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hello i am jodie

i am jodie, i am 15 years old and i have had acne since i was 12. I have tried many products to help my acne but none of them have worked for me. Luckily i am now on roaccutane and i have been on it for 2 weeks now, and i am seeing a slight improvement already. it does give me very dry and sore lips though, and of course very dry skin. the side effects of the drug don't seem nice, and i just hope i don't get any. having acne has been very hard and painful too. but more so embaresing. i'd just coat my face in make-up which doesn't help my skin and just clogs my pores. hopefully by november, my skin should have cleared, and i will no longer need to be on roaccutane. unfortunetly though, i do have alot of acne scaring so i just hope that my scars will eventually fade. also being on accutane, you have to stay out of the sun as it can dry your skin out even more which is a downer for me as i love being in the sun and sunbathing, trying to get a tan. i just hope that by november, i should have no spots and be able to happy and feel comfortable around others and not feeling self concious all the time.

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