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Here is my journey from day one of accutane. Hope this provides some good insite on what to expect when taking accutane.

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Hey guys so I've been very happy thus far with my accutane journey. Stopped getting breakouts everywhere except the sides of my face which isn't bad at all. I know I only get breakouts when I drink alcohol which I was because of the holidays.

Just got back from my derm and everythings going great.

Lips are dry but not nearly as bad as before.. much less peeling

Minimum flakes in the morning if any unless I decide to drink coffee

Much less oil production

Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Been on 40mg for 2 months 80mg 1 month


So I've been super busy with finals like a lot of you probably. Havne't had that much time to get on here and read other blogs but I definitely will soon, it's always interesting to read what other people have to say about their own experience on accutane at the same time I am.

So ummmmm, I kinda had a little breakout when I was bumped from 40mg to 80mg a day, but that stopped. I keep getting new pimples in one area which is one side of my face like near my side burn sorta at ear level (im retarded at explaining things). Yeah its really annoying cause I seem to scar there the easiest than any other place and idk why I'm only breaking out there :/

I started drinking coffee to stay awake to study and immediately my skin has become extremely flakey, stuff really dries out your skin haha (Let me know if any of you have had this same problem!!!)

Umm this Vitamin E skin oil therapy ive been using at night as really helped fade some scars i think.

Other than that, my lips get really dry, burts bee is 100x better than aqua IMO.

To sum it up: Acne is noticely going down because I've been doing everything that makes me breakout bad such as eating unhealthy(pizza, fried foods, crap, junk, ect) barely sleeping (FINALS/STUDYING), smoking ciggs (STRESS), and even drinking some and my acne really is not bad at all.

Hope you guys read this and leave some feedback!!!!


1 Month On Accutane!

Hey guys its been a little over a month since i started 40mg and my derm just bumped me up to 80mg

All is going to pretty well, I kinda hope the increase in dosage doesnt make any of my side effects signifantly worse! (fingers crossed)

Heres slight recap of how it went

- Skin was pretty flaky and peeling when id wake up, but now its so much better now

- Skin is gradually getting less dry

- One application of moisturizer in the morning is enought to keep my skin flake free now

- My oily production is basically gone which is saying a lot since i had a pretty oily T-zone

- The amount of blackheads i had had gone down to around 30% of what it was (thank god)

- I barely have to wash my hair since it doens't get oily

- Lips are pretty dry but i use chapstick like that kind everybody has it works better than aquaphor for me idk why lol

- Noticed more joint pain when it rains in my bad ankle and knee (too much basketball)

As for my acne, had a breakout the first week, cleared up the second, broke out again the third but not as bad, but it cleared too and i havent had a pimple in a week which is very encouraging!

For those of you on accutane remember, drink plenty of water (i try and finish a gallon a day), eat healthy, and remember to take your pill with a fatty meal (as if all of you didn't know this stuff already lol)

Let me know it went for those of you who had their dosage bumped up after a month, i would really like to hear how it went!


Hey guys so i just took my 14th 40mg dose of Isotretinoin

Recap of symptons thus far:

- Drier skin in first week but it definetly calmed down because the flaking isn't nearly as bad but that could be because of 2 things:

1. Switching lotions (Simple light moisturizer to Simple 12 hour moisturizer)

2. Starting taking vitamin E (not recommending it to anyone because i have no clue what effects it could have on anyone else)

- I wear contacts so my eyes were really dry in week one and it actually made me very nervous i would have to wear my glasses all the time but now they're fine and only a tad dry a night

- No signs of sadness or depression, if anything im sleep better knowing im on accutane. Gives me a much better peace of mind knowing im doing something for my acne that many people have had great success with.

- My skin is different and by that i mean DO NOT PICK YOUR ACNE OR SCABS!!! Now when i pop a pimple or pick a scab or squeeze out a pimple it leaves more redness before and deeper scabs and the redness stays like twice as long as normal!!! I guess just like warnings ive read and disregarded, your skin becomes much more sensitive and prone to scaring. I REPEAT DO NOT PICK! I've learned my lesson.. or have I :/

So at first my skin was healing and pimple sizes were gonig down it felt like but then in the past 4 days or so I starting breaking out

- Two on each side of my cheeks, a few small white heads near my jaw, a few that came and went near my eyebrows, and one growing right now right in the middle of my chin lol

So some for most of you this seems like my IB, but I did some really dumb things this week that always affect my acne, but to be honest they usually break me out even more than this making me believe that the accutane is starting to '"change" my acne. Well here they are:

1. For reason DUMB reason this past week i was sooo stressed from school and this girl i like that I started smoking cigarettes but i stopped today and im done for good!

2. Barely slept I get like 4-6 hours a sleep 5 out of the 7 days because of hw, work, school, waking up early ect.

3. Used the suana at my gym once.... horrible idea it always breaks me out so dont ask im just retarded

4. Got lazy with my diet, started eating more caffeteria food, a lot of pasta, and sushi

5. Was out till 5 am on weds at a show in NYC

6. Switched to a heavy moisturizer from a light one that is hypoallergenic but it is not oil-free and i had used it previously and kinda thought it started to make me break out so i stopped it but since i like that Simple has not crazy stuff in it i swtiched back cause my flaking was getting kinda bad.

