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Accutane! Week 2

Hi again.

Wow this drug is hitting me pretty hard.

I know I was trying to read up a lot before I got on this stuff so if anyone wants to know some of the immidiate side effects here they are...

Week 1

Not really any huge side effects but towards the end of the week I noticed my lips we're becoming really dry.

And no real skin improvement.

Week 2


My skin is literally falling off my face

My lips are so dry I'm having to apply aquipher ever 30-hr

My face looks so gross it's literally peeling everywhere.

My body is killing me... The worst body pain I've ever had. Mostly in my back and chest.

I'm having the craziest mood swings

Last night I just started crying for no reason at all.

Also do NOT wax your eyebrows!

All my skin came off:/

Comment if you have questions


Accutane, Week 2, Help!

Hi I am 17 years young 140 ibs and was prescribed 40 mg. I don't know exactly how long the doc planned on keeping me on this stuff but I think the regularly time is about 6 months?

I've been dealing with acne for a while... Started puberty really young so I've been breaking out since about 5th grade...

Acne is such a pain and I truly feel for whoever is dealing with this... It has broke me down completely to the point where my confidence is 0 and it is interfering with every aspect of my life.

Luckily I do not have severe cystic acne..

Mine I think is more moderate but I also get big cystic acne on my cheeks regularly and my skin is bumpy all the time and covered in black heads.

I pick at my skin I know it only makes it worse but it's a very bad habit of mine.

Also my hair and skin are very oily.

Anyway it's been about two weeks. I am totally new to this and I have read up as much as I can but I would definitely appreciate some answers and feedback from people who are going through this or have gone through it!

-My back is killing me! Whenever I lay down it's like I have to hold me breath because there is a sharp pain that goes all the way up. Also major chest pains!

-I don't think I've seen any difference in my skin... I'm still waiting for that "IB" hopefully it won't come but has anyone not had one or if they have when did it hit you and how long did it last???

-my lips are okay... I never likes using chap stick and they are getting very dry so I'm just gonna have to get used to that I guess.. I'm currently using aquipher does anyone know of something better???

-has anyone experienced hair loss/dry hair?

Feedback would be really helpful thank you!

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