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Using only water to treat face

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Day Twenty-Three!


My face looks better than it did yesterday.

My mom picked me up and we went to our favourite RAW food restaurant and ate there. Then we hung out for a bit.

But my face was slowly declining throughout the day, and before bed, after further examination, I noticed my face was covered in dead skin.

I was sort of grossed out. Should I leave it? Or should I get this shit off my face????

I went under the sink, dusted off my good ol' Clarisonic, and used it with ONLY cold water on my face.

IT LOOKED AMAZING! I was so happy. I was at the point where I was thinking of quitting, then I talked myself out of it.

Besides a few pimples (the pimples from yesterday are gone, the smaller ones have developed into bigger, which I'm sure will be gone tomorrow), my skin is very clear and smooth and pretty-ful.

ANYWAY, loving life today. Going to the gym.



Day Twenty-Two!


This is the first day I refused to leave my house due to my skin. There are only a few white heads, but they are like noticeable so I decided not to go. I was upset when I woke up this morning. I was looking at my face, and when of the whiteheads started oozing right before my eyes. I took a square of tissue and soaked up the pus (Sorry for being so explicit) and then it was just a red lump.

A few others popped while I was sleeping, but they are white heads again, but not as big. I hope they fuck off. I don't care!! I'm not stopping my regimen.

I didn't splash my face last night with water for the first time. I've decided I'm going to go as many days as possible without wetting my skin. This is so hard though!!! I had a shower to wash my hair, and the water pressure on my shower head is pretty intense so water splashes onto my skin and soap gets on my forehead no matter how far I hold my head back to prevent it!

I concluded that its probably better to rinse my skin for 5 seconds with freezing cold water then to let the shampoo and conditioner sit on my skin forever. So thats what I did. My skin didn't look any different, and I let it air dry so I didn't rub off any oils. I think thats okay.

Anyway, my face looks fifty times better than it did when I woke up. There was redness when I woke up, and now it all just sort of blends into my skin.

I'm supposed to go shopping with my mom, but I don't want her to see my skin. I don't know why... she's seen worse on me before. She just gets so upset when I'm upset. I need her to be strong for me so I can get through this. She's worried about the health of my skin, and my emotional health as well. But I'm set on proving myself that I was right about this. I KNOW THIS IS GOING TO WORK, I just have to get through the rough patches.

To be honest, I can already see my skin improving in places, besides the white heads. My forehead is improving, and the skin isn't so clogged anymore. Same with my cheeks! They are starting to look smoother. And my skin is moisturized, naturally :) This is the number one best thing about this.

I'm going to go walk around the sea wall today here in Vancouver, if the sun comes out. I'm hoping a little vitamin D will perk up my mood!

OH, Happy Halloween! First halloween I haven't gone out in YEARS! Whatever, I'd rather stay in and watch scary movies anyway. :)

P.S.: Some Positive Affirmations: I love my skin. I am beautiful inside and out. I am healthy inside and out. I love myself, my life, my family, and I am very blessed and lucky. I am always right. ;)

P.S.S.: Writing in this blog makes me feel better, so I think I'm going to do it everyday.


Day Twenty-One

Alright, I know I haven't posted in a while. I'll try to be completely honest with what has happened over the last nine days since I posted last.

Well... Things have kind of gone downhill. It's still stable. Like I don't care about leaving the house with it or going to the gym. But it's enough to embarrass me if I let it. But I'm not letting it get to me. Whenever I wake up and look in the mirror, I say, "Hey beautiful!" and smile and say all the things that make me beautiful! Then I convince myself that the acne doesnt matter.

And you know what? Acne doesn't matter to the people that care, and the people that care don't matter!!!!!!!! So I've been walking around with my head held high and my hopes even higher! I know I can get through this.

Although... I look back and I see that i've been possibly cheating a bit? By using the oil cleansing method!! SOOOO I've stopped that. I think the warm water was irritating my acne anyways. SO that means no make up as well.. For the past few days, I've only been using warm/cool water.


NOW! For the condition of my skin. Well, as I've said before, my forehead is the clearest part on my face... Now, it isn't so clear anymore. I've been getting white heads along my hair line (and I'm not sure if thats from shampoo and conditioner or not, which I try not to let run on my face in shower) and my forehead has broken out in clogged pores or whatwever. I don't even know what to call them. The texture sucks, and my forehead hasn't looked like this since I was a teenager. But, to be honest, it's been looking better the last few days.

