling also... Not really peeling; more like flaking even if I never ever applied BP that close to my eyes. Maybe it tends to migrate when I sleep. It is really weird...

The skin of my face is not suffering as much, it gets flaky around my mouth and it stays red all day long between my mouth and my nose. Thank God the redness can be covered with make up but for the flakiness I will have to deal with it no matter what... Please make my skin use to BP asap!

I do not really know what to do with my neck. I just spot treat the 2 pimples I have there with BP and a Q-tip. I just slather moisturizer and jojoba oil when I leave and as soon as I come back from work. I did not increase the BP amount tonight, there is no way my skin can handle anymore right now. I try to moisturize with something heavier like Egyptian Magic, cold cream and rash cream to see if it helps. Will let you know how long the rash last...

See you :) with better news I hope. I eat my words about the healing process of my blemishes. It seems like I only have scarring on my left cheek and two or three actives on my right one. At least some good news :)


13 Days

I know that week 2 can be painful but I did not plan it to be that hard on my skin. My skin is tomato red because of irritation especially my neck. I look like I got some light sunburn so there is no way I will increase the BP amount by tomorrow night. It looks ok in term of color with make up but the flakes make it gross :(

I am also a lil annoyed to have discovered at last two indented scars, one on each cheek :(. There are not that humongous, they look more like enlarged pores but I used to heal nicely. Maybe the exfoliation that will kick in later with the AHA will help with both hyperpigmentation and scarring. I will try other techniques such as microdermabrasion and chemical peel if needed. I really want my old skin back and will never ever pick to my skin again.

I may sound discouraged a bit tonight but I just feel that my skin is getting only more irritated everyday without any sign of extra healing. I wish for week 2 to end soon and for week 3 to start on better tracks.

Will keep you posted on my progress. Same amount of BP for an extra week

See you :)


12 Days

My skin is like sandpaper. I loose flakes of skin everywhere and it does not look good at all let me tell you. I used my traditional BB cream and it does not moisturize my skin more than my mineral powder.

Dryness has kicked in for sure... My skin itches like hell when I applied BP and even more when I moisturize with my beloved Cetaphil. However it subsides to bearable in a couple of minutes.

I did the jojoba "exfoliation" that is described on the forum and it seems to help a little bit to remove flakes! However it does not help with itchiness and I am pretty sure my skin will look like desert tomorrow morning. I have to find a way to use the 2 full pumps of moisturizer both morning and night with extra help of jojoba oil.

What my routine looks like right now and for the next week I think (there is no way I can increase the amount of BP tomorrow)

Morning : 1 pump of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

Treatment with my blue and red lights

Eye cream to protect my eye area

1 pump of Dan's BP

1.5-2 pumps of Cetaphil moisturizing lotion + 1 pump of jojoba oil (depending in how my skin feels)

Night : 2 pumps of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to remove makeup

Jojoba "exfoliation" and hot towel to remove most of it

Eye cream to protect my eye area

1 pump of Dan's BP

1 pump of Cetaphil moisturizing lotion

Later on, extra eye cream enriched with copper and zinc and then

1 pump of Cetaphil moisturizing lotion + 1 pump of jojoba oil

See you with better news soon I hope :)

My blemishes are still looking the same. A couple of whiteheads pop up and fade in one day.



Week 2, Keep Going...

Back to work today and my skin feels a lil like sandpaper. It is not unbearable by any means but it is not pretty either. The dryness is really kicking in but my breakouts are still slowly but surely fading. My skin is a bit redder mainly from the dryness caused by BP I think. It is kind of weird to think that BP is actually irritating your skin at first which is what we all try to avoid to "cure" our acne... But sometimes it has to get worse before getting better. :)

I meanwhile decided to stop taking my oral contraception because it was doing nothing good for me right now and I do not really need it anymore. Why taking fake hormones if you do not have to?

