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My Current Acne Battle

It's been almost a month since my last entry. Unfortunately, my skin has gone worse. It has been incredibly frustrating to be in this position and I am seriously starting to get a little bit depressed. not too serious. But serious enough that I would avoid seeing anyone else but my boyfriend. It doesn't help that my family (mum especially) scrutinizes my face every single day. I remember one day we were at the dining table and for a good 20 minutes, we talked about my acne.

I am on oral medication for my acne as I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome): Amoxycillin 500mg 3xday, Spirinolactone 100mg x1/day. When I first using these medications I was breaking out on my chin. That has settled now after 5 weeks but since two weeks ago, my acne has spread throughout my lower cheeks bilaterally. It is red and clumped out close together. I also have very little deep whiteheads clumped up together that I really do not know how to get rid of. These whiteheads turn into cystic acnes. At the moment I have about a good 20+ acnes on my face, mostly cystic and it is so so so so bad.

What makes it worse is that I have to get blood tests every 1-3 months to see if the medications are not so strong for my body. Result came back and my liver function is a bit abnormal which has not happened before and as well as my inflammatory markers. However, my dermatologist said pursue with the medications and have another blood test in 3 months. I told him that my acne is getting worse but he said it takes 3-4 months for the medications to show difference. I have only been in this medication for 5 weeks and I have to go overseas in about 6 weeks so I am kinda running out of time to get my skin cleared. I am not looking forward to see relatives and friends and scrutinizing, judging my face.

Please share to me any remedies to get rid of whiteheads. They are very depressing. They become cystic and they can't be extracted either. Please help me. anyone. if anyone is reading. :)


Hi Everyone,

So my issues on acne currently has led me to this page and thus led me to this. Blogging.. Acne has damaged my self-esteem and my life intermittently most of my life. And it is quite rewarding to see that I am not alone - there are others who go through what I go through.

Just a background of my acne:

I started getting acne since I was 11-12. It wasn't that bad then. My acne is hereditary unfortunately. But when I turned 14 the battle started. I would get moderate acne on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin but nothing on my back and neck. I have been on antibiotics intermittently to relieve my acne. First round was on Amoxycillin 500mg 3x/day for less than 6 months. When I started seeing the results I became lazy and stop. Second round was Doxycycline for give or take 2-4 months roughly. It was prescribed to me by my GP not my dermatologist. He said not point going to dermatologist if he can prescibe it to me anyway. And that was taken with effect.

In conjunction with Doxycycline, I was starting to try ProActive. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED PRODUCT. I was on ProActiv for 2 years and my face was good. However, whenever I get a pimple, it wasn't a pimple it was a cystic acne which I have never ever had experience before. And there won't go on the surface either. I would relieve it with BP and it seems as though the dirt is just accumulated within the skin rather than coming out to the surface. I had good skin for 2 years being on these two regimen. However, when my friend told me how ProActiv accumulates dirt beneath the skin rather than surfacing it, I stopped.. abruptly too! I used Clinique 3 step skin care and that went down the drain. After I stopped ProActive, OMG THE BREAKOUT WAS HORRENDOUS! Cystic acne broke out on my chin and all the dirt was surfacing all at once! This called for another round of antibiotics from my dermatologist 4-6 months Amoxycillin 500mg 3x/day. My face cleared up after 4 months and everything went smoothly again but when I stopped, after a few months, I would get acne only one at a time and very manageable.

However, a year later which led to now, my face has gone back to square one. However, in a different way. I was getting whiteheads (comedones) that would turn into acnes or pimples and they were all clumped up on my jawline and not going up to the sides of my cheeks, foreheads,in between the eyebrow and side of the eyebrows. At the moment I have about 20 pimples here and there popping up due to these whiteheads. However, prior to these whiteheads popping up, I changed my skin care regimen to this French brand called Gernetics. Please let me know if you've heard of it. You do not use water for wash but rather this milk consistency cleanser. I had a facial and this facial called Carboxy Therapy done as well 3 times to 'bring all the dirt out' according to my beauty therapist. I stuck on that regimen for 3 months but didn't see any improvement AT ALL! I got fed up paying $160 getting Carboxy Therapy done and just made my face look horrifying acnes popping up randomly. I mean I suppose that's what facial does for you, but cmon I mean 3 months? There should be some improvement manifesting right? Plus it didn't help that the beauty therapist who owns the place would compliment me and say oh it looks good already EVEN THOUGH MY FACE WAS EXTREMELY RED EVERYWHERE FROM THE EXTRACTING AND THE ACNES.

Anyway, I became fed up with it and saw my dermatologist again 2 weeks ago. He put me in a different medication regime this time. Because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), this is one of the factors I am breaking out. He said there's no point being on antibiotics when your hormones are playing up. So now I am currently taking Amoxycillin 500mg 3x/day and Spirinolactone 100mg 1x/day.


I am on week 2 of this medication regimen. My face is worst than it has been. I don't know what is going on!!! I am so frustrated. Everyday there's a new acne that pops up. Make up sometimes is no use because acne bumps are very invisible especially in my chin area and the whiteheads clumped up together also show. I am going mental looking at my face every single minute, dreaming to wake up with a flawless face and so conscious of seeing how people will look at my face because they can't hide looking at your imperfections. I can't blame them it's human nature.

The derm told me Spirinolactone will take about 9-12 months for you to see the results. And I am going overseas to see my family in exactly 10 weeks. Each week my face has just gotten worse and worse. Doesn't really help that family especially the older relatives are very judgements and vocal about their opinions. 'OH NO! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?','WHY ARE YOU BREAKING OUT?'. And they tell you how they would manage it back in their day. I mean seriously, just leave me alone...

My current skincare regimen :

Morning: BodyWash Deep Poor Cleaning SeaWeed Cleanser

Gernetics Fibro Toner

BodyWash SeaWeed SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer

Benzo 10% on acne

Night: BodyWash Deep Poor Cleaning SeaWeed Cleanser

Gernetics Fibro Toner

Cetaphil Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Stevi-A cream 0.1% on acne

I have tried everything under the sun, bought everything that promises good skin and even tried natural remedies. But at this point, it hasn't stopped my face from becoming aggravated. As we speak, I feel some itchiness in my chin and side of my cheeks. I don't know why and it has been red. I was one a combination skin but at the moment for some reason I am dry skin. With alot of acnes.

What am I doing wrong? Am I just very impatient? This is so heartbreaking. This blog is quite a handful. The next few blogs will be updates of how my skin is. I hope someone can help me or calm me down. It is quite the terrible curse that of all places in the body will appear, it is the forefront, the apple of the eye of the body.

Anyway, you have a good one guys. Let me know how your acne journey goes to. We're all in this together! :D

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