MY CHEEKS! They keep breaking out in white heads. I've had a hard time not picking them, but I havent picked in the last few days so that seems to help a lot. Ummm... Yesterday I got like 6 new pimples and they are all white heads now.


- My acne heals like 50x faster. They come and go so fast, I can't even keep track of them.

- Also, my skin is naturally moisturized, and my fine lines are gone. MIRACULOUS!

- the skin without acne is clear and pretty and balanced.

- NO TIGHTNESS!! Thank fuck!

- I feel so liberated, it's amazing. I've never been so happy in my life. I've also never been so confident in years! I find myself walking around like my skin is clear!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of myself for how I'm dealing with this. And I haven't cried once.

I honestly feel like I haven't progressed as much due to my cheating and because I've been using water twice a day on my face. So tonight I decided I'm only going to wash in the morning after the gym with cold water, and splash 15 times (Like Marilyn Monroe) and hopefully work my way to not washing at all for 3-5 days.

I read on a thread this this guy was washing twice a day with water and found it irritated his skin, so he switched to once a day, then a few days apart and his skin got clear that way. SO that's what I'm going to do.

I still have tons of faith. I dream everyday of my face with clear skin and I know it's only right around the corner. :) I know I'm still doing the right thing with this. Also, I set up reminders on my phone to send me positive affirmations about my skin and health and body every few hours. Just to keep my mood happy and my mind positive. It's really working.

Also, a few changes to my diet. I stopped taking my hair skin and nail vitamin because I read biotin can cause acne (WTF?), and started taking bamboo silica cause my mom gave it to me but I didn't know what it did till today. I've also cut out legumes (chickpeas, lentils, etc.) from my diet because I've been eating too many of them (including carbs), and I've heard they can cause issues.

SO, that about sums it up. I basically have no social life, but it's only for a few months, so I don't care. I'm going to spend tommorrow night (Halloween) inside watching scary movies with my boyfriend (who is so supportive and amazing).


P.S. Some positive affirmations: I love my skin. All the cells in my body vibrate with health, happiness, and beauty. I love clear skin. I love my body, my soul, and my mind. I take care of my body, soul and mind. I take care of my skin. I am healthy, and my skin shows my health.


Day Twelve

Hi peeps!

So... yesterday I woke up with a few little raised bumps around my mouth here and there, with a few tiny whiteheads. Plus, I had two large-ish nodules/pimples on either side of my nose right under my eyes from the day before. I panicked, then tried not to panic. And then calmed down, and went about my day! Hahahaha!

I mean.. obviously it makes me nervous. But I honestly have so much faith in what I'm doing, I just told myself "this part of the process is necessary. Everything will be fine! It will clear up! YOUR SKIN IS ADJUSTING!" And it sort of made me less anxious, and then as I got started on my day, I just kind of forgot.

Today I woke up, and the two pimples on either side of my nose do not hurt anymore and are going down. Also, the raised bumps have gone down significantly, and are skin coloured. They don't hurt and aren't noticeable unless I get really close up. The whiteheads are gone.. besides one that's losing it's whiteness. LOL.

Beside all this, my skin is looking pretty healthy. I remember on the regimen, I used to wake up with such dry skin. It would be so tight when I would open my mouth to eat! I hated it. I hated every minute of it. At least now, my skin is hydrated.

Still not too much oil production. I think my skin has always been pretty balanced with oil.

ACTUALLY! My forehead was kind of oily when I woke up this morning, but I cured that with a square of TP. Hahahaa.

Anyway.. I hope everyone is doing well. Will update soon!


Day Eight! Yay! :)

So I have made it over a week! I have worn make up a few times during the weekend so I used just a bit of jojoba oil and a cotton pad to remove it and then used jojoba oil combined with castor oil and a wash cloth to remove my face make up (the OCM, or oil cleansing method that I said I would use at times). I've read that oil cleansing does not mess with the pH of the acid mantle, so thats good. :)

My skin looks INCREDIBLE! It looks younger and healthier than it has in a year. So happy about that!