My eyes are still red and irritated but I tried to apply my eye cream before the BP as I read on one of the forums and it seems to help. I will keep doing it this way from now one. My forehead is still grainy but I think it is a little better too and my cheeks are clearing up. I will have hyperpigmentation, nothing really really bad but as long as they can be hidden with foundation I am ok with that for now. Will beat them with some AHA as a New Year Resolution.

Tomorrow I will try to wear my contacts because I have a huge meeting to attend. Hope my eyes will not be too sore after that. I will switch to a liquid foundation too probably a BB cream not to enhance the flakes of my skin.

Ok have to go now my skin is screaming for its night shot of jojoba oil :)

See you :)



An Other Weekend...

Well I have not been that great with my routine. I skipped the night time application on Friday night and went straight to bed with my full face of make up on. Really bad I know, but if you mix too much to drink with an unexpected villain ex boyfriend you get the best pic of my mood that day :(. Anyway my skin did not turn into a gigantic mess the day after and I am back on track...

I am still applying a full pump of BP and my skin is really really dry around my mouth and my eye area. I do not really know what to do to better protect this delicate area because my eyes are really getting irritated because of all this BP even if I do not apply it there. I switched to a heavier cream with zinc and copper to avoid further damage... Hope it will work.

It is quite annoying as the rest of my skin seems to be OK with the BP increase. For now I am not so sure I will reach one and half pump of BP on next Thursday... Will have to wait and see.

Sorry I did not post pics but the lighting is bad right now, I have to find a solution for that.

See you :)



1 Full Pump Of Bp!

What more can I say? Nothing really to be honest. I reached one full pump of BP tonight for my bedtime application and it did not change much except it took a lil more massaging to sink in. That being said, no itching, no redness, nothing... I am starting to wonder if it still does something for my skin. The tingling/itching means pimple healing in my opinion so even if I sound like a weirdo saying that, I found it reassuring. Bacteria were dying and I was making progress. As I do not feel that anymore, is my skin still improving? Will have to wait to know I think :P

Anyway I am happy that I do not suffer from classical BP secondary effects. And for now I do not have bleached anything! Yeah for me :) My acne seems to be under control, no new breakouts since I started the Regimen, the few ones that get inflamed are healing. On its way to clear skin most probably...

I still deal with a huge amount of clogged pores and blackheads but I do not have high hopes in that department for now. Maybe when the AHA kick in by the end of next month it will help with rough skin texture. I am also lucky that even my hyperpigmentation seems to fade with the use of BP. Some people argue on that but for me it seems to help.

I will try to put up close pictures of my breaking out areas this weekend to better check how they evolve but for now I must say that the Regimen has worked faster than anything else on my mild to moderate acne.

See you :)



One Week :)

I have been religiously performing the Regimen for a week and so far so good. My blemishes seem to heal slowly but surely. They have mainly flatten I would say, some of them may already be red spots but for now I do not really care about them. They can so easily be covered by powder foundation.

I have not been good about picking today. I reached for my comedon extractor and started damages on my nose and my forehead. Hope these nasties will not get inflamed during the night. Anyway, I will be the only one to blame... I do think that the Cetaphil lotion is a tad too rich for my nose area, I may have a couple more blackheads than usual. Will have a closer look to then in the next days.

Apart from that, my yesterday's night time moisturizing session was an immense success!!! So happy about that. The dryness is still a lil noticeable but no itchiness during the day. I have to confess I look like an oil slick when I go to bed but Teddy the stuffed bear does not care :P.

Oh and guess what? I receive my order today. The cleanser, the moisturizer and the AHA are mine! I think I will keep my Cetaphil duo for now. Do not fix it if it is not broken! I also fill my travel bottles for my upcoming trip, I hope they will hold enough products for two full weeks.