Let me hear some of your guys opinions on anything i wrote. Please leave some feedback ill greatly appreciate and its always better to hear from people who are going or have experienced what you have!


So i took my seventh dosge of 40mg of isotretinoin and I know its way too early to have felt any real side effects but ill give you guys a recap of how my week went.

Well the first day i took it i felt alittle off but that was it.

I can't tell if my face is progressively getting drier from the colder weather or the accutane (mostly likely both lol) but its not too bad. I did notice flaking which in spots i normally dont get. My lips are a tiny bit drier each day but not bad yet. It did kind of sting when i ate a salad with balsamic vinegar on it though lol

Ummm i can tell my eyes are slightly drier because of my contacts. It gets worse at night but not bad enough were i have to take them out.

Can't really tell of any less oil production yet.

No IB.... YET! I did get a cyst near my jaw. And my acne is definitly different. When i used to pop a pimple it would heal basically over night, but i tried to pop these two cysts since they came to a head and barely any thing came out and now they have scabs like ive never had before which is very weird. Good lesson to just leave them alone while on accutane. Let me know if any of you had expereince this change in healing when you went on accutane.

I drank twice.. not as much as usual, i kept it down, one night just a drink and two beers, and another just 5 beers.

I was extremely stressed from school so i smoked 3 ciggarttes in the past two days, one yesertady and two today.

But other than me being stupid, so far so good. I hope i don't have an IB right before this concert im going to on the weekend lol

I'm really hoping after these two cysts clear up ill just be acne free forever!!! haha wouldnt that be great but i'm sure the IB will come sooner or later. I will keep you guys posted!

Oh yeah and I've been eating pretty healthy, i think that is a key component in having clear skin. Eat ALOT of fiber and vegetables!


Hey guys so i just took my third dose today, I was kinda in the middle of a breakout already when i started soooo yeah.. thats kinda why i went and got accutane in the first place

No real side effects yet, obviously, only day three just letting you guys know.

I just wanted to share with you guys my opinion on why there are so many discouraging posts and stories here on this website.

I believe that the reason you see so many stories of a horrible IB and negative side effects while taking accutane is because people who have no IB most likely wouldn't feel the need to come onto this site and post it. I will admit I am here because acne is a very sensitive issue and nobody really likes to openly talk about it so we come here and feel very comfortable posting how we really feel. If your face is clear, then why come on this site and post that you had no IB. Some people do, but think about it, you're probably not even going to bother. The peopel who come on here and post the worst side effects and IB's are because they most likely feel like they have noone or a very select few to talk to about it.

Let me know what you think.

Just trying to let you guys know ive read plenty of posts scattered across the web saying very positive things about accutane and to me this, this makes sense and really calms me down.


Hey guys well I finally gave into accutane. Why...? Well obviously I am just tired of having acne and scaring lol

Here are some personal things about me. I hope by sharing some of these things, some of you will be able to relate with me and will follow my blog because I am doing to this share my journey with you guys. I wished i could have followed a blog with someone in a very similar situation as me. Unfortunately, people don't share that much personal info and don't realize that everybody is different and live different lives so here it goes...

I wouldn't say my acne is severe, its really just the scaring that pushed me over the edge. I just took my first dose today of 40mg of isotretinion. My acne comes and goes in certain spots such as my cheeks only near my hair line though, my jaw, under and around my mouth. rarely on my forehead and never really the front of my face if that makes sense. Like If you only saw the front my face most of the time you wouldn't think my acne is that bad but its the sides that are way worse.

Here are some random facts..

1. I am 5'11 around 165 pounds male

2. I like love to workout (lift, run, bike, sports) and it would be devestating if i could no longer do any of those things

3. I have oily T-Zone and i can really only go up to 3 days (if im lucky) without washing my hair from it getting too oily

4. I have moderate scaring and used to get cysts but after changing my diet and working out more, i really don't get them anymore

5. The main reason i believe i get acne is because I kinda have anxiety and barely sleep

6. I like to drink but can go long periods without. I plan on drinking atleast once a month maybe twice but no more

7. I am a college student

8. I think my acne is way worse than it really is because sometimes i see people that have it pretty bad and I don't even think they look that bad but compared to me i feel much better about myself (sorry that sounded shallow but it is the truth)

9. I love sports

10. I have a hard time looking at face in the mirrow

There are just a few things id like to share with you guys!

The reason I took so long to go on accutane is because i know that if i try really hard to eat clean, stay away from the foods that cause acne, and exercise regularly, I can really control my acne but just like every young adult, I love to go out and have fun, eat junk sometimes, and just LIVE!

At first i really cared about my acne and didnt go out, but I got to a breaking point and said SCREW IT! THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE and then i just starting LIVING and going out and not caring what people though!

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice.


Just two quotes that give me the strenght and courage to just live my life. Hope they inspire some of you to do the same!

Ill try and post as many blogs as possible with how i feel, physically and emtionally.

This first post was kinda long because i wanted to share some personal information with all of you so you guys hopefully feel like you know me alittle better