During my time with The Regimen, the pores around/on my nose, around my mouth and my chin were usually clogged with yellow plugs, and I had really never had problems with these areas UNTIL The Regimen. Since I've started water only, I have noticed that these plugs, or clogged pores, are starting to come out.

I actually kind of have a gross tale. I had worn make up yesterday, so at night I removed my make up with a cotton pad and jojoba oil. Then, as I was rubbing the oil cleanser into my skin, it started to get a gritty texture. I examined it, and there were little yellow plug like things all over my fingers. Then I examined my face and there were tiny little pin-prick sized holes where it looked as if a clogged pore had been pushed out. SO i guess all the clogged pores and black heads or whatever are popping out. I think this is good!!!!!!

The nose on my skin looks so much clearer. Before, the "clogs" were barely noticeable, but I noticed them. Today, my nose and around my mouth looks so much smoother and just.. clear. My cheeks are doing just fine. My forehead is great too. I picked at one clogged pore on my cheek and it got a bit irritated and red. But besides that, my skin is clearing up. I have some red marks from scarring... which I hope will go away with time. :)

I've been maintaing my healthy eating habits and stuff... Going to gym and taking care of myself. :)

Hope y'll are doing well...... if anyone is reading this at all. hahahaha!


Day Three

Good morning! I did absolutely nothing last night. Went to bed very early, got up, and now I'm going to the gym. My skin is the same, if not better, than it was yesterday. Nothing new has popped up, besides some dry skin.. But I'm used to flaking and dry skin. :P My skin still hasn't overproduced any oil. It seems pretty balanced right now. I've read that it only takes 13-14 hours for your skins acid mantle to rebalance and come back to it's natural pH.

I've realized something this morning that makes me happy. This water only regimen is not some month long trial for my skin. Even if my acne does not go away, I will never go back to benzoyl peroxide. I think this water only regimen is more so I can get off the BP than it is to clear my pimples. If that makes any sense... If anyone has ever used BP to the extent that I have, you must have experienced some of the side effects.

AND IT DOESNT MATTER HOW MUCH SUNSCREEN YOU APPLY, sunscreen does not fight off BP fine lines. I've been applying sunscreen on my face everyday since I was very young. I have fairly pale skin naturally, so I HAVE to apply sunscreen.

Of course, during this experiment, I wont be applying any sunscreen. But that's okay, because I live in Vancouver and sun is barely out at this time of the year. I'm hoping, when I'm feeling more comfortable, I will be able to apply a very very very natural sunscreen to my skin at some point.......

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I have a gigantic regimen Benzoyl Peroxide bottle that I only took two pumps out of. And now its just sitting in a box... kind of feels like a waste and I cant seem to dump it down the sink.

LOL jk I would never sell an opened pump bottle of BP tongue.png

Anyway, I'll update later as the day progresses. Still trying to find digital camera cord. WHERE IS IT!!!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!


Day Two

DAY 2 - OCTOBER 11, 2013

So, I woke up and any pimples that were sore are now deflated. Some have a tiny white head at the top that is barely noticeable, unless up close. And they are all flat and scabbed over. My skin is tight and dry, but there is nothing new. My face is looking a little more tanned, probably because i'm not bleaching or torturing it with BP. This still feels right smile.png.

I'll update as much as possible.

Update - 5:00 PM:

My skin looks better than it did when I woke up. No over oil production. But my skin has never been very oily. ITS DRY THOUGH!! WAAAAAAHHH! :'( And it's itchy. But it's been itchy since day one of the regimen. Lol! My skin tone is even where it doesn't have a blemish. Still searching for my digital camera cord.. I'll get pics up soon.

I'm not sure if its my hair tickling my face.. but I keep getting little itches and its very annoying because im trying to refrain from washing my hands and scratching the itch. It's like some pathetic version of torture.

OH... I ALSO WANTED TO ADD.. I'm drinking about 4 - 5 Litres of lemon water a day. I normally drink quite a bit of water, but not this much. I'm doing this to help my body flush out toxins and maybe aid with my skin.


Day One

DAY 1 - OCTOBER 10, 2013

I have about 2-3 pimples on each cheek, and these ARE FROM PICKING. And a whole bunch of red marks from picking. The skin in between my eyebrows isn't doing too well because I picked there as well. The area around my mouth and chin has a one or two pimples from picking. My skin was fine till I went cray on it the day before.