I think I am getting used to the time I have to dedicate to my skin routine. I even tend to find it relaxing at night time. Cleansing my face as soon as I come back from work, using my blue+red lamp, apply BP, brushing my teeth and washing my make up brushes, applying my eye cream and the first round of moisturizer... It may sounds time consuming and to be honest it is, but it helps me disconnect from work :). Right before bed, a quick brush through my hair and an extra shot of moisturizer enriched with jojoba oil. And voila! Ready to fall asleep with a good book.

Any rec for a good nighttime read?

See you :)



Day 6

The dryness has finally kicked in. My skin feels so tight when I am smiling. I does not overly hurt but it does not look super pretty either. I may have to switch to liquid foundation any time soon to prevent my skin to look lizard-like. Liquid is supposed to be more emollient than powder! It is very surprising that my skin texture changed so much between yesterday and today but it is the way it is supposed to be after a week of treatment I think.

I still have a couple of big papules on my jawline/lower cheeks but apart from that my skin seems to heal nicely. It is dry of course, it itches but no real tough redness to declare. If it keeps this track, I will be able to increase the BP amount tomorrow night when I hit the first week mark.

Actually I really like the Cetaphil lotion. Now that my skin has turned into dry leather it is really enjoying its thick layer of moisturizer especially at night. I moisturize twice : one pump 15 min after BP application, then one pump completed with jojoba oil right before going to bed. It really helps with the itchiness I think. I have to see if I can do the same in the morning to prevent itchiness all day long.

That it is for today. Hope the increase in BP will go well. Will let you know.

See you smile.png



Beginning Of A New Week

Ok so I may be going through a purge phase. I do have a couple more pimples that get inflamed but I am all right with that. It can happen, I know that, when you start a new skincare regimen. To distract people's attention from the current eruption, I rocked bright fuchsia/pink lips today and it worked I think. Colorsensational in hot plum (906) from Maybelline if you want to know everything :P.

My skin is slightly more irritated and stays red for a couple of minutes after I moisturize but nothing too unbearable. I increase the quantity of jojoba oil tonight in my Cetaphil lotion and it makes it so easier to spread.

The only thing I find really annoying right now is the tightness the Regimen leaves around my eye area. It feels like I have a bad sunburn and my skin is really really tight around there no matter how carefully I applied the BP and my moisturizer afterward. I hope it will not get further irritated or I will not be able to put eyemakeup anymore :(. Just wonder if it can come from my eyemakeup remover? Maybe I will try jojoba oil tomorrow instead to see if it helps a bit. I used to use oil remover to take of both my eye and face makeup but I can not to do that anymore with the Regimen. Anyway I will buy a soothing cornflower hydroxyl to do cold compresses and perhaps a richer eye cream to fight the dryness. Will let you know if you are interested!

I ordered a couple of empty bottles to travel with my Regimen as I will have to leave for 2 weeks soon. I hope I will not mess up with the quantities, having a pump is is useful for that!

That is it for today. Looking forward for Christmas to see my whole family with hopefully clearer skin.

See you :)



Sunday News...

Today was supposed to be a no makeup day too but I ended up going out for a movie with my BF and her husband so makeup was kind of mandatory. Nothing crazy but with enough coverage not to scare people :)

The cyst on my right cheek has turned into an enormous volcano that exploded when I washed my face this morning. Sorry for being gross :s. It hurts really bad and I can do nothing except treating it as kindly as I can. How long will this nasty last? I do not know... On the other hand the one of my chin started to peel so I hope it will be gone soon. Apart from that, I think I am doing quite well, my cheeks seem to heal well without too much irritation. The BP made my eyes water tonight so I will try to apply a wet cotton pad on my eye area after BP application. It may help protect this delicate area a lil bit better :). I will let you know! My skin itches a bit but nothing unbearable, no redness or crazy flakiness to declare for now :D.

The only thing that has not change at all for these very first few days is my forehead texture. It is as grainy as it was but I guess it is normal from what I learn in school it takes around 28 days for a brand new layer of skin to come to the surface. Patience is the key to success.

See you.



Day 2

Today was kind of so-so. I planned not to wear make-up as I have nowhere important to go and perform the regimen twice as prescribed.

