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Into Month 3

about half way into my third month on low dose accutane and my skin is completely clear. I do have marks that have yet to fade from past pimples or ones that I tried to pop, but nothing new is coming up and the surface is pretty much perfect! I do use topicals once and a while like aczone and epiduo just to keep things in check. Have not really experienced severe drying besides lips (which are manageable) and hair which i was less frequently. All and all its been a good experience after the initial purging. I am going to stay on this low dose for a few more months to make sure the acne does not come back.


Week 7

So much improvement finally! My skin is not perfect yet, still some marks left over and the small bumps/whiteheads under the skin have decreased in size and amount. My skin is basically smooth, and by the end of the month I can see it being near perfect. Haven't really had any pimples breakout and when they do they disappear fast. Hoping for the improvement to continue, but i am happy with how my skin is looking right now.


Week 5

Unfortunately I have not made as much progress as I was hoping for by the beginning of month two. The texture of my skin has vastly improved, can almost feel soft at some times. The pimples that are coming up are really tiny, but the bigger ones that I had been dealing with from the IB have no vanished yet, they take forever! I am taking 20mg a day but I think I need to increase my dose, which I will try to do with my derma in a couple weeks. I am hoping that in the next few weeks I will start to see change, since I hear month two is pretty good for most people. Hardly any side effects besides dry lips. Skin is not getting oily which is nice, but it is a lot redder than usual. Pimples are more pronounced because of this. Blackheads seem to be getting better as well. But the sides of my checks down to my chin are still a problem area, as well as the top top of my forehead has started breaking out which it never did before. Fingers-crossed that improvement continues, but I wish it was happening faster!


Week 4

Just about to finish week four. Definite improvement from the initial breakout but my skin is no better than before I started accutane. I heard the second month is really where it kicks in so I am hoping for that. My skin has felt less dry (perhaps it is adjusting?) and my hair is quite dry, but I am still showering once a day. I have no completely stopped breaking out but the stuff they I do have does just seem to be lingering from the IB, pimples seem to take a lot longer to heal on accutane. I am going to see my derma a the 6th week mark to up my dosage hopefully, still at about 20mg a day right now. Side effects are only dry lips and maybe a little bit more fatigue, but nothing major.


Week 3

Not much change from week 2. Oil has dried up completely, even my hair is very very dry (can hardly wash it once a day now, whereas it used to get oily by the end of the day!). Started taking 3 40mg pills a week instead of 2, which would equal about 17mg a day. Not too much more improvement, but definitely not getting worse anymore which is good. Something strange: when I try and pop a pimple, even if it has a whitehead it bleeds every time, this never happened to me before accutane. Also been putting aczone on spots to make them heal faster. Hoping to see more improvement now that my dose is a little higher.


Week 2

All the oil has completely dried up! My skin and lips are pretty dry, nothing moisturizer can't handle. Even the skin on my hands is dry! Still in the initial breakout period, my pimples are more red than they usually are. They are also a lot harder to pop, skin is just very "stiff". After this month on 10 mg hoping to move to 20 mg (40mg every other day). I only weigh 85 lbs so this is half of my max dose (not really that low of a dose!)


Week 1

Went to the dermatologist and he prescribed me Accutane 40 mg. He said I should only take one pill a week (my acne is quite mild, yet persistent, compared to most) but told me I could "jump start" the process by taking two pills a week. I only weigh about 85 lbs so it is not as low a dose as it would be for others. First week I have definitely noticed an initial breakout, although my doc said I probably wouldn't get one considered the other treatments I have already done. My skin is also MUCH more oily than usual. Derma said I would start seeing results in 6 weeks! Skin is looking REALLY bad right now.