Effing weird. Weeeeirrrddddddd. Day one was so weird. I got home from the gym, washed my face with soap, put on BP, then had my REVELATION. So I removed the BP and washed my face with water and honey and then started the water only regimen. I wandered around all day with nothing on my face, but OMG did it feel liberating. I was like lady liberty, singing from the rooftops about my relief. Hahahaha... Then, I picked a pimple sad.png and washed my face with filtered water at the end of the day . Went a bed. WEIRD AGAIN!!! I went to be two hours early like normal, but there was no regimen to follow to fill up my time. So I laid there and watched netflix... feeling very bizarre.

I am taking pictures of my progress every single day. I will post them once I find the cord for my digital camera <( x . x )>, because I want everyone that reads this to see the actual progress. I'm going to be 100 percent honest about anything I do to my skin, and I wont hold back. So be prepared.

ALSO, i have covered every mirror in my house with a sheet or towel, so I have no temptation to pick at all. It's worked for weeks on end in the past, so I'm going to do it again. I only pick when I'm stressed as well, so I'm going to try to keep myself relaxed.


Water Only



I'm a 22 year old, gluten-free vegan. I live in Vancouver. My diet is very healthy, and I work out 6-7 times a week with my mother. I take some vitamin supplements (a Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamin B supplement, and a cranberry supplement because I recently had a kidney infection. P.S. all my supplements are vegan, gluten free, and natural). I drink sometimes (especially in the summer) but I'm trying to knock that off because I want to really get back into my fitness routine. I also never smoke weed or cigarettes. Sometimes I'll eat candy and chips (following the gluten free and vegan guide lines), but thats usually only when my boyfriend has it around and he's a bad influence. tongue.png


I've suffered from acne pretty much since I was around 13-14. I've been treating it on and off with a truckload of different shit. Benzoyl Peroxide and Retin-A are the only two things that have ever helped. About four years ago, I went from eating meat and dairy to vegan, cold turkey. I also stopped my birth control dead at the same time. I had started off with such mild acne, treated it with birth control, and then stopped, and my face went nutso. Honestly, it has simmered down since then, because I believe my body was flushing out toxins and all that garbage. But BC has definitely messed with my hormones ( I still get hormonal acne around my womanly-week and a few strands dark looking chest and neck hair that a pluck (sorry to be explicit, but I'm a natural blond, so dark hair on my body is very bizarre).

I also recently (within 5-6 months) have stopped eating gluten, which has helped so much with my acne. The only time I get a pimple now is when I pick, and I sometimes pick still, but not so much anymore. This is another thing I am working on, and I am getting better.

Before starting this water only plan, I was using the full-blown regimen. Cleansing morning and night, BP, and moisturizing. I was still getting pimples (mainly during my period or after I picked or when I ate really bad).


What has made me want to do this the most is the quality of my skin. Before I was using the regimen, my face never had fine lines and never ending dryness and flakes. I've been on the regimen for over a year, and the flakes never went away. I could never wear make up without scrubbing the dead skin off my face, which left my face tight and dry. The regimen worked for my acne, mostly. But it is very flawed and very impractical. I used to have to go to bed 2 hours before I went to sleep just to shower and do the regimen, waiting for the BP to dry. ANNOYING! What a waste of my time and hours in the day. So stressful and so much work!

My skin has never looked this old and lifeless. I'm a vegan, and before I was using the regimen, my skin was still vibrant and youthful looking (with acne). Now it's white, washed-out, lifeless, lack-luster, fine-lined, and dead with red spots and scarring. I used to love how glowing and bright my skin was. Now, I'm sick of the tight skin around my mouth and around my eyes.

Now, let me inform you (whoever may or may not be reading this) that the only skin on my face that is clear is my forehead and my nose (I used to break out here when I was a teenager, but it cleared up after Birth Control). My cheeks were the issue after I stopped BC and became a vegan. My forehead has a few black heads sometimes, same with my nose. But I rarely ever get a full blown pimple on these areas. These are also the only areas I never put BP. WTF DOES THAT MEAN? I can rub my forehead with dirty hands and do anything I want to it, but it doesn't break out. That has to mean something!!!!!