From what I see now, I could definitely not use a full pump of Cetaphil lotion. I looked like an oil slick all day long however it seems to help with the dryness, itchiness and flakiness so far. Maybe I will have to reach for more of it when I increase the BP amount next week...

One of the spots on my right cheek turned into a papule/small cyst during the day which I find quite annoying because it hurts. However it may mean that the bacteria are trying to reach the surface which sounds good to me.

The cyst on my chin growed a head so I decided to pop it as described on the site. It still very noticeable and as I do not have my AHA yet I just put an extra bit of BP on it to help disinfect. It will not make it go away faster but that my only solution right now.

I have also to say that the Regimen is so time consuming compared to my old routine! I hope I can keep on tracks with it and not drift away... I am pretty sure I will have some hard time with late night or super early morning... Wait and see.

The included picture is here to remind me what my skin looked like a year ago. I want to go back there and

I will do my best to achieve this goal.


See you



Day 1,5 :)

First full day using the Regimen with my Cetaphil duo :)

I really disliked having to get up earlier this morning to perform the routine in the best conditions but if it is what it costs to have great skin I can bother.

I was scared to discover new breakouts when I woke up but finger crossed it was not the case. I have kind of a small nodule just under my lower lip because I pick up at a whitehead. Like many other acne sufferers I am a picker but I try not to to prevent scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Applying Cetaphil lotion in the morning is not easy, especially a full pump. I know that my skin may get drier but boy I am not used to use that much moisturizer. I have been lucky with my makeup after this lotion, my mineral foundation went on so smoothly and I did not look like a greasy ball during the day. To be honest, not more than any other day with oily skin ^^

I try to remove my full face makeup as soon as I come home from work. I also repeat my light session on all my breaking out areas. My Cetaphil lotion with extra drops of jojoba took for ever to sink in but it ends up being absorbed.

In term of results, nothing new under the sun but after a day it would have been a miracle. A bit of dryness, a little itching but if it stays like that I will be a happy camper.

See you.



Let's Do This...

Ok first of all, I am not a native English speaker so bear with me even if my grammar drives you nuts... Please :)

So my name is Sandra and I turned 30 this year. I have never had perfect skin, some blemishes here and there from time to time. But my skin used to be way better than it is right now. I was lucky enough not to suffer from bad acne in high school and college but (there is always a but) it came later in its glorious form, I name it, hormonal adult acne. For a couple of years, I was able to keep it at bay thanks to the pill but I can't take it anymore thanks to hideous headaches... Yeah lucky me I know, headaches, acne and guess what I wear glasses too! Nice picture hum? Maybe I will upload one one day so you can see by yourself :)

Anyway, I have an other form of oral contraception which can, of course, trigger acne otherwise the challenge won't be hard enough. I will try to go off it next month but for now I have to stick with it.

About my acne? It is not the worst you have ever seen but it annoys me anyway. I will call it mild to moderate. I have many zits on both of my lower cheeks, my jawline and my forehead is all "grainy". My pretty clear areas are surprisingly my chin, my nose (I have sebaceous filaments anyway), the apples of my cheeks, my temples and around my eyes. And guess what? I started The Regimen tonight with what I already own (I ordered the rest from the website last week, I have to wait for it to come to Europe...)

- Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, two full pumps

- The treatment, half a pump to start slowly

- Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, one pump. This stuff takes for ever to sink in!!!

I also throw in between cleanser and treatment my light therapy device which combine blue and red lights. I know you are not supposed to add extra steps but it is not really skincare and it does not drag on the skin so it cannot hurt.

I will stick to mineral makeup as much as I can to avoid further irritation. For now on, the only thing I can say is that the treatment did not burn when applied. I used to use BP so maybe it helps a little bit?

That is it for today :) I will try to come back tomorrow to say how it goes. Hope to have some good news and clearer skin let say by Christmas

Leave me comments or just say hi, it is always nice.


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