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FREE SUGARS may have caused my acne

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I have proven it.

I did not take garlic for two days even though I was low sugar, my acne came back. Not very bad though, just a few white heads.

Today, I took raw garlic, one big clove, after my morning coffee.

I've also decided that I would not drink coffee more than once a day as it messes up with my bathroom habits. I tend to pee a lot, even during sex/masturbation.

Anyways, I am confident that my face will clear again in a few days.


Maintaining My Diet

I still get some pimples, but they are really tiny.

I also lowered the amount of raw garlic I take as I find garlic lowers my sexual drive.

Right now, I only:

eat white rice

eat green leafy veges like kale, spinach, mustard and collard greens

drink coffee with liquid stevia (when my stevia runs out, i'll switch to black coffee)

eat fish (all sorts)

I try not to eat salty food, MSG and other foods not on the above list.

So far, my face is quite clear.


Vitamins And Minerals

I think it is important to eat a variety of foods. But unfortunately a lot of foods contain a lot of sugar. Most fruits contain a lot of sugars and sugar is a definite no no for acne. Most vegetables can be sugary too so they can also be bad.

So I think we need to eat foods that will give us the most vitamins and minerals without them packing a lot of sugar per cup.

And I believe this is where green leafy vegetables enter our diet.

I've figured that we don't need to eat fruits and other starchy vegetables. All we really need to eat is green leafy vegetables because they practically contain almost all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need.

All we need to add is lean meat. I prefer my meat to come from chicken and fish.

White long grain rice is my main source of energy and is definitely healthier than other sources of carbs even if they say it is "bad".

Overall, a diet should be anti-inflammatory.

I'd say Yes to Low fat, low sugar diet.


FREE Sugars cause acne in me so I eat only foods that contain the least free sugar, while at the same time having the most vitamins and minerals per cup.

So far these are the food I consume.

I eat 2 cloves of raw garlic every morning.

I drink coffee all day with liquid stevia from sweet leaf. Coffee does not break me out at all. Without it, I'd be dead all day.

I only eat chicken and fish like mackerel.

I only eat white long grain enriched rice as my main carb every day.

I only eat dark leafy vegetables as my main vegetables. I believe that dark leafy greens provide all types of vitamins and minerals by themselves so I don't need to eat a lot of vegetables.

I don't eat fruits at all.

In the shower, I use Head and Shoulders Classic Clean all over my face and body because I tend to peel. I think I suffer from seborrhea. So I use the shampoo, and it works. I don't have much dead skin or dry skin after shower.


My chest acne is clear.

My face doesn't break out anymore.

My back only has a few spots that are healing.

Overall I'd say I'm happy with my skin.


Can the amount of free sugars in food cause acne? I seem to have figured out my problem.

I thought I was allergic to fructose so I eliminated sugary foods to cure my acne. I eliminated table sugar and high fructose foods. I eliminated processed sugars, ready to buy items at the grocery stores and red meat.

But my acne never went away. Since I thought I was allergic to fructose, I switched to dextrose for my coffee. But turns out, this was also a big mistake. Dextrose actually made my acne worse. Not only that, I also suffered fatigue and body aches. I felt like I was tired all the time.

So I thought if I really was sensitive to fructose, then why did the dextrose not work? Why did I still break out?

Based on my experience, fructose malabsorption might not be my problem. My problem seem to be consumption of FREE sugars. These free sugars are sugars that are ready to be digested upon consumption. Such sugars include sucrose, maltose, glucose, galactose and lactose.

This means that it isn’t the fructose that is my problem. It is all the FREE sugars.

The reason why I think free sugars might be my problem is because when I eat long grain rice, I don’t seem to break out. This is contrary to many diet suggestions as they say white rice is a refined carbohydrate, which means is easily digested and used as energy.

But I looked at white rice’s nutrition data. According to nutrition data, white rice contains 126 mg of sucrose, 15.8 mg of glucose, 31.6 mg of fructose and 0 mg for lactose, maltose and galactose. Rice’s sugar content is only .2g per cup.

Compared this to sweet potatoes which I thought were healthier for me, sweet potatoes actually contained more free sugars than rice. Per cup, sweet potatoes contain a total of 13g of sugar. It’s got 4559mg of sucrose, 1140mg of glucose, 1000mg of fructose, 6240mg of maltose and 0 mg of lactose and galactose.

Even though sweet potatoes are high in vitamins and minerals compared to rice, they are actually higher in FREE sugars.

This leads me to believe that FREE sugars cause acne and inflammation.

This does not matter where these free sugars come from. Whether they come from fruits, vegetables or meat that are otherwise considered healthy.

A LOT of foods contain free sugars that are easily digested by the body. I think these are bad. Not only for the skin, but also for the body.

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