Also, I used to never wash my chest and neck with soap. I don't know why.. I was a lazy teenager, but I never washed those areas. A few years ago, I started washing my back and chest with soap and started breaking out in those areas. My boyfriend used BP on his back (he was having the same problem) and having success, so I started doing it too. It wasn't working that well, and my back and chest were so bad, that I decided to stop washing my body with soap and using only water and a wet cloth (I wash the areas that don't see the light of day with soap though, I'm not a hippy LOL). My back and chest acne went away, and the only time I ever get a blemish on those areas is during my period.

I think my skin is trying to tell me something. (STOP WASHING YOUR GODDAMN FACE!) My boyfriend used to have horrible acne, and was treating it. Then one day he just stopped doing anything to it, and his acne went away. (He literally said to me, "I did nothing to it, and it went away."(How infuriating)) He's been telling me for years to just "do nothing" to it. Stop washing it! Stop treating it! Don't think about it.

This whole water only thing has appealed to me for months. This is not just some random decision I've made in a few seconds. I've been thinking about this and planning this for months now. I decided not to do it in the summer, because I go out a lot and I don't know how my skin is going to react. So, I'm doing it now, in October when there is not much going on socially and I can hide inside because it's cold and autumn outside.

The acid mantle makes complete sense to me. Everyone I know with clear skin doesn't do anything to it. Even my dad, who had acne as a teenager, started doing nothing to his skin and it cleared up. IT JUST FEELS RIGHT!


Okay, so I'm going cold turkey off the Regimen. Not sure how much skin will react, but I feel like my chances are good because my skin isn't severe, or even moderate. It used to be moderate but it's gone down to mild.

Morning and Night:

- Wash face with filtered Brita water ONLY. Pat dry with soft face cloth. (P.S. I always use freshly washed hands when I handle ANYTHING involving my face. You could almost call it obsessive.)

- I've decided I'm going to wear make up during important times, because I only wear make up at social events (Otherwise, I'm au-naturale). Only concealer on spots, bronzer and eye make up. When I wear make up, I'll use the oil cleansing method with Jojoba oil to remove it. I chose Jojoba oil because my skin is used to it and it's pH is similar to our skins acid mantle pH (5.5). It also mimics the oil our skin naturally produces, so it's most fitting for the job.

NOTE: I may stop washing my face with filtered water twice a day, and lower it to once. But I'm a bit of a clean freak, so walking around with the days "grime" on my face is very foreign to me (another obsessive compulsive thing I need to break).

- NO moisturizer. NO toner. NO prescriptions. NO nothing.

ALSO, I've decided if my skin gets flakey (more so than it already is), I'm going to exfoliate with my fingers, and maybe raw honey.


For some reason, this feels right. Yesterday, it was like the universe sent me a message and was like, "STOP!" and I looked in the mirror and I was like.. "It's time." I packed up every single face product I thought I may be tempted to use, put that shit in a box with a note to remind myself why I need to stop using it, and ducked taped that box up so I could never open it again, and gave it to my mom so I'd have to fight my way through her to use any products. Hahahaha! I know myself so well, I think ahead. I wrote down all my thoughts and concerns and discussed it with my boyfriend and my mom. They both have my back one hundred percent. They expect anything to happen, and will be here for me if things get tricky. i'm so blessed to have two amazing people in my life to support me.

But to be absolutely honest, I know my face will be clear. I just have this feeling in my stomach, and in my chest. It's like a dove fluttering around in there, and that dove is "hope" and "intuition" and it's telling me that this is the right thing to do and something I should have done all along. I've never felt so sure about anything in my life.

And what is so weird, is that when I called my mom to tell her I was doing the water only regimen, she told me that she had had a dream about me calling her and telling the EXACT SAME THING a few days earlier. WEIRD! And it's so weird, because I don't believe in God or Angels or anything (other than the movie The Ring, that shit freaked me out). But my body knows this is right, and it's leaping with joy and hope and wonder.

I'm honestly only anticipating maybe a small adjustment period (with some flaking and some break outs) but nothing crazy, and clear skin. It's like my body already knows its path. I know i'm repeating myself but it's such an overwhelming feeling of 'knowing' that it's like filling my entire body. I've never been so positive about my skin before.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. I'm so just excited and so positive, that I know this is right. And I'm usually always right. wink.png

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