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Update on skin

So, I haven't had a new pimple in about 5 days!! 5 DAYS!!! Coming from someone who usually has about 3 or 4 new ones a day, this is amazing. PLUS, it's that time of the month. Can you say miracle? So yah it's only been 5 days, so it's too early to tell if something is actually working, or if I'm just having a really good week. But, we'll see! I'll keep you updated. :wub:


Changes to regimen

Got some new stuff from my parents in the mail, so here's my updated regimen:


☆Zinc 30mg

☆Vitamin C 500mg

☆Vitamin E

☆Omega 3

☆Probiotic Multi-Vitamin

☆L-Trepein (to enhance liver function)

☆Indole-3 (not too sure what this is for, my mom said the doctor reccomended it, so I'm giving it a shot. I think it may regulate estrogen)


☆ 2tbs ACV in water

☆ 1-2cups liver cleansing tea

☆ 1/2tsp chlorophyll in juice/water (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties)


☆ Wash only with water when possible, use clinique mild cleanser for dry skin when I wear makeup (I hate this cleanser, I really want to find a new one)

☆ Moisturize with Aveeno Calming Moisturizer spf 15

☆ Spot treat with Clinique BP cream


My Mom got me some Liver Cleansing Tea from the naturopath and sent it to me, so I started drinking that yesterday. It's made of cinnamon and a bunch of other natural yucky tasting stuff, lol.

I stopped with the green tea toner, because even though I found that it evened out my skin tone I got a bunch of tiny pimples on my forehead (which is always clear) so that freaked me out!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Started drinking ACV today. Someone reccommended it to me, and I thought I might aswell give it a shot! Doubt it'll do any harm anyways. :boogie:


Green Tea Toner

I'm loving the green tea toner!!!!

It is making my skin tone really even! And has gotten rid of the redness on my cheeks. This stuff is amazing! Please give it a try! I've only been doing it for a few days, and my skin looks a lot healthier.

Not sure if it helps with pimples, but my skin just looks better in general, so I'm gonna keep it up :boogie:


Green Tea

I stopped drinking green tea a few weeks ago. Not sure why...??? lol But I started to feel like crap (lack of caffeine?), so I decided to start drinking it again.

I am also using the left-over tea bag as a toner in the morning and at night. It makes my skin feel soft and fresh! I love it! I have really oily skin, and it seems to help. You guys should definitely give it a try :boogie:


Yay :)

Today was the first time I changed "My Mood" to happy :lol: So, that must be a good sign. I'm starting to feel better about my skin, and myself in general.

I had a really horrible breakout last week :boogie: , but that could've (and probably was) because it was 'that time of the month'.

But, my skin is recovering from that, and the other previously badly broken out parts are looking better and better everyday!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :boogie:


So it's been about 2 weeks since I started taking Zinc, and I only have 2 small active pimples right now!!! :boogie: Trust me, that is realllllly good. Before starting I probably had about 20. :boogie: I am also doing some other things other than taking the Zinc, so I'm not sure if it is the Zinc that is working. But here's a list of all the stuff I have been doing:


☆ Taking 30mg Zinc every morning

☆ Take Vitamin C every morning

☆ Take a probiotic multi vitamin every morning

☆ Take a fish oil capsule every morning

☆ Only drink bottled water, about 1.5 - 2 litres a day

☆ Switched from white rice to brown rice (I live in Japan, so I eat a lot of rice)

☆ Trying to cut down on crappy snack food, I think I've done a pretty good job.


☆ Use Clinique face wash for dry skin morning/night

☆ Put Tea Tree/Aloe gel on my face morning/night

☆ Switched to a foundation made from natural ingredients

I hope this helps someone!!! :lol:


Zinc/Tea Tree Oil Gel

I started taking 30mg of zinc every morning! I've heard so many good reviews about it, I'm really hoping it will work for me too :redface: I also take a multi, vitamin C and a fish oil capsule.

I've also started using a Tea Tree Oil gel on my face after I wash it. It's also got Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel in it, which I have heard to be good for skin, so we'll see how it goes!

My Mom sent me a new foundation that she found at the health food store in Canada, it's supposed to be made of stuff that won't affect my skin, but I noticed that it's got a few oils in it (Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Oil and Sesame Oil). I've always used oil-free foundation so that kinda freaks me out, but I've used it for a couple days now and haven't had any breakouts. :) Anyone know anything about these ingredients? Do you think they are bad for my skin?


I decided I might as well start a blog to keep track of what I'm doing, and if there are any improvements with my skin. :)

I moved to Japan last year (from Canada) and since then my skin has been horrrrrible. I never had a problem with it before coming here, so I figured it might be caused by something I'm eating/drinking. :redface:

My Dad mentioned they might be treating the water here with something that is affecting my skin. So last week I stopped drinking the tap water, and switched to drinking bottled water. I'm trying to drink as much as I can, but I usually end up having around 1.5 - 2 litres a day. Is this a good amount? Or should I be trying to drink more? :dance:

I've noticed that my skin has improved a bit. It's less red, and the number of pimples has gone down. But recently I just got 2 huge ones... so I dunno. :dance:

My Mom sent me a package in the mail a few days ago with some Zinc tablets (I'm gonna try that, after seeing so many good reviews), and some natural foundation she got at the healthfood store in Canada. I've been using Annabelle SkinTrue liquid foundation for about a year now cause it's the only foundation I can find to match my skin (I'm so pale :( ) but I don't like the way it feels on my face after wearing it for a few hours, and I think it might be making my skin worse. So I'm hoping that this natural makeup will be good!

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