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My diet and acne diary

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Day 2

Today my face is 90% clear. I only have two or three tiny zits. My back on the other hand is maybe just a little bit better. It's hard to tell but it's definitely not as bumpy as usual.

Now onto what I ate.

I had two eggs and some ham both fried with coconut oil

sautéed spinach with olive oil and meat loaf

A carrot stick

And I'm gonna have a granola bar later

And of course, a sh*t ton of water.

Goodnight ✌️


Day 1

My skin has some minor breakouts near the jaw line and temple. I have no cysts but remember I don't get them anymore because I stopped consuming dairy.

My back on the other hand is still broken out. Not totally wrecked but it's still pretty bad.

Now what I ate today.

A nature valley original granola bar. So good


About Me

I'm 23 years old and I've dealt with acne for 15 years. I won't go into the physical and emotional toll it took on me because everyone's is familiar with the feeling or you wouldn't be reading this. Of course I've tried almost everything except for accutane. The only thing that "temporarily" saved my skin was birth control. It was like a saving grace for me. No more greasy hair, skin, raging emotions and of course, no more acne. I literally woke up one morning and my skin was completely clear. Now fast forward to getting off the pill, which I did about 6 months ago. First three months everything was calm... Smooth sailing until I noticed my back started to break out. Lovely. My face still has minor to moderate breakouts depending on the time of the month. And then some days, it's fully under control. And I know it's because about 5 months ago, I gave up dairy. I can't say completely because I still ate cheese sometimes because I personably believe melty cheese is gods gift to humanity. Anyway, I cut down on it ALOT. I stopped drinking milk completely which was hard because it's always been a comfort drink for me. I replaced it with coconut milk which is ok.. My cysts I noticed were non existent. .....except on my back. Nothing is helping. So I did some research about diet and acne and how carbs may be another culprit. I've decided I'm gonna record my findings and see what happens each day.

I'll state right now my procedure and tomorrow and everyday after that, I'll record my skin condition and what I ate that day.

Daily skin care routine you might wonder? None. I don't believe in washing my face except for the occasional splash of cold water and a towel pat to remove dirt but I'd hardly call that washing. I learned through trial and error, washing my face with soap is terrible. It didn't help one bit and in face made it worse. Convenient right?

I'm not taking any supplements, vitamins, or acne medications. Topical or oral. I'm trying to keep everything very simple.

I do where makeup most days. Bare minerals only for foundation. No primer and no moisturizers first. And mars blush. Be their give me any problems although my bare minerals can leave black heads that are very easy to get out of my skin. It's not bad enough to stop wearing it though. Although I am gonna cut back wearing makeup a lot because like I said. I wanna keep things simple. I've had friends that always had clear glass smooth skin and then started working at sephora, and they broke out because if you work there, you have to wear foundation. It tore up their skin.

Now to my actual diet:

When I wake up, I'll try to finish off a bottle of water in an hour or two.

I will only eat veggies of any kind (besides potatoes.)

Apples and grapefruit only for my fruit.

Coconut milk or almond milk

Chicken occasionally

So basically a paleo diet if I had to label it. I will stay away from

Dairy of any kind

Any carb

Refined sugars

Red meat (although I'm unsure if this hurts my skin or not

Soda, juice (water and coconut milk only)

I like the saying "if you're great grandma wouldn't recognize it as food, don't eat it." I'm gonna stick with the above diet and record my skin everyday.

I'm hoping I'll get results. If you stuck through and read this all, thank you.

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