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About this blog

A girl's journey on tretinoin to try and get rid of acne for the second time. Updating my passage weekly.

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Retin-A: Week 0


I decided to make a log about how I (well, my face) goes through Retin-A.

A little background information about me;

I've had acne for seven years now. I started when I was in 7th grade, and well here I am now in college, STILL dealing with acne. I've tried a lot of treatments, but the ones I kept using for a long time were Proactiv, Differin and Accutane, respectively. Accutane cleared my skin for approximately 6 months, but then when I started my classes again and I had all of these tests crammed into one week and I started breaking out. Sadly, I get cysts, and they've been on my face now for a month and maybe more, and they still haven't healed.

Anyways, I went back to dermatologist and got prescribed Tretinoin 0.025% (Retin-A) along with Clindamycin, and the instructions didn't specify where to apply it. So I just started on where I had acne, and after 1-2 weeks I decided I'll just put it over my face, since I consider topicals to be about preventing.

Not sure if I'm eager to have my face breakout from this gel, but oh well.. Here we go, Week 0!

Current state:




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