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What I have lately come to realize is that treating acne from the inside out is much easier than treating it from the the outside only. What I mean is if our internal organs are receiving the right amount of nutrition and care, than our skin would take care of itself. Here's my story:

I started eating 3 apples a day at the beginning of April because from a summary of "acne away in 3 days" says that if u basically eat apples for 3 days and nothing else, and shove a cleaning device up ur rear end, u can clear up all of ur acne. So i basically said screw that and decided just to eat 3 apples a day and see wat happens. The result was that no new acne appeared from that point on, and I can definetly see scars fading away and my face being less oily. So i kept doing this until the mid of May when I flew back to china. The whole flight trip took more than 22 hours and i forgot to bring my apples. So the second day i was in china, two big pimples started forming on my forehead. In china, there were so many food to eat and by the end of the day, I had no more room for apples. So basically wat happened was that I got a dozen new pimples on my forehead by the end of the trip, and I wasnt happy about that. So 3 days before flying back to the US, I decided to go to the market and by me a handfull of apples. I started eating 3 apples a day for the last 3 days and brought 3 more for the flight home. After those 3 days and a dreadful, boring flight, my forehead was almost back to clear again. There were only some scars left from previous acne, but no new pimples dares even to come out.

So basically my point is that if we take care of our body and eat more fruits and vegetables, then our skin will take care of itself. By eating apples, I'm helping my body to detoxicate all the burgers and fries that I eat everyday. I am a big food junkie myself, so stop eating steaks and thickburgers are an impossible task for me. But by eating 3 apples a day, I can keep my nurtition in balance. Now, you might think eating 3 apples a day might be hard, but wat i found out is that it's far easier and less time consuming than applying all those creams, gels, and lotions on ur face every morning and night. I hope that you guys try it because eating apples can only be good for you, and it is far better and safer than applying all those chemicals on your face. Remember, that it's not wat you are eating causing ur acne, it's wat you r not eating!

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